How to Design Better Power Electronics with STPOWER Studio

STPOWER Studio is a simulation software tool developed to help engineers efficiently address common challenges when choosing power components for their applications.

Designing applications can consume significant time and resources, so experts rely on power and thermal analyses to evaluate options. Additionally, key parameters such as junction temperature aren't always possible to monitor in real-world settings, complicating efforts to identify optimal devices for intended usage profiles and derive suitable heatsink dimensions.

STPOWER Studio offers powerful and exhaustive power and thermal simulation capabilities. This allows engineers to replace lengthy, convoluted, and costly application testing with virtual analysis. As a result, it supports more informed decision making regarding component selection early in the design process.

Help developers select the most suitable device

STPOWER Studio provides precise predictions of power loss as well as junction and case temperatures, while also delivering insights into parameters that cannot be tested and aiding in heatsink dimensioning.

Engineers rely on its accurate estimations to help choose the most suitable component fitting intricate and comprehensive application usage conditions.

This cloud-based power and thermal simulation solution has been incorporated into the eDesignSuite platform. It is now able to perform exhaustive analyses with just a single click, streamlining the evaluation process.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface with extra features

STPOWER Studio features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface along with additional capabilities such as:

Defining diverse thermal setup conditions
Multilingual support (English, Chinese, Japanese)
Comprehensive user guide
Online project storage
Exportable reports and data tables
The software accurately evaluates how STPOWER devices will perform against your application's unique usage parameters.

It excels at conducting end-to-end power and thermal analyses of mission profiles with step-by-step oversight of critical metrics. Free registration provides cloud-based project saving, however the simulation capabilities are also accessible without an account. Overall, STPOWER Studio streamlines component evaluation and helps engineers finalize optimal designs.

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