smartphone connected home door lock

Smartphone Connected Home Door Lock

About In this project, we show you how to make a smartphone-controlled, internet-connected deadbolt actuator powered by a Raspberry Pi that can be added onto your existing door lock without any modifications to the door. The door lock can be controlled by multiple smartphones, and even notify you whenever someone locks/unlocks the door. All of …

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Introduction If you’ve checked out my Rover project – an autonomous obstacle avoidance robot – you’ll know that I am a robot junkie. But my interest isn’t limited to wheeled vehicles. I have had a biped on the workbench for over a year but inevitably, whenever I turn my attention back to it, a brighter, …

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LiPo to MicroUSB adapter

LiPo to MicroUSB adapter

In anticipation of my Raspberry Pi arriving I have created a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) to Micro USB adapter. This adapter converts the power from a 2s – 4s LiPo to a regular 5v. This is then outputted through a Micro USB to be plugged into a Raspberry Pi board. I will be using this to power …

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