1204G is an integrated 3-digit voltmeter (DVM) and 5-digit frequency counter. They operate through probes connected to the oscilloscope channels, but their measurements are decoupled from the oscilloscope triggering system so both the DVM, frequency and triggered oscilloscope measurements can be made with the same connection. You can quickly measure AC RMS, DC, and DC RMS without configuring the oscilloscope capture. The voltmeter results are always displayed, keeping these quick characterization measurements at your fingertips. Turn on the DVM and capabilities for no additional cost by registering your oscilloscope.

Connectivity and Remote control
Built-in USB host and device ports, as well as a standard LAN port, make PC connectivity easy. BenchVue Software with the BV0004B BenchVue Oscilloscope app lets you control and visualize the DSOX1204G and multiple measurements simultaneously. Build automated test sequences just as easy as using your front panel. Save time with the ability to export measurement data to Excel, Word, and MATLAB in three clicks. Monitor and control your oscilloscope with a mobile device from anywhere. LAN (included) supports remote web-based virtual front panel to control and to save data or images.


Get more for your money and save bench space with 6 instruments in 1

  • WaveGen built-in 20 MHz function generator (standard with EDUX1002G, DSOX1102G, and DSOX1204G)
  • Serial protocol analyzer – triggering and decode (with additional software)
  • Digital voltmeter (free at www.keysight.com/find/1000X-Series-DVM)
  • Frequency counter
  • Frequency response analyzer – Bode plot (standard with EDUX1002G, DSOX1102G, and DSOX1204G)

Price for DSOX1204G is ~€863 excluding VAT.

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