bmp180 windows iot

BMP180 Windows IoT

BMP180 Windows IoT Project Lets Get Started! In this project, we will use Windows 10 IoT Core to get sensor readings from a BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor over I2C bus. Its simple to get things running with the library provided. So lets get started! The Hardware. First of all we need to get acquainted …

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conference room truth serum

Conference Room Truth Serum

Introduction Nothing annoys me more at work than finding all the conference rooms booked in the online scheduler but then walking around the building and finding a large percentage are actually unoccupied. If I were President, I would institute a policy where by people would lose vacation days if they didn’t cancel their conference room …

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auti bot system for autistic kids to control their fine motor skills

Auti Bot: system for autistic kids to control their fine motor skills,

I did not know a lot about autism and autistic children until I worked with them. I volunteered with autistic kids in an athletic program, and I learned a lot about autism. Individual autistic children are very unique and have different abilities physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is difficult to apply general therapeutic methods to …

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Semiconductor radioactivity detector

Semiconductor radioactivity detector

Currently I’m trying to make a working version of a radioactivity detector that uses semiconductor as a sensor. It’s a different approach than Geiger-Muller detectors or ionization chambers, more complicated, but also much more interesting. While Geiger-Muller counters can only provide information about the amount of particles in a period of time, semiconductor detectors can …

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