Advanced View of Projects Raspberry Pi List

List of Projects using Raspberry Pi with advance view:

  1. Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Gamepad
    Constructing this Raspberry Pi retro video game controller is an enjoyable and relatively straightforward endeavor, albeit time-consuming. Occasionally, waves of nostalgia sweep over me as I reminisce about the video games that filled my childhood days throughout the late '80s and '90s. While many of…... Listed under:
  2. Guide to Creating PCBA for Bluetooth-Controlled Door Lock System
    Home automation is growing in popularity because of its ability to provide homeowners with convenience and security. In this project, we will look at how to use an Arduino Nano microcontroller to build a Bluetooth-controlled door lock system and its PCBA manufacturing process. For those who are new to…... Listed under:
  3. The Object Finding and Obstacle Avoidance Robot: A Step Towards Intelligent Machines
    This little helper can autonomously search for objects you specify based on their unique RGB color patterns. It then navigates its environment, closing the distance until it reaches a designated stop point, just 10 centimeters from the target. But that's not all! While on its…... Listed under:
  4. Beowulf Revived: Students Unite to Build High-Performance Computer Cluster
    Here are the key takeaways from the passage: A Beowulf cluster is an alternative to expensive supercomputers, made up of networked commodity computers that act as a single powerful machine. It offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, and a valuable learning experience for students. Building a Beowulf cluster…... Listed under:
  5. Raspberry Pi Based Sequential Switching: A Budget-Friendly Automation Solution
    This commentary dives into a research paper exploring the use of a Raspberry Pi for sequential switching of industrial loads. It analyzes the project's concept, advantages, and the hardware components involved. Abstract Breakdown The paper proposes a system utilizing a Raspberry Pi, a low-cost computer,…... Listed under:
  6. Raspberry- Pi Controlled Landmine Detecting Robot
    Abstract – This paper proposes a solution Introduction to ground arrows. Mine detection is critical Problem in areas where the mines are vulnerable. The instrument shown in Figs This paper uses a robotic vehicle equipped with various components Various components such as metal detector and…... Listed under:
  7. Projected Virtual Board Using Raspberry Pi
    Introduction The project identifies a common problem: the cumbersome nature of traditional whiteboards. It highlights the benefits of a portable virtual board system: Increased Portability: The system's compact size makes it easier to carry around compared to traditional whiteboards. Enhanced Interactivity: The LED pen allows users to…... Listed under:
  8. Exploring Raspberry Pi for Interactive Home Automation: An IoT Survey
    Abstract Home automation refers to the branch of technology dedicated to streamlining household tasks and reducing human involvement through automation techniques. The primary objective of these systems, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), is to enable automatic and digital control of household activities and appliances.…... Listed under:
  9. A Comparative Study on the Power Usage of Raspberry Pi Models
    Abstract In recent decades, there has been a notable surge in the adoption of various personal computing devices, ranging from traditional desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones. A more recent addition to this lineup is the Raspberry Pi, which has gained rapid popularity…... Listed under:
  10. Exploring the Frontiers: Raspberry Pi Model for Autonomous Self-Driving Cars
    Abstract: Presently, self-driving cars are operational in foreign nations; however, their implementation in India remains unfeasible due to reliance on GPS and sensor-based approaches. A key issue with GPS is its tendency to display roads on maps that may not exist or may not accurately…... Listed under:
  11. Raspberry Pi Enabled Hand Gesture Recognition for Vehicle Control
    Abstract Individuals with disabilities benefit greatly from hand-operated vehicles as they can navigate in their desired direction without the need for button inputs. This system comprises a glove equipped with a receiver circuit mounted on top, along with an Atmega microcontroller connected to an accelerometer…... Listed under:
  12. Visualizing Precision Agriculture: Raspberry Pi as Key Sensor Nodes
    ABSTRACT With the continuous advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, wireless sensor network applications in agriculture are becoming increasingly popular. These networks are primarily utilized to monitor crucial agricultural parameters like temperature, humidity, soil moisture levels, nitrite content, and groundwater quality. The collected data…... Listed under:
  13. Navigating the Future: Autonomous Cars Powered by Raspberry Pi
    Abstract: An online comprehensive solution is being developed for managing internet banking. Autonomous cars represent the future of smart transportation, envisioned as efficient vehicles capable of avoiding crashes, ideally suited for urban environments. The objective of the project is to create a car that can…... Listed under:
  14. Exploring Raspberry Pi: A Gateway to Computer Science Enthusiasm
    Abstract The interest in computer science and related subjects among students appears to be declining, potentially due to various factors. One proposed solution to this issue is to provide students with access to a small and affordable board known as the Raspberry Pi. This initiative…... Listed under:
  15. Health Monitoring Made Easy: Raspberry Pi Control System
    Introduction Ensuring good health is always a top priority. However, modern lifestyles often expose individuals to various potentially harmful factors, such as high blood pressure and irregular heart rate. High blood pressure, or hypertension, places added strain on the heart as it pumps blood through…... Listed under:
  16. Harnessing the Power of PHP for Raspberry Pi Projects
    The Raspberry Pi, a compact yet powerful computer, operates seamlessly with a micro USB cable for power. Its latest iteration boasts features like WiFi, an ethernet port, four USB ports, and an HDMI port. Additionally, it includes a micro SD card slot for storage, serving…... Listed under: ,
  17. Embark on Embedded System Development: Raspberry Pi Beginner's Toolkit
    1. Introduction: Raspberry Pi Embedded System Development Kit The Raspberry Pi Embedded System Development Kit offers an ideal platform for both learning and utilizing Raspberry Pi capabilities. Built around the Raspberry Pi Zero, it features a 320*240 LCD with touch functionality for display purposes, along…... Listed under:
  18. Automated Object Counting with Raspberry Pi and Infrared Sensors
    Introduction The upcoming guide will demonstrate how to utilize the Raspberry Pi as an object counter utilizing an Infrared (IR) sensor. IR sensors, renowned for their ability to detect object proximity, will be harnessed for tallying objects traversing our miniature conveyor system. In developing our…... Listed under:
  19. Smart Security: Raspberry Pi Setup to Dispatch Camera Images via MMS Messaging
    This project illustrates the configuration of a Raspberry Pi as a surveillance camera system capable of capturing photo snapshots and sending them to mobile phones via MMS text messages. The process is initiated by a GPIO alarm input. In my Python application, I utilize a…... Listed under:
  20. Sustainable Energy Management through Power Demand Response Systems
    1.  Introduction       Problem With the emergence of renewable energy sources, maintaining grid stability has become increasingly challenging. According to a 2018 study on consumer energy management, 68% of residential consumers, a 3% increase from 2016, express significant concern about climate change and their carbon…... Listed under:
  21. Raspberry Pi-Powered Intelligent Language Translator: ECE5725 Project
    Introduction Our objective is to develop an automated translation device using R-Pi due to the increased global travel where individuals often encounter difficulties understanding local languages displayed on signs or spoken in conversation. Existing electronic dictionaries or mobile apps offer translation capabilities, but they usually…... Listed under:
  22. 10 Easy and Fun Raspberry Pi Projects to Try Out Today (2023)
    Are you in search of engaging Raspberry Pi endeavors? In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, keeping pace can prove challenging. Embracing new skills or venturing into uncharted territories stands as one of the best ways to stay abreast of these changes. If you've been contemplating…... Listed under:
  23. The Ultimate Guide to Using an Android Tablet as a Raspberry Pi Display
    While the Raspberry Pi proves to be an excellent computer, accessing it isn't always the most convenient. Unless it's consistently linked to a display, chances are you access it through SSH, VNC, or RDP. What You Need to Use a Tablet Display With Raspberry Pi…... Listed under:
  24. Adding Functionality: Installing a Power Button on Your Raspberry Pi
    While the Raspberry Pi stands as a remarkable and adaptable computer, it does possess a notable drawback: the absence of a built-in power button. This deficiency in a standard on/off switch can potentially cause issues. Fortunately, users have the option to integrate their own power…... Listed under:
  25. Inspiring Raspberry Pi Pico W Projects for Creative Minds
    The Raspberry Pi series has expanded with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi Pico W, a $6 wireless microcontroller. Having thoroughly explored its capabilities, we've compiled a comprehensive Raspberry Pi Pico W review for those intrigued by this new addition. To put it succinctly, we're…... Listed under:
  26. Raspberry Pi Wonders: A Compilation of Cool Projects
    The extensive array of diverse projects employing Raspberry Pi unequivocally positions it as the ultimate multitool in the realm of computing. Raspberry Pi, a diminutive, cost-effective computer resembling a credit card, functions akin to a standard computer, facilitating the attachment of peripherals such as an…... Listed under:
  27. Smart Home Revolution: Telegram-Enabled Raspberry Pi Automation
    Control Your AC Lamp with Raspberry Pi Telegram controlled Home Automation project Home automation has emerged as a crucial aspect of IoT applications, enabling individuals to manage household devices remotely via smartphones and the internet. Previously, we explored multiple methods to control AC appliances via smartphones…... Listed under:
  28. Access Your Raspberry Pi from Anywhere Outside Your Home Network
