Character LCD over I2C

Introduction This is project about simple library for communication Windows IoT with LCD character display over I2C bus. Just download the library from github and start creating your own projects. Character LCD display over I2C Connect HD44780 LCD character display to Windows 10 IoT devices via I2C and PCF8574 Basic usage (tl;dr) Initialization I2C bus …

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Basic LCD 16×2

Story What is Alphanumerical LCD Alphanumerical LCD’s is pretty old but still good to use devices. They can display basic alphabetical characters, numbers but also you can upload your own characters in their memory and use them for special stuff. You can get them from variety of sources (for example on Adafruit) in different number …

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Raspberry Pi – Head Mounted Display Tutorial

Head mounted displays are definitely the latest fad that’s going around town now. You might have seen several wearable displays such as the google glass, and many others including virtual reality systems like the oculus rift. Head mounted displays are primarily used for video sharing, navigation, checking notifications, etc. However, several pioneers argue that the …

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