DIY Power Logger Using I2C & Python

Make your own power logger for electronics that you use in the house using INA219 chip, SSD1306 OLED display, Raspberry Pi 3, and Python.   Story The drive for this project was the inspiration from (my opinion) a well known YouTuber, which presents electronics circuits, projects, and electronics basics videos (how capacitors, inductors, MOSFETs, etc.). …

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AVC Serial to I2C Bridge

AVC: Serial to I2C Bridge

I finished designing, etching and silkscreening a new board last night and started populating it. It’s a slight redesign of a board I did before last year’s AVC. What’s it for? Not telling yet. 🙂 I can say this. It’s an Arduino clone that will speak serial on one set of pins via NewSoftSerial and …

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