Gas Pump Skimmer Scanner

Build a dashboard gadget that scans constantly for potential gas pump card skimmers What’s worse than gazing over your credit card statement and seeing payments you didn’t authorize? You frantically mark up your statement with a red pen before you make that call to your bank, hoping that they’ll reinstate the funds after freezing your

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AlexaPi MQTT Smart Hub

AlexaPi MQTT Smart Hub

AlexaPi MQTT Smart Hub, cheap and easy to use smart hub for DIY home automation. Small footprint, affordable and low power consumption with Raspberry Pi at the core. Amazon Alexa Voice Service integration allows for voice commands for all of your things.   MQTT communications means low data consumption, real time data and easy to

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Smart Home Dashboard 1

Smart Home Dashboard

Story My home automation system is a mishmash of devices: the Iris Smart Home platform by Lowe’s, Irrigation Caddy, Logitech Harmony, and others. I decided to write an app to consolidate the controls all in one place, rather than using the multiple existing apps to control each device separately.Smart Home Mobile was the result of

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