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R2D2 toy shell brought to life using a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Story My daughter got an R2D2 toy believing it was electronically controlled, just to find out that it was only an empty shell. She was very disappointed, so I said I could probably make it come alive. So this is where it all […]

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Put your Raspberry Pi to work: with ANAVI Play pHAT you can make it an IoT hub during the day and a retro gaming machine during the night!   Story ANAVI Play pHAT is a super simple, low cost, open source hardware add-on board for Raspberry Pi with buttons for retro gaming and slots for up

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The RockPi 4 closely follows the design

Raspberry Pi clone Rock Pi 4 starts at just $39 but with powerful RK3399 chip

Single-board computer maker Radxa has announced what looks to be the cheapest board to date using the popular Rockchip RK3399 chipset.The Rock Pi 4 is the latest RK3399-based board on the market, joining the recently launched NanoPi NEO4, the Pine64, Renegade Elite, and the NanoPi M4. All of them offer a more powerful alternative to the $35 Raspberry Pi,

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Minimal RaspberryPI base schematich

Minimal RaspberryPI base

This is a plan for immobilising a Raspberry PI in a domestic environment, without children or pets, in order to run it without killing it with static.  I have no idea whether this level of precaution is required, but it’s been about two weeks, and it hasn’t died so far. Step 1: Parts I used

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RaspberryPi shutdown button

RaspberryPi shutdown button

Last Friday I got some spare time (finally!) and, with the help and tools of my friend Alfredo, we placed a button in the RaspberryPi case so, when I push it, a custom command its executed on the RaspberryPi, like for example, a clean system shutdown. We mainly followed this post, but used a different

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How to build a RaspberryPi Cluster

How to build a RaspberryPi Cluster

RaspberryPi was invented as educational device to inspire children to study computer science. Nevertheless, in a couple of years it has become the toy of computer scientists, engineers and curious of every age. This project is our successful attempt to build an educational RaspberryPi Cluster composed by one main node and eight computational nodes. In this post

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Vintage DAC for RaspberryPi audio

Vintage DAC for RaspberryPi audio

Idea… I was curios about some old school R2R DACs namely the BurrBrown PCM56P. They where used in the late 80’s in some of the better CD players like SonyES222/DenonDCD1500/MaranzXY whatsoever. There is some discussion in certain forums about their more or less superior sound quality, compared to this and that chip bla bla… I

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