Ultra portable Raspberry Pi mini laptop

If you are searching for a Raspberry Pi project to keep you busy this weekend then you might be worth checking out the Build It Raspberry Pi mini laptop tutorial recently published. Providing full instructions on how to create your very own 3D printed mini laptop complete with touchpad and tiny screen.

Ultra portable Raspberry Pi mini laptop

The build is a second-generation laptop building on a first mini laptop built using a case constructed from cardboard. The latest addition is a huge improvement in small form factor makes it easy to slip into your pocket when required for a little mobile gaming or Linux fun.

“Ive been promising a follow up to the Raspberry Pi laptop video for a while now and while making it the laptop broke so in the meantime here’s a smaller Raspberry Pi laptop with an emphasis on a good looking case.”

Jump over to the Build It YouTube channel for more details on the Raspberry Pi mini laptop project and to view plenty more inspiring tutorials to help you create your very own smartphones and other gadgets.

Source: Ultra portable Raspberry Pi mini laptop

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