UV exposure and wytrawiarka PCB

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon a long time ago on a video on YouTube, which focuses on domestic production of PCBs. Personally, I am convinced that it is better to do the PCB in a professional company – you know: aesthetics, double-sided layout, descriptions, solder mask, tin holes etc. However, for small home projects, not specifically require it. Do not forget that it comes to the cost of dozens of gold and długaśny waiting time. So I decided to make myself the right tools to perform such tiling method fototransferu, or UV platesetters and wytrawiarki PCB.

Those tracking me on Google+ or Facebook on a regular basis could observe the progress of the development project, so this entry will consider how the project was created and its final outline.

UV exposure and wytrawiarka PCB

But before I begin, I will present a brief specification of the project:

UV exposure

  • The head of the UV LED 30W
  • OLED 1.3 “
  • Control via the illuminated encoder RG
  • Cooling LED UV Peltier TEC1-12710
  • Independent measurement of the temperature of the LED UV and heat sink
  • Active cooling heat sink fan
  • Dew point with a sensor SHT11 (humidity, ambient temperature)
  • LED Driver LDU4860S1000 with an efficiency of 95% and PWM control
  • Adjusting the power LED UV in the range of 0 to 100%
  • Monitoring the operating parameters of the UV LEDs using INA226 (voltage, current and power)
  • Converter 36V Step-UP
  • Efficient, low-profile power supply Mean Well RPS-320-12 power of 320W
  • The controller based on ATmega328P / Arduino IDE


  • Aquarium of the age of the working capacity of 1.6 liters
  • OLED 1.3 “
  • Control via the illuminated encoder RGB
  • Ability to digest two PCB 120mm / 120mm
  • The total power output of 120W (4x30W)
  • Two-channel heating system (heating and maintaining the temperature)
  • Continuous temperature measurement solution
  • Aeration system: mixing, cooling
  • The controller based on ATmega328P / Arduino IDE

For more detail: UV exposure and wytrawiarka PCB

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