How to Make a Mini Fridge

How to Make a Mini Fridge

A fridge is a piece of kitchen equipment used to preserve food. It uses cold air to reduce the growth rate of bacteria and slow down the chemical changes happening inside the food, keeping it fresh for longer. Big household fridges utilize a process that involves the compression and depressurization of a refrigerant, that in …

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DIY Portable Mini Monitor

In this project I will show you how I used a 1280×800 LCD Kit to build a battery powered portable mini monitor which is useful for your DSLR camera, your Raspberry Pi or to extend the viewing field of your computer. Let’s get started! Step 1: Watch the videos! The 2 parts of this video …

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IOT: iPhone Controlled Mini Fan

Step 1: Materials iPhone Mac with xcode RFduino RFduino Battery Shield RFduino USB Shield Batteries Wires TIP120 2.2kOhm resistor Diode DC Motor Fan blade for DC Motor Step 2: Circuitry Setup the circuitry as shown in the diagram. (If the servo is small enough, we could draw power from the RFduino instead.) Step 3: RFduino …

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Mini Arcade Cabinet Project

Cabinet is made from 6mm mdf with 12mm mdf base. My own design inspired by full size cabs and other designs ive seen around. Parts – Raspberry pi model B with 8gb sd running retropie 2.3 7″ lcd and control board removed from an old portable dvd amplifier and speakers from old computer speakers 12V …

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