Tiny LiDAR Sensor Designed by Makers For Makers.

As we begin to see more and more robots in our daily life, have you ever wondered how they ‘see’? Most robots use a technology known as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging Sensor) that allows them to map their environments by illuminating targets with a pulsed laser light.

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In this past, this technology was very expensive to mass produce and it limited LiDAR to only top mass-produced products. That has now changed.


iLidar is a compact sensor at a compact price

Introducing iLidar, the first Solid-State LiDAR sensor made for ALL MAKERS from beginner to robotics developer. Overcoming the limitations of traditional LiDAR, iLidar offers cutting-edge LiDAR performance at an unbeatable price, all in one compact sensor module.

iLidar is a powerful sensor in a tiny package, at an achievable price point. Unlike other Lidar technologies, iLidar doesn’t need to have an inbuilt rotation for 2D scanning.

Designed by makers for makers

iLidar pulses a super wide-angle line laser that gives a scanning distance in a wide 180° FOV. iLidar enables scanning without requiring rotation. But by adding one more angle of manual rotation iLidar is capable of scanning in 3D.

iLidar is the sensor for everyone. No matter if you are an engineer, maker, creator, designer or curious student, using the iLidar for your project is easy with SLAM.

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When you connect iLidar to Arduino, Raspberry PI, PC etc. using a USB(UART), SPI or I2C, you can get distances of 180° FOV, time-synchronized inertial measurements, and a location and pose of the sensor on the map, which is calculated by embedded SLAM directly.

iLidar’s small size makes it really easy to integrate into your existing hardware, whether you want to make robots, drones or vacuums.

Plug and play with iLidar

The solid-state design of LiDAR which has no motor-rotation or moving parts enables easy integration into your robot.

Changing environments are not a problem for iLidar, its rapid refresh rate up to 100 HZ allows for heightened robotic sensory capabilities of environmental changes and movement.

Overall, iLidar is just 2.5X3.5 X 11㎤ and weighs only 55g. Through innovation in short-range LiDAR performance, product design (solid-state sensor) and automation of sensor calibration, iLidar offers a first-class, cost-effective solution for diverse LiDAR applications.

iLidar provides the best performance/cost ratio for LiDAR performance. In addition, iLidar’s customers have access to iLidar’s open source SDK (software development kit).

It is so easy to plug & play by configuring iLidar with a variety of platforms including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Jetson. iLidar was developed by HYBO, a group of makers frustrated by the lack of quality, affordable LiDAR sensors.

Instead of complaining, HYBO set off to make the sensor themselves. iLidar was created for makers by makers. Affordable, versatile and compact, iLidar makes LiDAR technology accessible to everyone. Find out more about how iLidar can help you take your projects to the next level. Be an early bird supported via Kickstarter now.


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