Hardware requirements and specifications

Smart Garage Parking Aid (Smart GPA)

1 Executive Summary Ever since the 19th century, driving an automobile has been one of the mainmeans of transportation. After several inventions from different people (Karl Benz,Henry Ford,etc.) the use of automobiles of all different sorts was increased greatlywhich in turn came with some problems.Some of the first cars invented were not as resistant to […]

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Self Parking Car

Self Parking Car

Introduction We are offering a solution to the most feared part of a driver’s test –Parallel Parking. Driving through the city, it is a grueling task finding a parking spot. But squeezing your car into it is a whole different ball game. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just press a button let your

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IoT Based Parking System

IoT-Based Parking System

The project was implemented to solve parking issues by using sensors, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi including mobile apps. Roads are designed and built to handle traffic which doubles or triples in a quarterly rate. All these cars come to rest at some time, we see double parking everywhere and even triple parking (we had to

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