Solar Power on the Raspberry Pi – SunAir

designed to charge LiPo batteries from Solar Panels and power your Pi.

First SunAir Kickstarter Update (Dec 7, 2014) Published here.

An earlier generation of this project was used in Project Curacao.  You also can track the sun, detect low power conditions and more.  Works perfectly with the SwitchDoc Labs WatchDog Timer Board.

Solar Power on the Raspberry Pi – SunAirCome Pledge your support and get a good deal on discounted SunAir units!

This is  a board that is designed for you to build your own Raspberry Pi Solar Powered projects around.  SunAir is designed for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Solar Power System for your Arduino / Raspberry Pi
  • Solar Power Charger for your Phone or Battery Pack
  • Track the Sun and Turn the Panels for 25%-30% More Power
  • With SunAirPlus, Get More Data!

Product Features

  • Uses 6V Solar Cells
  • Use 3.7V LiPo Cells for batteries
  • Has LiPo to 5V power boost built in
  • Directly powers Raspberry Pi / Arduino
  • Works Raspberry Pi (3.3V) GPIO and Arduino (5.0V) GPIO
  • Built-in Interface for Solar Tracking Photoresistor devices – including A/D

Solar Power on the Raspberry Pi – SunAir Schematic

  • Built-in Interface for Servo motor or Stepper motor
  • Built-in Interface for Limit Switches
  • Charges iPhones and other Android phones or devices
  • Approximates an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charging system
  • Comes with a iPhone / iPad based Control Panel App ($2 on App Store – SunAirPiConnect / SunAirArduinoConnect)
  • 3D SunAir Tracker OpenSCAD files available and STL files


For more detail: Solar Power on the Raspberry Pi – SunAir

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