Professional quality seismograph, fully open source, based on a Raspberry Pi, with 1 to 4 components, able to record earthquakes or other seismic events, either natural (rockfall, glacier movement) or man-made (train detection, vehicle detection). The seismograph works either autonomously in the field, or can be used as an Iris seismic station recording mini-seeds and uploading …

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Tiny Audio Effects Rig!

Tiny Audio Effects Rig!

In this instructable I am going to talk through a project I have created – a tiny audio effects rig and recording platform! As with most hobbyists Coronavirus brought to a halt a lot of things, with lockdowns, and has changed the landscape of how we do things moving forward. My hobby is that of …

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Motion sensor, alarm, video recording in HA on Raspberry Pi

Connecting the motion sensor, alarm and video recording in Home Assistant on Raspberry pi. I’d like to tell you about my little experience of working with Home Assistant (hereinafter – HA) on Raspberry pi. Further I’ll speak about connecting the video registration functionality, the motion sensor and, accordingly, the home security function with receiving photos …

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