    Remote Access Your Raspberry Pi from Anywhere with Ngrok (Easy Guide) Tired of being stuck with local access? Learn how to break free with Ngrok! This simple guide takes you through the steps of remote access your raspberry pi from any computer or mobile device.…... Listed under:
  29. Turn Your Raspberry PI Zero into A VPN Server with OpenVPN
    Ditch subscription fees! Secure your data & access your home network remotely with your own Raspberry Pi Zero & OpenVPN. Easy step-by-step guide of setting up your own OpenVPN server on Raspberry Pi for beginners. While one-click VPN services offer convenient out-of-the-box solutions, they come…... Listed under:
  30. Remote GPIO Management on Raspberry Pi via Web Interface
    Webpage-Controlled GPIO Activation for Home Automation Projects 1. Introduction This Raspberry Pi project showcases its role as an IoT device. It enables the manipulation of LED states (ON/OFF) via a webpage accessible from any device connected to the same network as the Raspberry Pi. The…... Listed under:
  31. Raspberry Pi: Your Pocket-Sized Portal to a World of Tech Possibilities
    The Raspberry Pi platform aims to promote accessible computer science education worldwide through low-cost small computers. Much like the popular open-source Arduino ecosystem emphasizes simplicity and affordable hardware, Raspberry Pi adheres to a similar philosophy. However, it is important to note that Raspberry Pis offer…... Listed under:
  32. How to set up InfluxDB 2 on a Raspberry Pi
    How to set up InfluxDB 2 on a Raspberry Pi. A free and open-source time-series database is InfluxDB (TSDB). This article provides instructions for installing InfluxDB 2 on a Raspberry Pi. InfluxDB is a free and open-source time-series database (TSDB) that is well-suited for storing…... Listed under:
  33. Setting up a public web server using a Raspberry Pi 3
    Very recently, I got hold of a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. With the desire to setup a home automation system I first wanted to see if I could access the Pi publicly through my home's internet connection. This would have been the easiest task…... Listed under:
  34. How to Remote Access a Web App in IoT from Internet
    The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained widespread popularity among technology and hobbyist communities alike. An important consideration for IoT applications is enabling secure remote access. End-users often need to control IoT devices via apps or browsers. Service providers require access to devices installed off-site.…... Listed under:
  35. Experience the Simplicity of Raspberry Pi Imaging with the New Raspberry Pi Imager
    I'm pleased to share that we've developed a streamlined new tool for preparing microSD cards with the Raspberry Pi's operating system software. Called Raspberry Pi Imager, it provides an easier imaging process compared to past methods. Rather than relying on complex command line instructions or…... Listed under:
  36. Raspberry Pi RS232 Communication
    Exploring RS232 Communication with Raspberry Pi Those familiar with older electronic devices are no doubt acquainted with the ubiquitous RS232 serial port. This classic standard for serial communication has long been the primary means of joining hardware peripherals to computers. While less common nowadays in…... Listed under: ,
  37. Build a Raspberry Pi Web Server and HTML Webpage
    Introduction Are you interested in setting up a web server at home with your Raspberry Pi? This guide will walk you through the simple process of launching a web server on your Raspberry Pi within minutes. Not only that, but we'll also show you some…... Listed under:
  38. Raspberry Pi Pico JTAG
    Introduction The Raspberry Pi Pico JTAG has emerged as a popular and capable microcontroller development board thanks to its low cost, versatile feature set and large community support. As with any embedded system, robust debugging is crucial during product development and testing cycles. The Pico…... Listed under:
  39. Raspberry pi Pico DSP
    Introduction The Raspberry Pi Pico is a microcontroller board released in 2021 that has proven very popular for its small size, powerful features and affordability. Measuring just 6x20mm, the Pico packs a capable dual-core microprocessor and ample I/O pins into a tiny package. At its…... Listed under:
  40. Access Raspberry Pi 4 UART Using Python
    Introduction Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter or UART is a vital communication protocol used for serial communication in embedded systems and microcontrollers. The Raspberry Pi includes a UART controller that provides serial communication capabilities through its GPIO pins. This allows the Pi to interface with various external…... Listed under:
  41. Install ROS noetic on Raspberry pi 4
    Introduction ROS (Robot Operating System) is one of the most popular open-source robotic frameworks used for building robot applications. ROS Noetic, the latest stable release, brings improvements and new capabilities over its predecessors. The Raspberry Pi, a widely used single-board computer known for its low…... Listed under:
  42. Raspberry pi remote
    Raspberry pi remote Introduction The Raspberry Pi has proven to be an incredibly versatile minicomputer ideal for all sorts of DIY projects. Because of its little size, minimal expense and strong capacities, it has empowered large number of individuals overall to investigate programming, gadgets and…... Listed under:
  43. Raspberry Pi Infrared Sensor Projects
    Introduction The Raspberry Pi stands out as a favored choice among hobbyists and educators when it comes to single-board computers. On account of its little size, minimal expense, and adaptability, it has empowered great many individuals to investigate gadgets projects and get the hang of…... Listed under:
  44. Kali Linux Raspberry pi
    Introduction The Raspberry Pi is a Mastercard measured single board PC created by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Since it sends off in 2012, it has become one of the most famous Mastercard estimated PCs on the planet because of its minimal expense and extensive variety…... Listed under:
  45. Raspberry Pi Pico W Soft Access Point Web Server Example
    This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a web server on a Raspberry Pi Pico W using MicroPython while also configuring it as a soft access point. To begin, we'll explore how to use the Pico W as a soft access…... Listed under:
  46. Top 10 raspberry pi open-source projects
    Introduction The Raspberry Pi is one of the most famous single-board PCs that anyone could hope to find because of its minimal expense, extensive variety of purposes, and backing for open-source programming. Since its unique sendoff quite a long time back, the Raspberry Pi Foundation…... Listed under:
    In a prior tutorial, I detailed the process of establishing an SSH connection to your Raspberry Pi using an ethernet connection, all without the need for an external keyboard or monitor. While connecting via an ethernet cable is a solid option if you intend to…... Listed under:
  48. How To Make A Raspberry Pi Pico W Web Server
    If you don't intend to establish a significant website on a hosting service, you have the option to create your own web server at home. Previously, we provided instructions for setting up a web server on a Raspberry Pi 3, 4, or Zero. However, you…... Listed under:
  49. Connect remote to raspberry pi
    Connecting Remotely to Your Raspberry Pi   If you're like many Raspberry Pi users, you likely have your Pi set up in a location away from your main computer, like hooked up to a television or mounted somewhere out of sight. But this also means…... Listed under:
  50. Creating Your Own Raspberry Pi Web Server and HTML Page
    Introduction Are you a Raspberry Pi owner interested in hosting a web server from your own home? Perhaps you're wondering what comes next after getting your Raspberry Pi web server up and running. In this blog post, we'll provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on how…... Listed under:
  51. Raspberry Pi Web Server Configuration: A How-To Manual
    How exciting would it be to design and operate your very own website using a Raspberry Pi? Imagine connecting sensors to the Raspberry Pi and having their data presented on a web page accessible from any internet-connected device. In the initial section of this dual-part…... Listed under:
  52. Optimizing 3D Printing with Hard Real-time Linux on Raspberry Pi
    1. Introduction 3D printing and Raspberry Pi devices have gained widespread popularity as essential tools for hobbyists, students, and professionals engaged in prototyping. In recent years, 3D printers have started to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities into their daily operations. By connecting a Raspberry…... Listed under:
  53. Cluster of Raspberry Pi devices for Parallel and Distributed Computing
    Introduction The increasing significance of big data analysis is evident in various scientific and engineering fields. Handling vast datasets often leads to slow execution times for computationally demanding algorithms, such as the 3-D Fourier transform or 3-D prestack migration in geophysics (Yilmaz, 2001). Furthermore, challenges…... Listed under:
  54. Raspberry Pi Cluster for Parallel and Distributed Computing
    1. Introduction "Big data analysis has become increasingly indispensable across various scientific and engineering fields. However, dealing with the sheer volume of data often results in slow processing times due to computationally intensive algorithms, such as the 3-D Fourier transform or 3-D prestack migration in…... Listed under:
  55. Home Security System Using Raspberry Pi
    1.Background In modern times, there is a growing emphasis on home security. Home security encompasses the combination of security hardware installed on a property and the implementation of personal security practices. The hardware aspect involves doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, security camera systems,…... Listed under:
    Since joining the North Temperate Lakes (NTL) LTER site in 2014, I've witnessed a growing fascination among many individuals regarding the prospect of creating their own environmental sensors using Arduino or Raspberry Pi as the central computing unit. These devices are notably affordable, typically ranging…... Listed under:
  57. The Raspberry Pi Super Computer at Java One 2022
    The Raspberry Pi Super Computer was initially constructed for Oracle Open World in October 2019, featuring 1050 Raspberry Pi 3b+ devices organized in four server racks, forming a large square box resembling a famous British police box from a well-known BBC TV series. However, after…... Listed under:
