Lunchbox Internet Radio Guide

Lunchbox Internet Radio Guide

What I’ve made is a radio with 6 buttons and a 20×4 LCD screen. There is an “ON” button, and “OFF”, “BACK”, “PLAY”, “STOP” and “NEXT”. It is connected to the internet via WiFi, and it powered by a USB hub connected through a Pi-Supply ( so I get a proper shut down. And I […]

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LOGI Pi Quick Start Guide

LOGI Pi Quick Start Guide

Overview This is an out of the box quick start guide that will give you the essentials of preparing and running the LOGI-Apps demos on your LOGI-Pi and Raspberry Pi.  The guide will guide you through the following items to get you up and running in no time. Installing the LOGI-Pi onto the Raspberry Pi

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raspberry pi user guide

Raspberry Pi User Guide -E-book

E-Book description: “Children today are digital natives”, said a man I got talking to at a fireworks party last year. “I don’t understand why you’re making this thing. My kids know more about setting up our PC than I do.” I asked him if they could program, to which he replied: “Why would they want

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