Raspberry Pi Power Controller

This article is a work in progress to create a power-controller for the Raspberry Pi based on a PIC microcontroller and MOSFET. The PIC implements an I2C slave to allow power control, and also to approximate the registers of a PCF8563 Real Time Clock (RTC) chip, to allow timed wake-up of the Pi. Power the …

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Raspberry Pi Irrigation Controller

Gardening improves health and quality of life, connecting us to our local environment. Plus, you can eat organic fruits and veggies at very little cost. Yet for all these fantastic benefits, remembering to water can still take a backseat to our busy lives. Fortunately, home automation is easier than ever with inexpensive and accessible microcontrollers …

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433MHz Smart Home Controller with Sensorflare and a RaspberryPi

In this instructable we show how to use a 433 Mhz transmitter to control your home’s RF devices though Sensorflare using a RaspberryPi. Components Required : 433Mhz transmitter module RaspberryPi (any model) Jumper Wires any RF controlled device active account on Step 1: Setup Sensorflare to communicate with you RaspberryPi First you need to …

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