Ways Raspberry Pi is Modifying Technology

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that only costs around $36. With its small size and affordability, this credit card-like sized computer is packed with many surprises. Moreover, the Raspberry Pi has been used by students, hobbyists, and even developers with various backgrounds and skill levels. The tiny computer’s flexibility has allowed many people to bring various projects to life, ranging from a Christmas tree controller to a  microwave.

Digital DIY

The Raspberry Pi contains almost everything a normal-sized computer has. This includes a CPU, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, USB ports, and an HDMI port. It can be taken advantage of to bring customizable computing power to projects that usually need a custom-created computer back then, especially with its small size.

Because of this tiny computer’s useful trait, many people are attracted to use Raspberry Pi with different DIY projects they can think of. Not only that, it also opened some interests and fields that these people were not even interested in the past.

For many, Raspberry Pi introduced them to the world of programming and took their hobby to a higher level by bringing them to life. Because of the general input/output (GPIO) pins, it is easy for this tiny computer to interact with electronics.

There have been a lot of DIY projects made with Raspberry Pi despite its small size. Some even host a WordPress site using this tiny computer. If you are thinking of doing this, it would be best to work with WordPress SEO services.

Introducing Open Source

Raspberry Pi is unable to use regular operating systems without major add-ons due to its unique hardware. Because of this, an open-source operating system is created. This system is based on Debian developed for Raspberry Pi called Raspbian.

The nature of the open-source quickly formed a community. This gave users a chance to collaborate with each other using Raspberry Pi. Moreover, new users were given the possibility of learning from more experienced ones.

Innovative Uses

There are many benefits the Raspberry Pi has brought to us in recent times, and it is expected to bring us even greater actions in the future. An example of this is Slice, a media box equipped with internal storage that can connect to televisions. It has been released commercially with a Raspberry Pi inside of it after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Another example would be, Pi-Top. It is a laptop that is powered by Raspberry Pi. Moreover, it was presented with minimal external components that make it so easy to customize. These are just some of the projects that have used Raspberry Pi, and it is expected that many more will come. 


The Raspberry Pi has transformed our technology in many ways. It introduced many people to the world of programming and has become a tool to make projects come to life, both commercially and personally. As this tiny computer carries on with open source software development and education, its positive effect will increasingly grow in the future as expected. Not bad for a tiny computer that only costs around $36.

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