What are the Applications of Phased Array Transducers?

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3 Applications of Phased Array Transducer


According to the application of phased array transducers, this type of 

is made up of multiple sensors that work together to detect and transmit information. The primary application for phased array transducers will be radar systems. 

Phased Arrays are groups of ultrasonic transducers that fire in a predefined sequence to guide the sound wave in a certain direction. Phased arrays are essential because they can measure distant objects without interference.

  1. Types of Phased Array Probes

The type of object detection classifies the types of phased array probes. For example, if the object is in one direction, there would need to be a single probe pointing in this direction. If multiple objects are around, then a more complicated probe would be required.

There are three main types of phased array probes: 

Linear array probes: A linear array probe will have a single axis, meaning that it can only be used for detecting objects in one direction. For example, a probe used for detecting a firing tank could only detect the tank if directed to the probe's left or right.

Annular array probes: An annular array probe is like a linear array probe, except it has two axes. This means that an annular array could detect objects behind and in front of the probe at the same time. For example, an annular array used for detecting a firing tank could detect the tank if it were directly to the left, right, or front of the probe.

Matrix array probes: A matrix array probe can detect objects in multiple directions on different axes, so it can be used for detecting objects from any direction. For example, a matrix array probe could detect a tank if it was directly in front of the probe and at an angle to the left or right of the probe and directly behind the probe, and at an angle to the left or right of the probe

  1. Applications of Phased Array Transducer

By inspection parts:

1. Inspection of tubes: Phased array transducers are widely used for industrial process monitoring and control. The use of phasors in such applications as pressure transducers and temperature transducers is limited to the size of the sensor package. The large phased arrays are used for leak detection in oil pipes or gas pipelines or for measuring flow velocity.

2. Inspection of titanium billets: The conventional method for measuring the aspect ratio of billets is based on magnetic resonance (MR) techniques. The sensitivity, however, is not high enough to detect small diameter tubes. This problem can be overcome using phased array technology, which enables the aspect ratio measurement even in the presence of a high background noise level.

3. Inspection of blade roots and rotor steeples: During the manufacture of rotor blades (steeple) to be fitted to the turbine of jet engines, defects are often found at the roots of the blades. Using phased array technology, such defects can be detected with a high level of sensitivity and low weight compared to conventional testing methods.

By industry:

1. Power Industry: 

The power industry uses phased array transducers in several ways. Phased array transducers measure the flow rate of oil, natural gas, and other fluids through pipelines. By positioning a sensor at intervals along the pipeline, it is possible to estimate the flow rate by analyzing data from each sensor placed on the pipeline.

2. Oil and Gas Industry: 

Phased array transducers are used for several oil and gas industry purposes. They are often used to measure flow rates of fluids or gases in pipelines and detect leaks.

3. Aerospace Industry:

Phased array transducers are used to measure the thickness of materials and monitor cracks or flaws in aircraft or parts of aircraft.

4. Automotive Industry:

Phased array transducers are used in the automotive industry to measure vibration and monitor the health of various parts of a car.

5. General Applications:

Phased array transducers are used in several general applications. For example, they are used in gaming to provide tactile feedback. Phased array transducers can also perform infrared thermography by placing an array of thermocouples along the length of a material.


Today, Phased Array Ultrasound is an up-and-coming technology since it enables ultrasonic probes to be miniaturized to dimensions that were thought impossible in the past.

Its use will undoubtedly increase as ultrasound equipment vendors will be motivated to introduce this innovation to differentiate their products from competitors and strengthen their industrial position.

NDT-KITS consists of a group of elite scientists, engineers, and technicians who provide comprehensive and advanced nondestructive testing solutions to the domestic and international markets. 

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