1986 PiNG Video Doorbell

The PiNG Video Doorbell is powered by a Raspberry Pi and uses Google Duo to video call you on your phone when a visitor presses the button. 1986 Raspberry Pi Video Doorbell The PiNG Video Doorbell is powered by a Raspberry Pi and is retro-stylishly cased in a 1986 Intercom and an old Sony cassette …

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Raspberry Pi smart doorbell

If you’d like to build your very own Raspberry Pi smart doorbell will be pleased to know that a project has been posted to the website this week from member “CHGP”. “This is a doorbell with smart functions.It does sound, like a regular doorbell when you press the button, but it also starts a livestream …

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home monitoring system

Home monitoring system

Story The idea There are many beautiful and interesting projects in here, things well done who have inspired me to build my own project. I’ve always loved & liked the idea of monitoring and controlling things and the smart home concept is already a well known concept. The idea of this project will encourage people …

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smart raspberry pi doorbell

Smart Raspberry Pi DoorBell

About this project PiDoorBell is a smart doorbell powered by RaspBerry Pi model B. PiDoorBell integrates a camera that takes a photo to the person that came to see you. At this point, if you are not at home PiDoorBell connects to the internet and sends you the picture just taken to your smartphone using …

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