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When people start talking about computing and throwing around big words I'm lost. Thankfully there are easy ways to keep up with the Jones's. So, what is a server then?

No, I’m not talking about those people who walk around in restaurants bringing us much needed wine and cake, although those do tend to be my favorite kind of servers. I am on about servers in the computing industry.

When it comes to computers, a server or computer program as it is also known as provides the function needed by other devices, called clients. Click here to see the brain version with more technical details.

Same as one waiter can serve many tables, or if you are more uppity on the ladder of life, one table will be served by many waiters. This is essentially the same principle regarding a computer server.

What does VPN mean?

The initials stand for Virtual Private Network. What this system does is extends or expands a private network, over public space. So, when people who are using the network are sharing and sending information over the public network, it flows as smoothly as if it were being sent via the private network.

A VPN allows you to have online privacy and staying anonymous by using the public network. They help you secure an encrypted connection even more effective than that of a private Wi-Fi hotspot.

Why do we need a VPN?

Think about it, every time you head out for a break outside your house and decide to do some work or email from your favorite local coffee shop, you log onto their Wi-Fi.

It may be free and it may state the name of the venue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they own that Wi-Fi connection.

If you are logging in and doing internet banking, or shopping online and entering your card details, do you know who could be watching the ‘traffic’ on this connection? Who could be getting your private details?

With NordVPN everything you share online whether image files or data information, it is all encrypted, and so there is no chance of a pair of prying eyes looking over your shoulder.

This is why it’s important to have a secure VPN connection on your laptop and all smart devices. Better safe than sorry as my granny used to say. Read this article to see the do’s and don’ts and how to be safe tips when it comes to being secure in your connections.

5 Benefits of Using a NordVPN server.

  • Security. This is the main priority and its most beneficial function. We all want to feel safe, being safe online should be vital. It also has the function to safeguard multiple devices from one account.
  • Invisible. You can work anonymously without the stress of people following and harassing you.
  • Unblock. You can cover your location and unblock sites in other countries as if you were still there, a wonder if you are on holiday and trying to unblock Netflix for the kids to get a minute's peace.
  • Performance. Once you have a VPN installed your broadband efficiency is increased. Plus NordVPN allows you to change your IP address for more effective coverage and usage.
  • Use everywhere. You don’t have to be in the office to get on the database, it can be accessed remotely which is why so many companies are using this service.

Widely Available.

You don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to benefit from a VPN server in your area, companies like Nord are expanding their branches and reaches, and it is fast becoming available all over.

The world is not as big as we may think, we are more connected than we may realize, and can be more too, you can also use this NordVPN

US city server locations link for a more accurate search. And you’ll be surfing the net, as they say, in a safe and secure environment.

No late-night online shopping though, I’m sure the husband won’t be impressed when a lovely statement arrives in the post.

There are of course many different server types on the market, depending on how much you are online too if it’s the sole purpose of your business, a server suited to what you need is available.

From your standard service to a double VPN, and even the more advanced obfuscated server for the geeks of the world trying to get past network firewalls, there is a flavor for everyone.

It is not something we should just look over and think to come to after a few years, online safety and crime that goes with it are on the rise. Protect yourself and your family.

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