Temperature controlled

Temperature controlled fan

Control a fan using a relay at a specific temperature threshold. Story I noticed that the media furniture where I have most of my media related devices (bluray-player,gaming consoles, etc.) was getting very warm whenever I was using one of these.I felt the urge to “geek-out” on this to make a something that is both

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UWP Controlled Wireless Netduino Car

UWP Controlled Wireless Netduino Car

Build a wireless Netduino car with UWP control.Netduino is an impressive hardware platform that runs applications built with.NET MicroFramework, which is quite easy for C# and.NET enthusiasts to build IoT things. In this project, a UWP controlled wireless Netduino car is designed based on Netduino 3 WiFi. First of all, Netduino is controlled by a

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IoT Motion Controlled Servos

IoT Motion Controlled Servos

Secure and reliable real time data streaming is essential for IoT. I’ve seen plenty of demonstrations involving applications or “push button here, LED on over there” type hardware, but a friend and I wanted to make something that was more interactive… a way to almost feel the data stream as you manipulate it. So, we

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IOT iPhone Controlled Mini Fan

IOT: iPhone Controlled Mini Fan

Step 1: Materials iPhone Mac with xcode RFduino RFduino Battery Shield RFduino USB Shield Batteries Wires TIP120 2.2kOhm resistor Diode DC Motor Fan blade for DC Motor Step 2: Circuitry Setup the circuitry as shown in the diagram. (If the servo is small enough, we could draw power from the RFduino instead.) Step 3: RFduino

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