Telemonitoring System With Raspberry Pi


Telemonitoring  is defined as the use of information technology to monitor patients at a distance.
Telemonitoring allows reduction of chronic disease complications thanks to a better follow-up; provides health care services without using hospital beds; and reduces patient travel, time off from work, and overall costs.

Telemonitoring can help prevent a symptom from becoming a trip to the hospital. The Partners HealthCare at Home Care Telemonitoring Program is a fast, simple way for us to keep an eye on your vital signs and symptoms every day.

Telemonitoring Devices




With more than 70,000 units, our network of remote patient monitors is one of the most complete and flexible telemonitoring systems available. Accurate vital signs collection is improved with clear auditory and visual cues to the patient. Voice-enabled, disease-specific symptom management (DSSM) questions (including multi-level questions triggered by yes or no answers) enables care providers to telemonitor patients facing chronic diseases like hypertension, COPD, CHF, diabetes and more.The Genesis DM telemonitor integrates with the LifeStream Management Suite to empower care providers within healthcare systems, physician offices, or home health agencies with web-enabled, on-demand access to this configurable device. Wireless connectivity with a broad range of peripheral devices supports patients with a variety of the needs and risk factors.Flexible Installation and OperationAn award-winning user interface promotes an easy patient monitoring session.Automatic downloads enable customized disease management content, firmware updates and new promptsAn automatic set-up wizard helps adjust monitor settings on site, or remotely.An optional cellular modem provides enhanced connectivity, setup and download speeds.Robust Security for Enhanced Peace of MindIndustry-proven encryption helps ensure identifiable patient data is not stored or transmitted.A factory default reset function allows the monitor to be reset and reassigned.End-to-End Patient CarePatient messaging helps patients remember medical appointments and other health events.




Turnkey connected care solution
Medisanté delivers a turnkey connected care solution to caregivers with actionable insights across multiple conditions. Combined with a seamless end-to-end integration from patient devices to the ELIOT platform and secure in-country data hosting, it helps nations deliver a new model of care at a fraction of current costs.
The Medisanté Connected Care Solution consists of 2 components that integrate seamlessly.

The “Medisanté Connected Care Platform” provides caregivers a unified view of the patient-generated health data (PGHD) across multiple conditions.
Once the targets of the care plan have been set by the caregiver, pre-built algorithms and event-based notifications allow caregivers to respond to the most critical cases, regardless of the patient's location.

Telemonitoring of patients will help avoid costly readmissions and emergencies at the hospital and visits to the general practitioner.
It’s more cost efficient to have the patient-generated data (PGHD) transmitted to the caregiver over a secure network rather than have the patient travel to the caregiver.

With Medisanté solutions, caregivers can increase efficiency with an unmatched ability to monitor thousands of patients using real-time data at their fingertips.




Everything you need for a complete remote telehealth clinic that is both easy to use and affordable

TytoPro device with high resolution camera, no-touch infrared basal thermometer, stethoscope (digital with volume, bell and diaphragm filters), digital otoscope and tongue depressor
TytoVisit™ platform with Clinician Dashboard for conducting “exam and forward” and “live video telehealth exams,” plus EHR integration*
SpO2 and blood pressure cuff
iPad and iPad stand
Data plan (optional)
AWS cloud storage, HIPAA secure
Hassle-free, turnkey solution with pre-loaded software and connectivity




TMS-6016 Telemetry Monitoring System works with HYPERVISOR VI Central Monitoring System. TMS-6016 provides flexible monitoring solution for CCU, ICU, ER, step-down units, general wards, and other areas caring for mobile cardiac patients who require constant monitoring. The powerful antenna system using Space Diversity technology ensures high communication accuracy and a covers a wide range in hospitals.
Additional features include
· Capable of monitoring 16 telemetry patients within one Central Monitoring System
· Fixed and Flexible monitoring modes selectable according to your requirements
· Telemetry patients can be viewed using the BeneView series bedside patient monitors
· Nurse Call and Event buttons enable patients to attract a nurse's attention whenever needed
· AA batteries are significantly less expensive and provide up to 96 hours of working time
· Powerful data storage capability benefits from HYPERVISOR VI Central Monitoring System
· Adjustable alarm levels for ECG Lead Off and SpO2 Sensor Off and alarm delay settings significantly help to reduce unnecessary alarm noise. thereby minimizing inconvenience to nursing staff and patients.

Telemonitoring In Industrial Automation

Remote control technology for the control of industrial plants – with telecontrol from Siemens

Telecontrol solutions for the control center

Telecontrol refers to the connection of process stations spread out over a wide area to one or more central control systems. Various public or private networks (remote networks) are used for monitoring and control-related communications. Our telecontrol systems are based on SIMATIC and provide the corresponding hardware and software to supplement this system – enabling you to efficiently connect and control individual process stations via remote networks.

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are located at the substations of telecontrol plants and monitor widely dispersed measurement points. Different RTUs are used, depending on the complexity of the task. With our comprehensive offering for modular RTUs based on SIMATIC controllers, you can flexibly adapt your substations to your requirements. For the connection of modular RTUs, we offer communication modules in the form of communication processors (CPs) and Telecontrol Interface Modules (TIMs). Our portfolio also includes compact RTUs which work as stand-alone units in harsh environments.

Telemonitoring Custom Projects Built Using Raspberry Pi 3

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