ModBerry M2000

Modular automation controller builds on UP Squared SBC

Techbase is shipping a Linux-friendly industrial automation controller called the ModBerry M2000 based on the UP Squared SBC, featuring GbE, SATA, and M.2. Polish development firm Techbase offers a growing family of industrial control computers based on popular SBCs such as the Raspberry Pi 3B+ based ModBerry M500 and UP board based ModBerry M1000. Now, it has added […]

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Model Railway Automation

Model Railway Automation

This note introduces my experiences of using the Raspberry Pi to automate a model railway. Two aspects are covered: •Sending commands to a DCC controller •Detecting a train’s position. Sending commands to a DCC controller The RPi is connected to a Hornby Elite DCC controller by a USB cable. A python program sends XPressNet commands

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raspberry pi home automation


A node.js based home automation system based around the Raspberry Pi. For background around this project: Installation To get started, clone the repository and install the required dependencies. git clone cd raspberry-pi-home-automation npm install Hardware The Raspberr Pi needs a little bit of circuitry to protect and amplify its GPIO ports. Here’s schematics of

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