How It Works

Walabot Mobile Trigger

Use mobile phone to config Walabot and define actions by sending trigger to IFTTT or turn on relays.Walabot can apply to many applications.  But to adjust Walabot parameters ( Arena, angle and threshold value to detect ) is quite a tricky part.Walabot Trigger can help you adjust Walabot parameters easily using Android phone. Users can …

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Walabot Touchpad

Walabot Touchpad

Walabot Touchpad A low profile solution that can turn any surface into a touchpad for your laptop.Imagine using a book, a table, or a wall as a touchpad. Combined with projector technology, you can replicate touch screens on any surface. This project aims to bring this utility and ease of use by through simple socket …

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Posture Pal with Walabot

Prevent neck and back pain by monitoring your sitting posture with Walabot’s distance sensor and an Android app. Things used in this project Hardware components Posture Pal usage and components overview Walabot with Raspberry Pi Why I built Posture Pal Millions of people spend 7-8 hours a day sitting in front of their computers. One …

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Tracking TV Stand

Tracking TV Stand

Hardware components: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B × 1 Walabot × 1 Unitek USB3.0 4-Port Hub × 1 Power Sonic Model PS-640 F1 6 Volt 4.5 AmpHr Battery Supply × 1 Servo (generic) Personally modified Futaba S3003 for continuous rotation. If using a different brand of servo research the number of spline teeth for your …

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