  58. How do I power my Raspberry Pi?
    "Our company provides a variety of development boards, each with unique power requirements and connectors. While some boards, like the latest Raspberry Pi 4, require a specific input of 5V 3A, others, such as certain Arduino boards, offer more flexibility by accepting a range of…... Listed under:
  59. Raspberry Pi Infrared Motion Sensor with .NET
    In the previous article of the Raspberry Pi Cat Motion Siren project, we focused on deploying .NET applications to the Raspberry Pi using GitHub Actions and Docker. Now that the deployment mechanism is established, it's time to delve deeper into the application code and Raspberry…... Listed under:
    The DS18B20 temperature sensor is well-suited for various projects such as weather stations and home automation systems. Its ease of setup on the Raspberry Pi makes it particularly convenient. The sensor is compact, similar in size to a transistor, and requires only a single wire…... Listed under:
  61. DIY Tip: How to Set Up Your Raspberry Pi
    Raspberry Pi is a collection of single-board computers that have gained popularity among DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and students. These boards were initially developed with the aim of promoting computer science education on a global scale. One key distinction between Arduino and Raspberry Pi is that…... Listed under:
  62. Google Assistant controlled home Light with a Raspberry Pi with IFTTT and
    In recent times, the popularity of smart home lights has increased due to the growing IoT market. However, these lights are primarily controlled through mobile apps or other devices. More recently, there has been a trend of controlling smart lights using voice commands through AI…... Listed under:
  63. How to use the MCP3008-I/P chip to help your Raspberry Pi read digital data from analog sensors
    While the default configuration of your Raspberry Pi doesn't support reading analog input, you can enhance its capabilities by utilizing an MCP3008 I/P ADC chip, enabling analog input functionality. By establishing a connection between your Raspberry Pi and an MCP3008 I/P chip, you can leverage…... Listed under:
  64. How to use Raspberry Pi to control a Servo via the Web
    Enabling remote monitoring and control of the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi through the web is a great way to enhance the capabilities of your projects. This article focuses on demonstrating how to set up a web server on your Raspberry Pi that can…... Listed under:
  65. DC Motor Control with Raspberry Pi
    Raspberry Pi is a popular board based on the ARM architecture, specifically designed for electronic engineers and hobbyists. It has gained a strong reputation as a reliable platform for project development. With its increased processor speed and 1 GB RAM, Raspberry Pi can be utilized…... Listed under:
  66. PiCamera & Python – programming a webcam on Raspberry Pi
    Introduction This article will provide you with an introduction to using the PiCamera, the integrated webcam on the Raspberry Pi. The PiCamera is a valuable accessory that offers the capability to capture high-definition images and videos, making it an excellent tool for exploring the Raspberry…... Listed under:
  67. Driving a 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor & ULN2003 driver with a Raspberry Pi
    These motors are exceptionally affordable and offer remarkable accuracy thanks to their 1/64 gearing. Each step of the motor corresponds to a movement of approximately 0.087890625°. However, it's important to note that the gearing mechanism is made of plastic, which means that it may experience…... Listed under:
  68. How to read analog signals in Raspberry Pi using ADS1015/ADS1115
    The Raspberry Pi is widely recognized as the most popular single-board computer. Given its nature as an embedded microcomputer, the acquisition of data is almost indispensable in Raspberry Pi. While the Pi is equipped with several GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins, it lacks a built-in…... Listed under:
  69. Building a Raspberry Pi 3 prototype camera that takes a picture at the press of a button
    One interesting way to test the Raspberry Pi Camera on a Raspberry Pi 3 is by creating a prototype that captures a picture when a button is pressed. This activity allows us to gain hands-on experience in: - Connecting a button to the GPIO ports…... Listed under:
  70. PIR motion detector – a sensor for Raspberry
    Introduction This is the follow-up article to the one published last week, which focused on the technical aspects and operational details of PIR motion sensors (read it here). In this article, we will delve into the practical applications of PIR motion sensors, specifically in conjunction…... Listed under:
  71. How to Use a Thermal Camera with a Raspberry Pi
    There are now various infrared (IR) camera sensors available for electronics enthusiasts, which enable the measurement of thermal radiation. By incorporating a microprocessor, these off-the-shelf sensors can be transformed into fully functional thermal cameras. It is important to note that the resolution provided by these…... Listed under:
  72. IoT based Smart Wi-Fi doorbell using Raspberry Pi and PiCamera
    In the current era, security is a major concern, and the market offers a wide range of surveillance and security systems. However, these solutions can be quite expensive and may come with their own set of problems that are difficult to resolve. In a previous…... Listed under:
  73. How to Set Up Your Raspberry Pi
    Overview Raspberry Pi is a line of single-board computers that has gained popularity among DIYers, hobbyists, and students. The Raspberry Pi series was created with the goal of promoting computer science education globally. One key distinction between Arduino and Raspberry Pi is that Arduinos are…... Listed under:
  74. Raspberry Pi DS18B20 Tutorial | Basic Interface and IoT Monitor
    In the earlier project involving the DS18B20 Digital Sensor, we explored how to connect an Arduino with the DS18B20 sensor and display the temperature on a 16x2 LCD display. In this project, we will focus on the interface between the Raspberry Pi and the DS18B20…... Listed under:
  75. How to plug two camera modules on a Raspberry Pi
    To begin, here are some introductory remarks: I apologize for any shortcomings in my English. I hope to be easily understood by all readers, and if that's not the case, please feel free to ask any questions. I wrote this tutorial when my project was…... Listed under:
  76. Raspberry Pi Computer Vision Made Simple
    When the Raspberry Pi 4 was introduced, featuring four 1.5 GHz CPU cores and up to 8GB of RAM, it left the community astonished. This additional processing power opened up new possibilities for utilizing the Raspberry Pi in machine learning and AI projects. As time…... Listed under:
  77. A Guide to Set Up Raspberry Pi for Computer Vision
    In this article, I will demonstrate the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi for computer vision. The Raspberry Pi is a line of inexpensive single-board computers, known for their compact size comparable to a credit card. Since its initial release in 2012, it has…... Listed under:
  78. Raspberry Pi 400 specifications, benchmarks, and personal computer kit
    When does a keyboard cease to be just a keyboard? When it encompasses an entire personal computer. Raspberry Pi 400 takes us back to the early era of personal computing, where individuals, be it bedroom programmers or office workers, connected all-in-one keyboards directly to their…... Listed under:
  79. Populated boards: an update on where we are
    Here's a delightful treat to bring you some holiday cheer. These images showcase populated boards from our initial beta device production run. Currently, these boards are undergoing rigorous electrical, hardware, and software testing. If all goes according to plan, the Raspberry Pi you'll be able…... Listed under:
  80. Raspberry Pi Cluster Setup
    Setting Up A Raspberry Pi Cluster This guide provides step-by-step instructions for assembling and configuring a compact cluster of Raspberry Pi computers to create a parallel computing system. The instructions walk you through the process of connecting the computers, setting up the necessary environment, and…... Listed under:
  81. Beginner's Guide: How to Get Started With Raspberry Pi
    Embarking on Raspberry Pi projects can be an exciting endeavor, but it's important to start by gathering the necessary supplies and familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals. Here's a guide on how to get started. In the past six years, a revolutionary single-board computer emerged in…... Listed under:
  82. 9 Ways You Can Use Raspberry Pi to Improve Your Life
    The Raspberry Pi Foundation, an organization based in the UK and dedicated to charitable work, developed a range of single-board computers with the aim of promoting computer literacy and enhancing accessibility to computing education for a wider audience. Since its launch in 2012, the Raspberry…... Listed under:
  83. Interfacing 16×2 LCD with Raspberry Pi
    In the previous Raspberry Pi project, I demonstrated how to blink an LED using Raspberry Pi and Python programming. Continuing with the series, this project focuses on interfacing a 16×2 LCD with Raspberry Pi. This project provides a comprehensive guide on the steps involved in…... Listed under:
  84. GreenPiThumb: A Raspberry Pi Gardening Bot
    Introduction Let me tell you the tale of GreenPiThumb: a gardening robot designed to water houseplants automatically, but with a tendency to occasionally unintentionally harm them. The tale commences approximately a year ago, when a sudden urge to own a houseplant gripped me. I believed…... Listed under:
  85. Face Recognition Door Lock System using Raspberry Pi
    The advancements in Face Recognition technology have led to its widespread use in surveillance and security applications. In this tutorial, we will explore how to create a Face Recognition Door Lock System using Raspberry Pi. The project consists of three main phases: Data Gathering: We…... Listed under:
  86. What’s Destroying My Yard? Pest Detection With Raspberry Pi
    Step #1: Connect everything To begin, let's discuss the process of connecting the required components for this project. The setup consists of a Raspberry Pi 4, a PIR motion sensor used for motion detection, a Raspberry Pi Camera for capturing images, and a Blues Wireless…... Listed under:
  87. Raspberry Pi Camera Pinout: What It Is and How to Use It
    These days, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in providing peace and security to users. However, these systems have drawbacks such as unclear images and high storage requirements. In contrast, using the Raspberry Pi camera pinout with the circuit offers…... Listed under:
  88. Raspberry Pi-based smart home security system
    Nowadays, home security systems have become a necessity for modern houses. By leveraging the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and harnessing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is possible to create a simple and effective home security solution. This project utilizes a…... Listed under:
  89. Raspberry Pi Security Camera
    After experiencing repeated incidents of theft where a thief would pilfer a carton of milk from the weekly delivery by The Milkman, I made the decision to utilize a Raspberry Pi to set up a simple camera system for monitoring our front porch. (Please note:…... Listed under:
    In this instructional guide, we will initially explore the functioning of switches and the various types of switches suitable for your projects. Subsequently, we will demonstrate how to effectively utilize these buttons and switches on the Raspberry Pi. Let's commence our journey HOW A SWITCH…... Listed under:
  91. Camera Robot using Raspberry Pi | Web Controlled surveillance robot
    Now that the chassis and motors are installed, it is time to incorporate additional hardware into our Raspberry Pi robot. To add an exciting element, we will develop a web-based mechanism, known as a Web Control Panel, which enables us to control the robot and…... Listed under:
  92. Raspberry Pi Connect
    The true potential of Raspberry Pi systems lies in their ability to be embedded in various environments, rather than serving as desktop replacements. Enable Remote SSH Access to Your Raspberry Pi If you've recently acquired a Raspberry Pi computer, it's likely that you started by…... Listed under:
  93. Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build your own portable Pi-to-Go
    Indeed, the Raspberry Pi Computer is a compact PC that is approximately the size of a credit card and comes at an affordable price of $35. These tiny nano PCs offer countless possibilities and applications. People have transformed them into personal video recorders (PVRs), retro…... Listed under:
  94. GCC Library Reimagine MakerSpace
