Omron Electronic Components has added a wide angle 32 x 32 element version of its D6T MEMS Thermal Sensors, offering the widest field of view that Omron has ever delivered. The new Omron D6T-32L-01A can view across 90.0° by 90.0°, able to encompass a wide area such as a whole room from a single point. This high performance sensor offers contactless measurement of temperatures of 0-200ºC in ambient temperatures of -10-70ºC.

The D6T-32L is one of three new D6T variants announced by Omron. Applications where a more restricted field of view is needed can be fulfilled by the 1×8 D6T-8L-09H and the 4×4 D6T-44L-06H, offering 54.5° x 5.5° and 44.2° by 45.7° respectively. These two devices offer contactless temperature measurement between 5-200ºC at ambient temperatures of 5-45ºC.

Gabriele Fulco, European Product Manager, Omron, said:

“The new additions to the D6T sensor range open up a great range of new applications. From the detection of abnormal temperatures in industrial equipment on the production line to monitoring of food and other temperatures in the kitchen, the D6T can make a valuable contribution to safety – identifying potential problems before they become major hazards.

“This can not only save lives but also costs, allowing preventative maintenance to be undertaken in a timely manner. People detection remains a further key application area, and the new sensors are able to detect the presence and location of people in a space more accurately and reliably than ever.”

Omron D6T MEMS thermal sensors are based on an IR sensor which measures the surface temperature of objects without touching them using a thermopile element that absorbs radiated energy from the target object. Incorporating a MEMS thermopile, custom designed sensor ASIC and signal processing microprocessor and algorithm into tiny package, the D6T is believed to offer the highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the industry.


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