Water Tank Overflow Alarm Schematic

Water Tank Overflow Alarm

Wastage of water is quite prominent in urban as well as rural areas and overflowing of water tanks is a major reason for that. This water tank overflow circuit described here starts ringing as soon as the water tank becomes full. Thus, by warning the user, the project avoids the need to check overflow and […]

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Wireless monitor tank robot based on raspberry pi

Wireless monitor tank robot based on raspberry pi

Diy a wireless monitor tank is not difficult based on the raspberry pi, shown in the following picture. Step 1: ​Materials for the rc tank raspberry pi based monitor 1. Raspberry pi board: http://www.smartarduino.com/original-rpi-raspberry-pi-pie-512m-2-generation_p93783.html 2. Full-functional raspberry pi shield http://www.smartarduino.com/raspberry-pi-pie-rpi-shield-enhanced-v2-release-fully_p94186.html description: All the features include: l The full size perfectly compatible with raspberry pie, l

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Raspberry Pi Spy Tank

Raspberry Pi Spy Tank

I got a first prize from PI/E day contest. (yaayyy. Thanks for all the awesome voters!!!) I would like to reward the first 10 people to contact me. I have 10 pieces of 3 month PRO membership codes to giveaway. Write a comment to this project or send me a message and tell me why

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