    What is a Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi is an affordable computer, about the size of a credit card, which can be connected to a computer monitor or TV. It can be operated using a standard keyboard and mouse. Each Raspberry Pi comes pre-installed with…... Listed under:
  95. Design and build a Raspberry Pi 18650 Li-ion Battery HAT to make your projects portable
    We have utilized Raspberry Pi extensively over an extended period to embark on numerous thrilling projects. However, we frequently encounter a predicament when it comes to selecting the optimal power source for our endeavors. On occasions, the sudden loss of power results in an abrupt…... Listed under:
  96. Hacking Machine with Raspberry PI
    Software part.. Let's begin with the software aspect. To start, you need to download the Kali Linux image file. Click on the provided link to initiate the download of the image file. Make sure to select the appropriate file based on the version of Raspberry…... Listed under:
  97. Connecting a Raspberry Pi to UVA's Eduroam WiFi
    This guide compiles various online instructions required to establish a connection between the latest version of RaspbianOS and UVA's eduroam WiFi network. The following four sets of instructions need to be followed: My previous instructions, which are now obsolete. Prof. Luther A. Tychonievich's instructions for…... Listed under:
  98. How to Make a 4G Enabled Raspberry Pi Zero for Remote Motion Detection – Garages, Sheds Etc
    Living in a bustling city often means facing the risk of having your valuable car or motorbike damaged, tipped over, or stolen when parked on the street. Finding a nearby lockup space is a challenge, which is why I've attempted to gather a few components…... Listed under:
  99. Controlling Pumps With Raspberry Pi and GUI Touchscreen: Perfect Pour Drink Dispenser
    [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] Summary: Are you looking to enhance your home bar with a modern touch while maintaining a classy ambiance? Here's an adaptable project that can be customized to suit your own design preferences. The objective of this project is to combine a Raspberry Pi,…... Listed under:
  100. How to Get Started With Raspberry Pi
    Starting with the Raspberry Pi opens up a world of possibilities for various projects. To begin, you need to gather the necessary supplies and acquire a basic understanding. Here's a guide on how to get started. In the world of tinkering and DIY projects, the…... Listed under:
  101. A Remote Viewing Camera With Raspberry Pi
    The utilization of real-time streaming presents an excellent opportunity for engaging with our surroundings, such as through a CCTV camera. But have you ever wondered about the underlying technology? Imagine if we could achieve the same functionality using a Raspberry Pi. Specifically, we could stream…... Listed under:
  102. A Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry Pi
    Have you ever come across a computer priced at less than 5 dollars? If not, then you might not be familiar with the raspberry pi yet. It is a miniature computer originally designed for educational purposes but now widely utilized in various electronic components. As…... Listed under:
  103. 3 Simple Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Projects for Kids and Families
    The Raspberry Pi offers a wide range of HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) that can be connected to its GPIO pins, providing additional functionality such as lights, sensors, and motors. One notable HAT is the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, which presents an excellent opportunity for…... Listed under:
  104. How to Use an Android Tablet as a Raspberry Pi Display
    The Raspberry Pi is an excellent computing device; however, it may not always be the most convenient to access. Unless it is consistently connected to a display, the typical methods of accessing it include SSH, VNC, or RDP.   However, what if you lack a…... Listed under:
  105. 10 Game Servers You Can Run on a Raspberry Pi
    The Raspberry Pi offers a diverse range of gaming possibilities, including native games as well as emulated ones. However, if you're looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, why not consider setting up your Raspberry Pi as a game server? This allows…... Listed under:
  106. How to Make Your Own Wireless Printer With a Raspberry Pi
    Wireless technology has revolutionized home printing, offering benefits like reduced cable clutter and the flexibility to place your printer anywhere in your home. However, if you have an older printer, it may not have built-in wireless capabilities. Replacing it with a new printer might not…... Listed under:
  107. How to Add a Power Button to Your Raspberry Pi
    Adding a power button to the Raspberry Pi is a practical solution to address its lack of a standard on/off switch. You have two options: creating a DIY power button or purchasing one. In either case, the goal is to have a functional power button…... Listed under:
  108. How to Program Your Raspberry Pi to Control LED Lights
    Embarking on a Raspberry Pi journey can be a thrilling endeavor, especially for beginners. The accessibility of coding and do-it-yourself electronics has never been greater. A straightforward project involves creating a basic circuit with two LEDs and using code to control one of them. Let's…... Listed under:
  109. 2 Ways to Add a Button to Your Raspberry Pi Project
    Exploring the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi presents numerous exciting opportunities. Acquiring a foundational understanding of these pins through beginner projects allows you to delve into the realms of DIY electronics and programming. In this tutorial, you will discover two methods for integrating a…... Listed under:
  110. Setting Up A Raspberry Pi
    Installing the Operating System on an SD Card To set up an operating system for your Raspberry Pi, you have various options, and one of the popular choices is Raspbian, the official distribution from Raspbian comes in two versions: the full version and the…... Listed under:
  111. Bootstrapping Raspberry Pi
    Introduction For this assignment, your objective is to set up and test a development environment for the Raspberry Pi 3, specifically for ARM64 architecture. This environment will be utilized throughout the remainder of the course. You will be installing the necessary tools and creating your…... Listed under:
  112. Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Project
    Project Idea Let me transport you back in time, precisely six years ago, when my 12-year-old son was merely six years old. Ah, the joys of being six! At that age, six-year-olds possess a peculiar sleep schedule. They tend to sleep in on school days,…... Listed under:
  113. Arduino & Raspberry Pi Camera Interface
    Indeed, we discovered that mobile phone camera modules can be extracted from various mobile phones and incorporated into our advanced hobby electronics projects, similar to other standard add-on modules. To facilitate this integration, it is advisable to employ an appropriate microcontroller. In this regard, using…... Listed under:
  114. Raspberry Pi Motion Detector with Photo Capture
    This project demonstrates how to utilize a Raspberry Pi to capture photos when motion is detected. It can be employed as a burglar detector, for wildlife photography, or in various other applications. The setup involves utilizing a Raspberry Pi V2 camera module, and the programming…... Listed under:
  115. Motion Detection Video Captured Email Alert using Raspberry Pi 4
    In this tutorial, we will explore how to capture video using a Raspberry Pi when motion is detected by a PIR sensor. Additionally, we will learn how to send the recorded video as an email alert, allowing you to instantly view who or what is…... Listed under:
  116. Pi Camera Module Interface with Raspberry Pi using Python
    Introduction The Pi Camera module is designed for capturing high-resolution photos and videos on the Raspberry Pi board. It utilizes the CSI (Camera Serial Interface) interface, which allows for direct attachment to the Raspberry Pi. To connect the Pi Camera module to the Raspberry Pi,…... Listed under:
  117. How to Make a Real-Time AI Surveillance Camera with Raspberry Pi and OAK
    1. Introduction Today, we will guide you on how to build your very own Real-Time AI Surveillance Camera using a Raspberry Pi! [embed][/embed] The problem we aim to address is the lack of readily available real-time Raspberry Pi CCTV camera solutions. Most existing solutions either…... Listed under:
  118. Raspberry Pi As Chromecast Alternative (Raspicast)
    In this guide, I will demonstrate how to utilize a Raspberry Pi 3 as an alternative to Chromecast. It is important to note that this approach is not an exact replica of Chromecast and has certain limitations. While it does not offer support for the…... Listed under:
  119. How to use Raspberry Pi camera module with Python
    The Raspberry Pi platform offers several camera modules, each with its own features and capabilities. Currently, the Raspberry Pi Foundation provides three camera modules: Camera Module 2: Released in April 2016 as a replacement for the original camera module, the Camera Module 2 features an…... Listed under:
  120. IoT based Smart Wi-Fi doorbell using Raspberry Pi and PiCamera
    Nowadays, security is a major concern, and the market offers various surveillance and security systems. However, these systems can be expensive and sometimes present unresolved issues. In the past, we developed a surveillance camera capable of streaming live video to an IoT cloud. Today, we…... Listed under:
  121. Raspberry Pi MIPI CSI Camera Pinout
    Raspberry Pi Camera Interface The Raspberry Pi CSI camera connectors come in two variants: the 15-pin and 22-pin connectors. The 15-pin connector is commonly found on standard Raspberry Pi models like the A&B series, as well as on Pi camera modules. On the other hand,…... Listed under:
  122. Connecting a Raspberry Pi to UVA's Eduroam WiFi
    This tutorial combines various online instructions required to connect the latest version of RaspbianOS to UVA's Eduroam WiFi network. You will need to follow four sets of instructions: My own instructions, which may be outdated. Prof. Luther A. Tychonievich's instructions for setting up Linux on…... Listed under:
  123. High Resolution Thermal Camera with Raspberry Pi and MLX90640
    Thermal cameras are similar to standard cameras in that they use light to record images. The most significant distinction is that thermal cameras detect and filter light such that only the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum is recorded, not the visible region [read more…... Listed under:
  124. Working with Raspberry Pi Camera Board
    This example shows you how to capture and process images from Raspberry Pi™ Camera Board module using the MATLAB® Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware. Introduction The Raspberry Pi Camera Board is a custom designed add-on module for Raspberry Pi hardware. It attaches to Raspberry…... Listed under:
  125. Working with Raspberry Pi Camera Board
    Introduction The Raspberry Pi Camera Board is a custom designed add-on module for Raspberry Pi hardware. It attaches to Raspberry Pi hardware through a custom CSI interface. The sensor has 5 megapixel native resolution in still capture mode. In video mode it supports capture resolutions…... Listed under:
  126. How to Build a Raspberry Pi Camera
    In part 8 of the "Building Raspberry Pi Controller" series, readers will learn how to attach a camera board to a Raspberry Pi and write Python code for photo imaging projects. Digital cameras have become common devices found on such electronic products as smartphones and…... Listed under:
  127. Raspberry Pi Cluster for Parallel and Distributed Computing
    1. Introduction Big data analysis is increasingly becoming essential to many fields in science and engineering. The sheer size of data often leads to a slow runtime with computationally intensive algorithms, such as 3-D Fourier transform or 3-D prestack migration in geophysics (Yilmaz, 2001). Another…... Listed under:
  128. Raspberry Pi: An Affordable Learning Platform for Parallel Processing
    1. INTRODUCTION In order to understand the benefits that the Raspberry Pi platform provides it is important to understand the challenges that students and educators currently face. Parallel computation is increasingly becoming a topic that is taught as part of Computer Science education because of…... Listed under:
  129. RealPi – A Real Time Operating System on the Raspberry Pi
    1 Introduction All Computer Science and Computer Engineering disciples have encountered the “real time” catchphrase at least once in their career. Whether that experience equates to a simple buzz word or a fundamental understanding is beyond the scope of this article but none the less…... Listed under:
  130. Raspberry Pi 4 NAS Out of an Old Power Amplifier
