The Swear Bear

Do you also swear too much? Don't worry, this artificial intelligence powered, internet of things enabled swear jar is here to help!


How does it work? Well, it listens to your every word and detects profanity (AI). When caught, it instantly tells on you to a very public data stream (IoT), not only revealing the committed crime but also providing timestamped proof.

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It all starts with a Raspberry Pi, an AIY Voice kit and the LifePO4WERED Pi+. The Raspberry Pi orchestrates the data flow between the different platforms and provides computing power to our dirty language detection.

On top of our Raspberry Pi we add the LifePO4WERED Pi+, this module takes care of our power needs, and adds much appreciated portability.

Last but not least, we also add a Google AIY Voice Kit which supplies a microphone for recording and speakers for some interaction.

Both components have great support, here's guide on setting up the LifePO4WERED Pi+ and here's one on setting up the AIY Kit.

AI and IoT

With all the hardware set up, we move on to the software.To get the ball rolling, we first follow this guide on how to set up a custom voice interface using the AIY kit.

Next up, detecting profanity in the recorded text. Fortunately, a fantastic python library exists with, again, great documentation.

With the above all ready, we are now able to convert speech to text, and reliably catch any obscenity. This is a tremendous milestone, the artificial intelligence part is complete!

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