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IoT Car

This project was done to create an understanding of IoT and how one can step into it.   Story Introduction This project is going to help the newbies understand Internet of Things (IoT) and how they can start working on this. For anyone, this term may look very difficult to understand and complex to work

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Headless RPi Tutorial 01

Headless Raspberry Pi Setup

Introduction A “headless” computer is one that operates without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The Raspberry Pi works great as an inexpensive computer that can help people learn to program and create fun, interesting projects (without many repercussions if you break something–just reflash the SD card!). The one downside is that as a computer (as opposed to

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Setup Raspberry Pi

Setup Raspberry Pi

Here is everything that you need to set up your raspberyPi. The Pi itself. The included power cable. An Ethernet cable. I also used an hdmi to dvi cable since my monitor did not support hdmi but any hdmi to hdmi cable would work too. Mouse keybaord Monitor The last item is the SD card

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Setup a Raspberry Pi PHP web server

Setup a Raspberry Pi PHP web server

Lighttpd is a lightweight web server, with all the essential functions of a web server, PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. This is a tutorial on how to install Lighttpd and PHP on a Raspberry Pi. Step 1: Prerequisite Raspberry Pi running Raspbian

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