    A Raspberry Pi 4 as NAS server with two WD red 4TB out of an old 19" power amplifier case. (Hard- and software.) Things used in this project Hardware components Raspberry Pi 4 Model B × 1 Story I had played around with the NAS…... Listed under:
  131. Raspberry Pi 4x4x4 LED Cube – PiCube
    PiCube can be used by beginners and professionals to strengthen their logic by typing complex code to draw out various patterns. Story LED Cube is very amazing way of learning programming and you can also make musical light with this Raspberry Pi Based 4x4x4 LED…... Listed under:
  132. Smart Home Automation IoT Using Flask Raspberry Pi and Python
    In this step by step tutorial, we will learn how to control RPi GPIO from the Internet using Flask, Python, HTML, CSS. Let's do it! What We Will Build Today? Today we will learn how to build an local web server using raspberry pi 3…... Listed under:
  133. IoT Using Raspberry Pi and Firebase and Android
    Ever asked how to control your home light system wirelessly Using Raspberry Pi and Firebase and Android over the Internet from any place in the world?! Introduction Today’s tutorial is about controlling any RGB LED Strip ambient light wirelessly over Wifi using a custom-built Android…... Listed under:
  134. BP Classification & Announcing Results Over Voice Using Pi3
    Hey, what's up, Guys! Akarsh here from CETech. This project that we have made this time is capable of Classification Of Blood Pressure, Spo2, Body Temperature Monitoring, and announcing sensor Results Over The Voice Using Raspberry Pi. In this Upgrade Project, I Have provided the following…... Listed under:
  135. E-paper Calendar: Raspberry Pi With E-ink Screen and Google Calendar API (Full Tutorial)
    Forgot an appointment? No morewith your very own stylish E-Paper calendar. Follow this full size tutorial to setup your Raspberry Pi, connect it to your Waveshare E-paper and display the events of your calendar using the Google Calendar API. Goals of this instructable Get to know about SSH,…... Listed under:
  136. The Internet Monitor
    Several months ago, I was determined to build the bandwidth monitor posted by Legufix here on Instructables ( I ordered the Raspberry Pi Zero and gathered other materials, but I wondered if I could just use the 7" Raspberry Pi touchscreen that I had left…... Listed under:
    The goal of this project is to create a Magic Mirror which gives the impression of being a simple mirror and not a connected mirror. The design is based on reusing recycled materials, especially for the screen. Two video tutorials are available for this fabrication. Step 1:…... Listed under:
  138. A Solar-powered Embedded System for Ecological Audio Signal Processing
    This instructable describes how to realize a solar-powered embedded system for real-time audio signal processing. Based on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, the system is very portable and flexible. It features a dedicated sound card, a two channels 5W amplifier and a MEMS microphone…... Listed under: ,
  139. ISS Tracker Using a Raspberry Pico
    This Pico-based International Space Station (ISS) Tracker project will cost around £25 ($30) - most of which is the cost of the display I used. It can be adapted to use any Pico-compatible display you may have, or even to send the tracking information to…... Listed under:
  140. LED Matrix Metar Map
    Purpose of Project As a pilot and the author of the software used at I've built a number of Live Sectional Metar Maps of various sizes. The hardest part of building those maps is the positioning of the string of RGB LED's in position. The more…... Listed under:
  141. 1970s VEF 206 Pi Internet Radio
    I have been emotionally attached to this particular piece of radio since I was a kid. It was always playing behind my back every morning while having breakfast in our kitchen. Now it's one the fewest things left from my childhood making it something special…... Listed under:
  142. How to Use HC-05 Bluetooth With Raspberry Pi Pico Using Micropython
    This guide covers how to use the HC-05 Bluetooth module with a Raspberry Pi Pico board using MicroPython. The HC-05 is a Bluetooth module that can be used to wirelessly communicate with other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and other microcontrollers. Thank You NextPCB:…... Listed under:
  143. PALPi V5 Handheld Retro Game Console
    Hey, Guys what's up? So this is PALPi which is a Raspberry Pi Zero W Based Handheld Retro Game Console that can run pretty much every retro game, from SNES to PS1. The brain of this project is the RECALBOX OS, an Opensource Game Console…... Listed under:
  144. How to Make a Mini Fridge
    A fridge is a piece of kitchen equipment used to preserve food. It uses cold air to reduce the growth rate of bacteria and slow down the chemical changes happening inside the food, keeping it fresh for longer. Big household fridges utilize a process that…... Listed under:
  145. Neoway N58 Cellular Module basic usage n Configuration with raspberry pi
    The Neoway N58 is a cellular module that allows devices to connect to cellular networks and send/receive data over the internet. It can be used with a Raspberry Pi to add cellular connectivity to your projects. Here are the basic steps for using the Neoway…... Listed under: , ,
  146. Poor Man's Bi-ped Robot Controller – Using RP2040 and Micropython
    The Poor Man's bi-ped Robot - using RP2040 and Micropython project consists of three instructables: Poor man's bi-pedRobot Hardware describes how to build the robot hardware and documents the electronics to run the servos which move the robot. Poor man's bi-ped Robot Controller(this instructable) describes the software which is running…... Listed under:
  147. Pfsense for Raspberry PI
    pfSense is a free and open-source firewall and router software distribution based on FreeBSD. It is designed to provide a secure and scalable networking solution for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as home networks. Some of the main features of pfSense include: Firewall: pfSense…... Listed under:
  148. Android to raspberry pi
    Can raspberry pi run android? Yes we can. Yes, it is possible to run Android on a Raspberry Pi. However, it is important to note that the Raspberry Pi is not designed to be a general-purpose desktop computer and may not have the necessary hardware…... Listed under:
  149. How to install home assistant on raspberry pi 4
    To install Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 4, you can follow these steps: Install the latest version of Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi. You can download Raspbian from the official Raspberry Pi website and install it using a tool such as Etcher. Once Raspbian is…... Listed under:
  150. Switchbot diy using raspberry pi
    SwitchBot is a smart home automation device that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app or voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It can be used to remotely control a variety of devices, such as lights, appliances, and thermostats, by physically…... Listed under:
  151. Telegram Control Application With Raspberry Pi
    Step 1: Using of Telegram Bot API and RPI GPIO Modules To write application code I used two modules for NodeJS. One of them is Telegram Bot API module and the other one is Raspberry Pi GPIO module. Using Telegram Bot API you can create your own bot…... Listed under:
  152. Building a Raspberry PI home server
    I wrote a few articles previously about setting up a home server using an off the shelf NAS. The brand doesn’t really matter: they are all packed with features that help you move your files from the cloud back into your network and give you access to apps and services that cover what…... Listed under:
  153. Lab: Arduino and p5.js using a Raspberry Pi
    Introduction For some applications, you only need a computer with an operating system in order to connect a serial device like an Arduino or other microcontroller with a browser-based multimedia application like p5.js. Perhaps you’re planning to run the sketch on a mobile device like…... Listed under:
  154. Raspberry Pi As Completely Wireless Router
    This instructable is to create a wireless router from a raspberry pi and a wireless adapter, None of this work is original just pieced together after several fails I hope this helps. My sources are: contributor Caxton1 For this project I used a…... Listed under:
  155. Using a Raspberry PI Zero W As an Access Point and MQTT Broker
    The goal of this project is to create a wireless access point using a Raspberry PI Zero W. The access point or AP (for short) will not need access to the internet. Instead it will provide a private (intranet) network that can be used for…... Listed under:
  156. Flash the onboard green LED of the Raspberry Pi.
    You have probably already seen that the Raspberry Pi has two LEDs directly soldered to the board, one red and one green. But did you know that it is possible to control this green LED, and sometimes even the red one? In this tutorial, we…... Listed under:
  157. Getting started with Raspberry Pi
    Connect your Raspberry Pi Let’s connect up your Raspberry Pi and get it running. Check the slot on the underside of your Raspberry Pi to see whether an SD card is inside. If no SD card is there, then insert an SD card with Raspbian…... Listed under:
  158. Connect Raspberry Pi to laptop PC in 4 simple steps (internet too)
    Step 1. Get all things ready to connect Raspberry Pi to laptop PC You will need: A working PC duh! (internet connection is not required if you have all other things ready) A Raspberry Pi (Zero, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, If you have other versions do…... Listed under:
  159. Setting Up Raspberry Pi 3
    The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to…... Listed under:
  160. Weather Lamp
    Weather Lamp is a RGB lamp made using Wiznet Pico WizFi360 and WS2812B LED's. The lamp simulates the real-time weather using the API. It read parameters like cloud intensity, temperature, time and try to mimic the cloud colors, sun/moon and change the base color as temperature…... Listed under:
  161. Building a MIDI Controller / MacroPad
    I love tinkering with the Raspberry Pi Pico, since it is an easy starting point for anyone that wants to get into microcontrollers. In this detailed instructable I want to guide you how you can create your own MIDI controller or MacroPad. If you are a musician…... Listed under:
  162. Smart Letterbox
    The Smart Letterbox is a device that serves the same purpose as a traditional mailbox, only here it is done in a user-friendly way. And all of this with just a few sensors and an LCD display! First of all, you don't have to check…... Listed under:
  163. Fytó – Turn Your Plant Into Pet
    Fytó is a smart planter that can easily turn your plant into a pet. It comes with built-in sensors that measure everything from light exposure to soil moisture which can trigger six different emotions that will communicate how your plant is doing. The emotions are displayed…... Listed under:
  164. Multiplayer Wack a Mole
    I made a multiplayer wack a mole style game that is compatitive and fun! Supplies List of needed materials: 2x wooden plate 2x side wooden plate 20 springs raspberry pi ledstrip 2x button 20x hall sensors RFID gyroscope buzzer arduino pcb magnets jumper cables +- 60 meter cable Step 1: Make…... Listed under:
  165. INap Malinka, Your NRF24L01 Transmitter That Can Play Pokemon
    iNap Malinka was mostly made as a decent, Raspberry Pi-based NRF24L01 transmitter. But, as it turns out, you can also play games on it! Malinka is a small DIY handheld that runs RetroPie, allowing it to play any retro game, including ports. However, because it's…... Listed under:
  166. Raspberry Pi Controlled Water Cistern With Web Interface
    Hi there! As a Multimedia and Creative Technologies student at Howest Kortrijk (Belgium) I had the opportunity to make my own IoT-project from scratch. A smart rainwater cistern keeps your rainwater tank from getting out of water. This IoT-system knows when your cistern is getting…... Listed under:
  167. Charlieplexing with the RaspberryPi
    To combine our knowledge of hardware and software by implementing Charlieplexing on the Raspberry Pi as our project's hardware. Control six LEDs in different sequences using the Raspberry Pi (GPIO) and the internet. Using the Apache and PHP servers installed on the Raspberry Pi for…... Listed under: ,
  168. Raspberry Pi Pico Thermometer & Clock
    Dear friends welcome to another tutorial! Today we are going see how to build this low-cost real-time clock and thermometer with a color TFT display using CircuitPython on a Raspberry Pi Pico board. 6 years ago, I built a similar project using an Arduino Uno…... Listed under:
  169. Turning Legacy IR Devices into Smart IoT Devices
    Introduction The Internet of Things ( Smart IoT Devices) is a globally linked network of uniquely addressable items. Many household items, such as televisions, fans, air conditioners, and toys, contain infrared receivers and are operated by an infrared remote. We may wish to link these…... Listed under: ,
