Visual Studio Code editor now available for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts may be interested to know that the excellent Visual Studio Code editor is now available for the Raspberry Pi mini PC and can be easily installed using the following commands : sudo apt update – sudo apt install code -y Don’t forget if you have already started using the new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller VS Code is installed as part of the Pico setup from the Getting Started guide published by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. As well as Visual Studio Code supporting Debian Linux on x64, there are now builds for ARM and ARM64, both of which can be loaded and run on the Raspberry Pi OS (the ARM build on Raspberry Pi OS, the ARM64 on the beta of the 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS). Ashley Whittaker explains more on the RPi Blog:

“VS Code is a free, open source developer text editor originally released for Windows, macOS and x64 Linux. Out of the box it supports generic text editing and git source code control, as well as full web development with JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js, with debugging, intellisense and all the goodness you’d expect from a full-featured IDE. What makes it super powerful is extensions — bringing a huge range of programming languages, developer tools and other capabilities.

For example my VS Code setup includes a Python extension so I can code and debug in Python, a set of Microsoft Azure extensions so I can manage my cloud services, PlatformIO to allow me to program micro-controllers like Arduino boards coupled with a C++ extension to support coding in C and C++, and even some Docker support. Not a bad setup for a completely free developer tool.”

For more information about the release and availability of the Visual Studio Code editor on the Raspberry Pi mini PC jump over to the official Raspberry Pi blog by following the link below.

Source: Visual Studio Code editor now available for the Raspberry Pi

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