Weather Station V 3.0


This project uses the Adafruit Starter Pack for Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi kit components to create a project that uses a sensor to read the temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and altitude. This works just fine with either the older Raspberry Pi 2 kit or the newer version with the Raspberry Pi station v 3.0

NOTE: This project assumes you have the version of the kit that comes with the BME280 Sensor.

This project is derived from the original Weather Station V 2.0 project created by Microsoft.


Connect the Raspberry Pi 2, Breadboard, and BME280 Sensor according to the layout within the Wiring Diagram in the “Schematics” section of this project.


To start, you’ll need Visual Studio 2015 installed, go to “New -> Project” and create a new “Blank App (Universal Windows)” app template to start from a new, blank UWP app.

Coding Step by Step

1. Create a new, blank UWP app as described above.

2. Add Reference to the “Windows IoT Extensions for UWP” Windows Universal Extension.

3. Add a reference to the BuildAzure.IoT.Adafruit.BME280 Nuget Package to the UWP App.

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