  170. Life Sized Talking BMO From Adventure Time (that's Also an Octoprint Server!)
    Who WOULDN'T want their own life sized BMO who could say nice things and help control their 3D printer?? I love using Octoprint to control my 3D printers, an open source plugin and web interface that gives incredible remote access to any 3D printer with a USB…... Listed under:
  171. Air Insight: Air Quality Monitor With Raspberry Pi
    The air insight air quality monitor is a device that lets you monitor the indoor air quality. It measures Co2, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. All with the use of just three sensors. Depending on the air quality, the…... Listed under:
  172. Making a Small Mac From a Raspberry Pi 3
    In this Instructable we are making a slightly larger version of the Tiny Mac. There are a couple of reasons you might want to make this version. Supply chain issues (it is almost impossible get a Raspberry Pi Zero) A larger screen This version uses a…... Listed under:
  173. Gesture Recognition Using Raspberry Pi Pico and Edge Impulse
    The way of running ML on a microcontroller is called Embedded ML or TinyML. So, In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the MPU6050 Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor with the Raspberry Pi Pico and the TinyML Edge Impulse web platform in order to implement a Hand Gesture…... Listed under:
  174. Raspberry Pi Pico Water-level-indicator Using Potentiometer
    Hello, I am a school student from Germany and this is my first Instructable. I‘m excited to show you how to make a water-level-indicator using Raspberry pi Pico and a Potentiometer. My parents gifted me the Raspberry pi Pico for Christmas and immediately I started…... Listed under:
  175. AI-driven IoT 3D Printer Motion & Status Tracker W/ Telegram
    Track lateral and vertical movements of a 3D printer via AprilTags. Then, get informed of malfunctions related to motion via Telegram. Supplies 1 x Raspberry Pi Pico 1 x WIZnet Ethernet HAT 1 x DFRobot HuskyLens AI Camera 1 x Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4…... Listed under:
  176. Retropie Arcade
    Feeling nostalgic? Want a blast from the past? This Instructable details how to make your own RetroPie Arcade Machine and play with all your favorite video-game characters again, like Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger to name a few. I decided to build my own…... Listed under:
  177. Smart Garbage
    I am an MCT student from Howest in Kortrijk, Belgium. My project is a Smart garbage using a Raspberry Pi 4. Its purpose is to easily keep track of how much trash is produced over a period of time. When the bin is full, the garbage collector can be notified. The…... Listed under:
  178. Interactive Sound Toy
    For a while now, I wanted to create a children's toys, but with a tech-twist. As a first take in the field, thought it would be interesting to do something related to those old-school farm animal sound toys. I am talking about the ones with…... Listed under:
  179. Raspberry Pi Pico LED Badge
    This project involves soldering. If you have little or no experience with soldering, make sure you have someone you trust walking you through the project. Always be in a properly ventilated environment when soldering, as it may release toxic fumes into the air. This project…... Listed under:
  180. Raspberry Pi Pico and TEA5767 FM Radio
    In this Instructables we are going to make a FM radio receiver using raspberry pi pico and TEA5767 FM receiver chip. Here I am using micropython programming language to program the Raspberry pi pico. let’s get started! Supplies List of hardware: Raspberry pi pico TEA5767…... Listed under:
  181. RaspiCar ( RC Car With 4WD)
    For a school project in my bachelor MCT at Howest Kortrijk, I made an RC car. This project is a RC car with extra features. The car can be controlled via a web dashboard, has collision detection and stops automatically when it detects a red…... Listed under:
  182. Project One: Alcohol Lock
    For my first project, I will make an alcohol lock with a Raspberry Pi. Short: The alcohol gas sensor will detect the percentage of alcohol in your breath and then decides if you're safe to drive the car or not. If so, then the starter…... Listed under: ,
  183. Pi Cam – a Remote Raspberry Pi Desktop/Camera/Server
    Pi Cam is a 3D Printed Remote Raspberry Pi Desktop/Camera/Server, It' can be your 3D Printer monitoring system, Camera (Record Photos/Videos/Time-lapse), Server, and a Linux desktop. And the good part is because we are using Remote-it service we can access all this remotely from anywhere…... Listed under:
  184. RPI and 5 Inch LCD Digital Album and Weather Station
    This is 5 inches LCD digital photo album using Raspberry Pi (RPI) Wireless Zero and a weather station device displaying humidity, temperature, and air pressure information. Maybe this is the most upgraded and functionally versatile device among the weather station circuits I made before. It…... Listed under:
  185. Kids-In-Space Space Craft Simulator
    When my 5-year-old son started showing an interest in Space and Planets, I was prompted to start building him a spacecraft simulator. He also started asking questions about chemicals, so combining the two, I set him aboard a space shuttle that allows him to explore…... Listed under:
  186. Modular Solar/UPS for Raspberry Pi 4B
    Do you want to build a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system which will keep your Raspberry Pi 4B online 24/7/365 without hassle? This isn't one of those gimmicky tutorials which uses a tiny cell phone charger with an 18650 battery built in that is technically capable of…... Listed under: ,
  187. Self Driving Car
    Donkey is a self-driving car platform meant to convert RC cars into autonomous ones. It's a self-driving library written in Python. Its Open Source hardware allows anyone, including myself, to build their own car! This project was created by Sanjhee Gupta in association with Berbawy…... Listed under:
  188. DIY Smart Mirror
    This guide shows everything I did in order to build my Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror. With the Smart Mirror, I am able to access the weather, time, and news, as well as several other custom modules. I would like to thank Ms. Berbawy and the…... Listed under:
  189. Simple Bluetooth Controlled Car – Raspberry Pi Pico
    Hello fellow makers and tinkerers, I am back with another simple, easy-to-follow project based on the Raspberry Pi Pico. Using easy-to-find components, we will be making a 2-wheel drive the motor car controlled through a Bluetooth module on an android APP made by MIT app…... Listed under: ,
  190. The Super Easy Pico Keyboard
    This is the easiest Raspberry Pi Pico to Keyboard tutorial. You can make in easy visualized steps a functioning Macro keyboard, Password keyboard, or anything that you can do with a keyboard. I am also the original author and have made this tutorial in Dutch for the…... Listed under:
  191. Raspberry Pi Digital Camera
    I have always had a passion for photography, and so in this instructable, I will describe how I created my own Raspberry Pi Digital Camera. I began creating this digital camera with 3 objectives: To have a small lightweight camera To make it unique To…... Listed under: ,
  192. Board Game Table With End Turn Buttons
    The Problem: "Whose turn is it?" "Well, I've already moved my guy so it can't be me" "Oh, I thought we were on a new round so I already went!" "You can't go, we haven't reset the board for the round yet!" "Ok, so whose…... Listed under:
  193. Electronic MasterMind Game
    “A battle of wits and logic between two players. Break the secret code.” This is an electronic version of the classic 70’s Super Master Mind board game. The object is to guess the code that has been selected by the computer in as few moves…... Listed under:
  194. Gourdan: the Eye Following Jack-O-Lantern
    Meet Gourdan, the Jack-O-Lantern who follows tricker treaters to the door and back with his eyes. My sister and I both married Halloween fanatics. Anything from scary movies to decorations, our spouses love everything spooky. Growing up I hated scary movies and my family never…... Listed under:
  195. TELEBOT (Remotely Control and Monitor Your Home)
    In this Instructable I'am going to tell you about how to make a complete "HOME AUTOMATION" package using some basic Electronic controllers and some Open source software. This Project will go this way: We will use Raspberry Pi as a Hub for smart home devices.…... Listed under:
  196. Pico Arcade Mini
    Pico Arcade Mini is made from low-cost, readily available parts from eBay and similar retailers for around £30 ($50). It uses a unique 3D Printed Circuit Board (3D-PCB) that eliminates connectors, fussy wiring, confusion over where wires go and makes any project super slim and…... Listed under:
  197. 7×5 E-Paper METAR Display
    Being a avid aviation buff and pilot, and wanting to learn how the E-Paper display worked I set out to create a METAR Display. It snowballed into a full blown application with multiple display layouts to choose from. This project uses the 7x5 3-color E-Paper…... Listed under:
  198. Infinity Macro Pad Using Pi Pico
    Hello DIY makers and coders.... Today I'm presenting my version of a custom Macropad with a Raspberry Pi Pico.... I named this as "Infinity Macropad 1.1"....the project is based on the adafruit Circuit Python and runs HID functionality onboard.... This Macropad has 20 individual tactile…... Listed under:
  199. Pico Based Number Pad
    Today I am going to build a Raspberry Pi Pico-based number pad. I am going to build a simple ortho linear number pad with 20 switches. Then I am going to go through how I installed KMK firmware on it. KMK can be installed on…... Listed under:
  200. A LEGO® Robot Pumpkin
    I built a LEGO® Robot Pumpkin, using a Raspberry Pi and the new Build HAT that allows you to control the LEGO® Education kits. Raspberry Pi has a great tutorial for the face and you can then use an existing machine learning model to help…... Listed under:
  201. Heat Piping the Raspberry Pi
    It's been a while since I've created any noteworthy projects, but here is something that will hopefully turn some heads. I've been tinkering with the Raspberry Pi 4 in the last year or so and have noticed that there aren't any great cooling products out…... Listed under:
  202. PALPi Version 2, Big Edition
    Hey Everyone what's up, So here's something cool. This is PALPi Version 2 which is a Huge Retro Game Emulator system with a 7-inch display and custom PCB! Recently, I got a Raspberry Pi IPS Touch 7-inch Display from the PCBway gift shop and I thought "Hey, let's…... Listed under:
  203. Making Your Halloween Decorations Smart With Phidgets
    In this project, I will show you how you can make some of your standard Halloween decorations "smart" using Phidgets and a Raspberry Pi. This can be done with almost any decoration that is powered, but it's best if you have a decoration with a…... Listed under:
  204. Bartop 2 Players – Laser Cut
    This tutorial offers you to make a Bartop arcade 2 players totally made in laser cutting. Along with this tutorial, you can also find a Stick Arcade model of this creation (without screen or speakers). The cheaper arcade stick is suitable for more mobile use or for using your…... Listed under:
  205. Acrade Strick 2 Players – Laser Cut
    This tutorial suggests that you make a 2 player Arcade Stick totally laser cut. Along with this tutorial, you can also find a Bartop Arcade model of this creation (with screen and speakers). The more expensive Bartop Arcade is perfectly suited, as its name suggests, as a public or private…... Listed under:
  206. Gom Jabbar From Dune
    In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of creating the black box in the pivotal scene from Dune where the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam tests Paul Atreides. The Gom Jabbar is the name for the handheld needle tipped with meta-cyanide poison.…... Listed under:
  207. Quantum Death Machine 💀
    Supplies Tools: 3D printer Table saw Parts: Raspberry Pi 3 Adafruit Thermal Printer & thermal paper roll Fingerprint sensor Arduino Nano Plywood(200cmx25cm) in total Chestnut varnish Step 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing [embed][/embed] Classical computers that we use in our daily lives: phones, tablets, computers,…... Listed under:
  208. Seismograph
    Professional quality seismograph, fully open source, based on a Raspberry Pi, with 1 to 4 components, able to record earthquakes or other seismic events, either natural (rockfall, glacier movement) or man-made (train detection, vehicle detection). The seismograph works either autonomously in the field, or can be…... Listed under:
