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Playing with a radio controlled toy is much fun. When is comes to water vehicle, we love them maneuvering whole day. If you are passionate for Windows and are a good hacker, this article is for you.

This article reveal the technique to modify RC Boat that will be controlled using Windows Phone. In addition, the source code contains libraries to develop application for Windows based OS, 10 iot core hydroflyer

Whats new in this article?

Arduino Wiring Project for Windows IoT Core

Microsoft has released awesome features to the Windows IoT build 10.0.10556 (Insider Preview). With this build, now you can write Arduino sketch for Windows IoT Core directly from Visual Studio 2015 (Refer this article for more information).

Overcome Existing Limitation of Windows IoT Core (Serial-UART, PWM)

RPi2 supports for PWM and UART on board but current release of Windows IoT Core (10.0.10556) doesn't. Regarding to this project, we need PWM to control motor speed and serial (UART) for ESP8266-01 and GPS.

As per Windows IoT Release notes, ADC and PWM is supported via external chips but I'm not sure about the availability of that chips in all regions. While Arduino is widely available worldwide. So why not to chose Arduino. In addtion, it is a full-fledged microcontroller having its own benefits.


Before going further, you must need following:

  1. Your Raspberry Pi 2 must have latest Windows IoT Core Insider Preview. (Download) (How to install Windows IoT Core on RPi2?)
  2. Raspberry Pi 2 must be setup for Lightning feature. (Lightning Setup)
  3. You must install latest Windows IoT Core Project Template. (Download)

Lightning is a set of providers to interface with GPIO, I2C and SPI through the lightning Direct Memory Access driver. In short, it is the new driver which provides high performance against default inbox drive by accessing direct memory mapped driver. By default Windows IoT Core is configured for default inbox driver.

Basic Concept

Raspberry Pi 2 (running Windows 10 IoT Core), will communicates with Windows device via Communication Link. Windows IoT Core will takes appropriate maneuver signal from remote Windows device and generates the appropriate signal to control engine and rudder (if available). In addition, Windows IoT running on RPi2 will send back sensor data to the remote Windows device to process it and show.

Each boat have different hardware configuration to maneuver it. Let's explore three basic configuration mode:

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