Raspberry Portable Pi Laptop

Raspberry Portable Pi Laptop

Portability would generally be the main challenge with projects such as this; it can be difficult to get power off grid. However, in my case this is one hurdle which I am able to easily overcome; as with all of my other projects I have been using the PiJuice as an integrated battery module, which […]

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IrDA Interface for Portable Devices

IrDA Interface for Portable Devices

The circuit uses a SC16C650 to implement an IrDA interface. Infrared Data Association (IrDA) has defined a group of short-range, high speed, bidirectional wireless infrared protocols, generically referred to as IrDA. The hardware section is composed of SC16C650 which is electrically hooked-up to an IrDA transceiver module. The electrical connection between the SC16C650 and an

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Portable Raspberry Pi

“Portable” Raspberry Pi

Merry Christmas world!!! This is a special Christmas ‘ible that I’m making based off what I got for Christmas this year. 😀 I got a small monitor and small keyboard this year (AA battery for size comparison), and I decided to use it to make a portable(ish) raspberry pi. It’s not portable in the sense

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My Portable Pi Cam

My Portable Pi-Cam

Well, when I say “portable” I wouldn’t want to lug it around London on a site-seeing trip. Maybe transportable is a better description. At least I can move it around the garden and film the wildlife. This post provides more technical detail on this system, and a few more video clips. Description This unit is

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