  209. Tiny Audio Effects Rig!
    In this instructable I am going to talk through a project I have created - a tiny audio effects rig and recording platform! As with most hobbyists Coronavirus brought to a halt a lot of things, with lockdowns, and has changed the landscape of how…... Listed under:
  210. DIY Raspberry Pi 24″ Digital Picture Photo Frame
    The idea behind this project was to build a large digital picture frame at a lower cost than the ones you could purchase. It needed to be easy to build and operate smoothly. I concentrated on setting up the computer/software side first before building a…... Listed under:
  211. Traffic Radar Speed Sensor and Camera That Recognizes License Plates
    Want to track the license plates of speeding cars with a traffic camera that is 40 times cheaper than that of a commercial one? This Instructable shows how you can use the Raspberry Pi, Camera Module v2, 8x8 LED Matrix,and OPS243 Radar Sensor to obtain the license plates of…... Listed under:
  212. Realtime Drowsiness and Yawn Detector Using Raspberry Pi or Any Other PC
    In the current epoch, drowsy driver detection is the most necessary procedure to prevent any road accidents. So this project is about building a system, which can detect the drowsiness of the user and alert the user so that an accident can be prevented. Also,…... Listed under:
  213. Raspberry Pi Iron Man Helmet With “Heads Down” Display
    For my final project I decided to create an Iron Man Helmet with dual motors and a transparent OLED "Heads Down" Display powered by a Raspberry Pi with an Adafruit Crickit Hat. I wanted to do my own take on how I would create an…... Listed under:
  214. Magic 8 Ball (Magic 2 Ball) With Voice, Round Color LCD Screen and Motion Sensing
    In the long tradition of fortune telling Magic 8 Balls I created a self-contained Magic 2 Ball running a Raspberry Pi Zero 2. When you shake the ball and turn it over, the answer tile is displayed on a round screen and the answer is…... Listed under:
  215. Another Raspberry Pi Cluster
    I recently build a Raspberry Pi cluster in a custom case running K3S Kubernetes. A lot of positive feedback after sharing some images of the final design, and people asking questions about the build. I decided to share the process of making it and my thoughts during the…... Listed under:
  216. PALPi Version 2, Final Edition
    Hey Everyone what's up, This is the PALPi V2 which is a huge handheld retro gaming console powered by a Rpi 3 B+. [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] The goal for making this project was to make a low-cost game console like a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck…... Listed under:
  217. Encrypted Data Vault: Raspberry Pi Pico + ESP32 Version
    Day after day, it's getting harder to keep your data private. There's too much demand for it coming from multiple sides. Different sides might have different reasons to obtain your data, but does it matter for you? Does it really matter why your data is…... Listed under:
  218. Fritzmeter
    Did you ever wanted to know what the current usage of your internet connection is? I was interested in checking whether the internet service or my internet connection was the bottleneck. After a couple of days, I now know that some services I use like…... Listed under:
  219. 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Robotarm
    This is a school project for my informatic class. I recreated an other design from here. Step 1: Story The rough plan: A glove that tracks the movements of the hand and then sends it via WiFi to a Raspberry Pi, which runs a program that…... Listed under:
  220. Raspberry Pi Zero W Based Personal Temperature Controller
    Space heaters usually come with a thermostat for temperature control. The temperature control is done at the heating device and are might not be where you are located. Also, a lot of the space heaters just have a numbered dial for temperature control and not…... Listed under:
  221. AutoBill – AI Powered Instant Checkout
    AutoBill is an AI-powered autonomous checkout system for retail stores, that combines the power of computer vision and machine learning to provide an amazing shopping experience. AutoBill provides a faster checkout shopping experience to minimize human interactions in the store to keep shoppers and employees…... Listed under:
  222. Build Your Own Google Home-Enabled Smart Mirror in About Two Hours
    In this guide I'll teach you how to build your own simple Google Home-enabled magic mirror using a Raspberry Pi computer and Google's AIY Voice Kit. A few years back I built a complicated smart mirror that used an open-source voice assistant called Jasper. But that build…... Listed under:
  223. Security System With Motion Detection
    The system is designed to detect intrusion (unauthorized entry) into a building or other area. Step 1: Things Used in This Project Hardware components KEMET Electronics Corporation Proximity Sensor- Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Module×1 Raspberry Pi Zero×1 Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2×1 Buzzer×1 LED (generic)×2 Arcade…... Listed under:
  224. Raspberry Pi Pico 200Khz Digital Oscilloscope
    A Waveform analyzer, Signal generator and logic tester in a small PI PICO. With a dedicated application, Runs on Android. Supplies Things needed for this projects: 1) Smart phone as display unit 2) Raspberry pi Pico 3) 1k, 100k resistors 4) Breadboard, jumper and usb…... Listed under:
  225. Smart Device Controller Weather Station Using IFTTT
    I created this project to turn an air purifier on and off based on the current weather. Mine depends on temperature, wind speed and direction. Any weather information could be used in your project. IFTTT ( If This Then That) applets are called to turn…... Listed under:
  226. All Sky Camera Enclosures.
    I have designed three* 3D printable cases which each use clear Acrylic tubes as enclosures. Additional printed parts help enclose the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, a wide angle lens, and the electronics. The tube is sealed with printed flexible seals. All three* designs easily fit…... Listed under:
  227. Making the Ultimate Water-cooled Raspberry Pi Desktop Computer
    If you've been following my Instructables for a while then you're probably aware that I like to do unnecessary things, like building a water-cooled Raspberry Pi cluster. This was a fun project but isn't all that practical for everyday use. So in this Instructable, we're going…... Listed under:
  228. SNES Pi From a Broken Super Nintendo
    This project is for transforming a non-functional SNES into a retro-emulation powerhouse using a Raspberry Pi. As with most people during 2020, I began to rediscover old video games that I either loved to play or never got a chance to finish. I'm a Nintendo…... Listed under:
  229. Network Wide Ad-Blocker With Raspberry Pi
    Ads and interrupting pop-ups are extremely annoying. If you're like me you've taken steps to remove these ads by installing ad-block software and pop-up blockers. The thing is you have to do this with every device. Computers, tablets, phones, and even then, some sites require…... Listed under:
  230. Raspberry Pi All Sky Camera
    As an astrophotographer, it is good to know the sky conditions overnight. We set up our telescopes in the early evening. The telescope and its mount automate the process of taking pictures. Many images are captured while we sleep. In the morning, we want to…... Listed under:
  231. Li-ion Boost Module for Raspberry Pi
    So here's a problem that we all have sometimes while working with 3.7V Li-ion Cells. "How to boost its voltage from 3.7V to Stable 5V 2A so it could power a Raspberry Pi for example?" The Obvious answer would be to use a Boost module…... Listed under:
  232. Raspberry PI Pixel Art Animation Display
    While browsing Adafruit's Thingiverse designs, one caught my attention - 32x32 Pixel Display . I always love those RGB Matrix displays, and having one just to display some pop culture images and animations, was an awesome idea. This project takes the idea from Adafruit, but uses a…... Listed under:
  233. Tableau of Forex Quotes in Real Time on Raspberry Pi and RGB Matrix 32×64
    Step 1: FOREX Forex (Forex) is an international currency market, the commodity on which the currency serves. Here they buy dollars for euros, euros for dollars, and so on. Thus, each currency pair is a separate instrument. Forex works around the clock during the working…... Listed under:
  234. Raspberry Pi Pico STEAM Robot: Low-Cost, Programmable Robot
    Introducing the Raspberry Pi Pico STEAM Robot, a low-cost, programmable car suitable for young learners to build, program, and customize on their own! It utilizes Raspberry Pi pico at the core and is paired with simple electronics and recycled material. The movement of the car is programmable…... Listed under:
  235. Raspberry Picade 3D
    Im a truly 90's Kid and grew up with all those Consoles from the past. Since i had some Parts laying around and wanted to build some Cool Case to run those Arcade Games from it was no question to Print it out of my…... Listed under:
  236. How to Make a Raspberry Pi Security Camera Under $35!
    This project is an effective way of getting a security camera up and running that you can view over the network and also have it motion activated. With all the Security cameras you can buy, you can make one for more than half the price!…... Listed under:
  237. Lego Technic Rubik's Cube Machine
    In 2019 LEGO introduced the Powered Up system with which their Technic models can be controlled with an app. With which the associated Technic Hubs are controlled by Bluetooth. As a result, each LEGO Technic model can be controlled in it's own unique way. The…... Listed under:
  238. Easier Data Collection With Customizable Pi-Based Robot
    The first task in an AI based project is data collection. This is often a grueling process where you have to label massive datasets by hand. This is very tiring to do manually and so EDCR(Easier Data Collection Robot) was born. This raspberry pi robot…... Listed under:
  239. Remote Control of Raspberry Pi Via SMS (RPi SMS Shell)
    The idea of this project is to move the whole Raspberry terminal to the world of SMS communication. This is a very good application in case there is no 5G/4G/3G coverage - but only GSM coverage for phone calls and SMSs. Even better, it is…... Listed under:
  240. The Simpsons TV – 3.5″ Screen Version
    I discovered the "Build A Simpsons TV" article in the Volume 79 issue of Make: magazine. The article is by Brandon Withrow and he did an excellent job documenting the build process in the article and on a dedicated web site: As I embarked building my own…... Listed under:
  241. DIY Switchbot to Control Garage Door Via Smartphone
    I live in an apartment complex with an individual carport that can only be accessed from the outside. This meant that I needed to carry the bulky garage remote every time I go out. Carrying this thing was a hassle. If I am not wearing…... Listed under:
  242. Google Assistant on a Raspberry Pi!
    Have an old Raspberry Pi sitting around? Then it's time to put it to work! In this project, I will be telling you how to make a google assistant using a Raspberry Pi! Supplies Any Raspberry Pi (Faster is better) Micro sd card Usb Microphone…... Listed under:
  243. HomeKit Enabled Smart Power Strip and HomeKit Hub!
    I made a power strip that has 4 independently switchable outlets from a raspberry pi and other materials that I mostly had sitting around. The raspberry pi is running Homebridge which turns it into a hub for Apple's HomeKit. This allows you to make the…... Listed under:
  244. Making Tiny Apple Pi: Mini VMac for Raspberry Pi Zero
    Well, I recently learned about the existence of Tiny Mac. (It's late) I was inspired by cgenco and John's web pages. Thank you for creating such a Tiny Mac. Yes, I started wanting a Tiny Mac. So, I got Raspberry Pi immediately and started preparations. I changed my…... Listed under:
  245. Web Controlled Camera Turret
    In this instructable I will walk you through the steps on how to make a a servo-driven turret with a raspberry pi camera module, which you control over the web. Use it to spy on your cat or keep an eye on the kettle when…... Listed under:
  246. Projection-mapping on Spinning Top
    A spinning top with a string is a traditional toy in Japan that is popular among children. My daughter started practicing spinning tops at the nursery school. I came up with an idea to add new feature to this top. If the effect is projected…... Listed under:
  247. Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Fully Customizable Smart Home!
