Commercialised 1005-size metal power inductor

The expansion of the line-up of the metal multilayer chip power inductor MCOIL MC series, from TAIYO YUDEN, which uses a metallic magnetic material, as well as the commercialisation of the tiny metal power inductor MCEE1005 (1.0×0.5×0.55mm, maximum height), has been announced. This power inductor is used as a power choke coil in power supply …

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3A Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Driver

3A TEC Driver Module is a complete power stage solution to drive Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC). The required DC voltage input controls the output current. It consists of the Texas instruments DRV593 power driver IC, along with a few discrete passive components required for operation. It also includes jumpers for configuring the features of the device, …

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