Zobbie Raspberry Pi Zero W hexapod robot

Zobbie is a Raspberry Pi Zero W hexapod robot who has been created using an off-the-shelf robot construction kit and equipped with a Raspberry Pi for controller. Watch the demonstration video below to see Zobbie in action. If you are interested in creating your very own the ‘Tobbie’ robotic it is available to purchase price from £15-£40 depending on the website you visit.

Zobbie Raspberry Pi Zero W hexapod robot 2

“It took about 0.5 seconds of playing with the original to realise I was, of course going to have to see how we could improve on its abilities. It became really apparent that a Pi Zero, power, DC/DC regulator etc. weren’t going to fit inside that head… so it was going to have to go…. You have to ‘unbuild’ the kit almost all the way back to the start, this then allows for removal of the head which conveniently then just leaves the wires for the two motors exposed.

Zobbie Raspberry Pi Zero W hexapod robot 2

I built this from parts I had at home, there are a myriad ways of doing this in terms of controllers etc but I used the following for this build:

– Raspberry Pi Zero W
– PiBorg ZeroBorg Motor Controller
– Pimoroni Blinkt – for moody eyes
– DC/DC converter
– PS3 Controller for manual control
– Pi Camera Module / OpenCV for autonomous control

For full instructions on how to transform your Tobbie to a Zobbie robot jump over to the Pi & Chips website by following the link below.


Source: Pi & Chips : Pi PoDAdafruit

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