Sphero RVR robot autonomous expansion kits announced by SparkFun

SparkFun has created new Sphero RVR robot autonomous expansion kits, specifically designed for the new  Sphero RVR which is currently available to pre-order from $250. The RVR is Sphero’s take on the programmable robot, offering a drivable robot right out of the box, packed with a diverse suite of sensors, and built for customisation. RVR combines the Sphero Edu app, an onboard sensor suite, and a sophisticated control system with a truly hackable platform. While the SparkFun Basic Autonomous Kit for Sphero RVR provides an expansion set of sensors to the Sphero RVR platform.
Sphero RVR robot
“Based around Raspberry Pi’s small yet powerful Zero W model, the kit provides both global positioning and Vision to the Sphero RVR. A pan-tilt device allows a camera to not only provide video from the viewpoint of the RVR, but provide the ability to look around it as well. In addition, the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Camera provide enough power to run most of the machine vision programs that will run on the Raspberry Pi platform.”
“The GPS board provides global position capabilities to the RVR. Whether you’re setting up a geofence which the RVR must stay inside or mapping where the RVR has been, the board has the accuracy and capability to work for a small object such as the RVR. Pair these items with the already stellar sensor set of the RVR and the device has all the crucial sensing abilities for autonomous mobility. The kit itself comes with all the cables and mounting hardware to mount these boards and devices to the RVR cover plate along with an interface cable connection the Raspberry Pi Zero W to the RVR.”

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