[Sponsored Post] Infrared Wireless Relay Switch

Do you find it hard to get up from your cozy bed at night, just to turn off the lights? Do you want to operate your home appliances simply by a click of your TV remote? Home appliances include all types of electrical equipment available in your home. It does not matter whether it is a washing machine or a coffee maker. So, if you are lazy enough or maybe just love using technology, this project is for you!

[Sponsored Post] Infrared Wireless Relay Switch

We will walk you through the build process of the infrared-based wireless switch. In simple terms, it is a switch that you can operate using your TV, DVD player or any other remote. The best part of this project is that PCBGOGO, a PCB manufacturing company based in China, makes it super easy to construct it. You no longer need to go through the hard and time-consuming process of making a PCB yourself. PCBGOGO has your back! And they don’t even charge much!

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1 shows the circuit diagram of this project. The wireless switch can be simply made by using TSOP1738 infrared receiver, decade counter CD4017 and other easy to find components.

So, based on Figure 1, we will need the following components to begin making this wireless switch:

  1. Decade Counter CD4017
  2. Infrared Receiver TSOP1738
  3. 1N4007 Diode
  4. 7805 IC
  5. BC558 and BC548 transistors
  6. 100, 220k, 470 and 1k ohm resistors
  7. Two LEDS
  8. 33μF, 100μF and 0.1μF Capacitors
  9. Relay 5V, 100 Ω


Home remote controls such as your TV’s remote, emits infrared rays when any button is pressed. Each button produces its unique pattern of infrared waves. So, when you will press a button on your TV remote, IR rays will fall on TSOP1738 infrared receiver. Its output pin 3 will go low as it is active low and the transistor Q1 will amplify the signal to feed it to the clock input of CD4017.

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