    Why buy an Alexa smart home device when you can build one yourself? Raspberry Pi Smart Home is just that. At its heart is a virtual assistant. built with one of the world's largest AI Models. This model not only has the ability to understand…... Listed under:
  248. How to Make a Custom Retro Gaming Controller
    Whether you can't afford a USB controller, or you just want the the challenge, making your own retro game controller is a great idea! This controller will use the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi, so you will need some experience working with electronics. Otherwise,…... Listed under:
  249. Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror
    Here's how to build a smart mirror using Raspberry Pi and the MagicMirror2 software ecosystem. It shows me the weather, the time, my calendar, and any of the other hundred available open-source modules. My mirror also has built-in LED strip vanity lighting. Supplies For this…... Listed under:
  250. PALPi Lite Edition
    So this is the PALPi V4 which is a DIY Retro Game Console powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The IDEA here was to make a portable handheld gaming console that can run RETRO Games like Contra, Pokemon, Super Mario ETC. For Display, I've…... Listed under:
  251. Glowing RGB LED Magic Cube (WS2812)
    I fully designed from scratch every single piece of this project to create a cool glowing Magic LED Cube, mainly made for light animation and basically could be explored for decoration of Electronics Labs. Designed around the awesome RP2040 Microcontroller and Built with a full of electronics passion…... Listed under:
  252. Raspberry Pi Retro Arcade Machine
    Introduction Hello everyone, and welcome to this tutorial on how to create your own retro-gaming machine using Raspberry pi. This tutorial will teach you how to install RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi. I want to state I will focus on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model…... Listed under:
  253. Build a button-driven video player using a Raspberry Pi
    In this guide, I’ll cover how to build a dedicated video player built around a Raspberry Pi Zero – a small, low cost computer. The player uses arcade-style light up buttons to select a video and indicate what’s currently playing. This could be useful for…... Listed under:
  254. LED Panel Weather App Project
    Overview I bought a 32x64 RGB LED Panel in May of 2018 just for the hell of it. No real plan or application. I tend to go on buying binges for electronics periodically. I think I might have powered it up with some Arduino code…... Listed under:
  255. Facial Recognition for Car Security System using raspberry pi
    I. Summary The project is to build a facial recognition for Car Security System using the raspberry pi. This project offers additional advanced security features for new generation vehicles such as tesla. The raspberry pi will act as a command module for the proposed advanced…... Listed under:
    I have an old iPad which has been dropped so many times that a piece of wire fell out the side, and I think that wire was the WiFi antenna. The iPad can only connect to WiFi when it’s close to the access point or…... Listed under:
  257. Learning Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi for the Absolute Beginner
    Introduction to Physical Computing 1 Introduction With over ten million units sold, the Raspberry Pi single board computer has become one of the most popular ways to learn computer science. Raspberry Pi s are ultra-low-cost, fully functional tiny computers. While there are many models of…... Listed under:
  258. 6-DoF Collaborative Manipulator Robot for Assistance in Surgery
    Abstract: The aim of this project was to develop a prototype of a collaborative robotic system that can assist doctors during surgeries (or medical procedures). The purpose of this system was that it would eliminate the need for a medical assistant (or a nurse) to…... Listed under:
  259. Raspberry Plex
    I’ve been running Plex on a Synology NAS for the last year, with a Google Chromecast handling display. It’s worked well enough, but my DS 216 struggles at times to keep up with the movie (I’m not transcoding; that would never work). I decided to get into…... Listed under:
  260. Raspberry Pi Cluster for Parallel and Distributed Computing
    Abstract Parallel and distributed computing have become an essential part of the ‘Big Data’ processing and analysis, especially for geophysical applications. The main goal of this project was to build a 4-node distributed computing cluster system using the Raspberry Pi single-board computers for educational and…... Listed under:
    Introduction House security matters and people always try to make life easier at the same time. That’s why we put up with our project, Face Recognition Door Lock System. We developed this system based on Raspberry-pi 3, to make the house only accessible when your…... Listed under:
  262. Raspberry Pi Car HUD
    The goal of our project is to use the Raspberry Pi and create a touchscreen enabled Heads Up Display (HUD) for an automobile. The HUD would display useful, real time information through an easy-to-ready GUI onto a PiTFT screen. Some example information includes the automobile’s…... Listed under:
  263. Featured Technology: Raspberry Pi
    Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer that can be programmed to operate other devices and interact with sensors to deliver information. The Raspberry Pi v3 runs a fully functional operating system called Raspian and has built in USB and HDMI ports to connect with monitors…... Listed under:
  264. A Slice of Raspberry Pi
    Not a dessert, or a bad math pun, Raspberry Pi is one of many the many single board computers available on the market today. The device was created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation – a UK based charity founded in 2009 and dedicated to promoting…... Listed under:
  265. Rotating Platform based on Raspberry pi
    Preface: This project is inspired by the pan-tilt camera platform. Some components of the project is from an open-source project on this website The reason that I started this project is I found it is necessary to build a platform that can rotate freely controlled…... Listed under:
  266. Raspberry Pi: An Effective Vehicle in Teaching the Internet of Things in Computer Science and Engineering
    Abstract: The Raspberry Pi is being increasingly adopted as a suitable platform in both researchand applications of the Internet of Things (IoT). This study presents a novel project-based teachingand learning approach devised in an Internet of Things course for undergraduate students in thecomputer science major,…... Listed under:
  267. RAD Workshop
    Objective The objective of this workshop is to explore the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi, utilize computer vision to detect objects by color, and integrate servo motor control with the color detection output. Overview Raspberry Pi A Raspberry Pi is a single-board, small computer that…... Listed under:
  268. Raspberry Pi projects to facilitate research
    Collecting environmental data and monitoring your research projects can require lots of resources. Growing conditions in greenhouses, chambers, and any other controlled environment, vary from outdoor climates and that variation needs to be accounted for in research. This is often accomplished with sensors for temperature,…... Listed under:
  269. Notice Board for receiving messages on Oled display using embedded device and IoT
    A notice board is made with help of Oled connected to a Raspberry Pi. This project will be divided into two parts. In the first part, there will be a website where a user can type the message to be sent on the Notice Board.…... Listed under:
  270. Honeyhive – A Network Intrusion Detection System Framework Utilizing Distributed Internet of Things Honeypot Sensors
    I. Introduction 1.1 Background With the ever increasing number of Internet-connected devices, the importance of cyber security similarly increases. Exploding over the past decade, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the Internet jumped from 3.8 billion in 2015 to 17.8 billion…... Listed under:
  271. Autonomous Vehicle Research Project
    1. Abstract The idea of a self-driving car is one which is actively studied and tested for use on the road.In addition, the machine learning tools required to create such a vehicle has become more and moreavailable to the public as time goes on. With…... Listed under:
  272. Detailed Power Measurement with Arm Embedded Boards
    INTRODUCTION AND MOTIVATION In the design of modern electronic equipment, energy and power consumptionhave become increasingly important. In order to design better products, engineersneed to understand the power behavior of previous products, which they can use toroughly estimate the performance of new products and future…... Listed under:
  273. Raspberry pi pico Program Structure – CircuitPython
    The examples in this section illustrate several common approaches to structuring whole programs in CircuitPython. These are abstracted templates which will apply to any compatible microcontroller. These examples explore the tradeoffs which emerge when designing the control flow of the entire program. Embedded microcontroller programs…... Listed under:
  274. Raspberry Pi Pico Numerical Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These use only the onboard hardware and the serial console. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The text can be…... Listed under:
  275. Node-RED.
    1 Introduction This documentation catalogs the progress made so far in the installation of the Node-Red development tool used for data collection and analysis of Margherita 1 & 2. Not all methods and tools listed are used in the the current finished product, but were…... Listed under:
  276. Raspberry Pi Pico I2C Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more I2C (or I2C) devices are externally attached. The I2C bus is a two-wire bidirectional serial bus for short-distance low-bandwidth communication between a microcontroller and peripherals.…... Listed under:
  277. Raspberry Pi Pico NeoPixel LED Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more binary input or output circuits are externally attached. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The…... Listed under:
  278. The User Manual
    Introduction We strongly wish our product will help you. The main requirements from our clients aredetecting the fire and transmitting the images/videos to the ground station wirelessly. Moreover,these two parts should be real-time.We are pleased that you have chosen Wildfire Drone for your business needs.…... Listed under:
  279. Raspberry Pi Pico Ultrasonic Ranger Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more binary input or output circuits are externally attached. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The…... Listed under:
  280. Raspberry Pi Pico Stepper Motor Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more binary input or output circuits are externally attached. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The…... Listed under:
  281. UCF Senior Design Smart Mirror
    1 Executive Summary The document at hand describes the motivation, research, design and prototypingcompleted for the Senior Design 1 Semester at the University of Central Florida. Thefollowing will go into very detailed and rigorous amounts of information concerning thedevelopment of the Smart Mirror project of…... Listed under:
  282. Raspberry Pi Pico Music and Rhythm Examples – CircuitPython
    The following short CircuitPython programs demonstrate rhythm and music generation. These are largely platform-neutral. Metronome Example This example demonstrates the essential elements of creating a pattern of movement over time within an event-loop programming structure. Direct download: # # Raspberry Pi Pico - demonstrate…... Listed under:
  283. Raspberry pi Pico Remote Connection Examples – CircuitPython
    The following short CircuitPython programs will demonstrate communication via the host serial port. This interface can be used for local debugging as a user console, and also enable linking projects across the network. The network connection uses a Python program running on a laptop or…... Listed under:
  284. Raspberry Pi Pico Decision Tree Classifier
    This sketch demonstrates an example of accelerometer data processing using a classification tree. The classifier code was generated using the Python script using recorded and labeled training data. The underlying classification tree was automatically generated using the Python scikit-learn library. The purpose of the classifier is to categorize…... Listed under:
  285. Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Piezoelectric Membrane Filter System
    Problem Statement 1.1 Requirements and Specifications Due to the system being a completely new idea, specific requirements were not provided. It was decidedthat the following values should suffice for an efficient system. The group will strive to meet all of thefollowing quantified expectations:● Objective/Purpose: The…... Listed under:
  286. Raspberry pi pico Signal Processing Examples – CircuitPython
    N.B. this is new and still being tested. The following Python samples demonstrate several single-channel filters for processing sensor data. The filter functions are purely numeric operations and should work on any Python or CircuitPython system. This supports offline testing, as they can be debugged…... Listed under:
  287. Smart Garage Parking Aid (Smart GPA)
    1 Executive Summary Ever since the 19th century, driving an automobile has been one of the mainmeans of transportation. After several inventions from different people (Karl Benz,Henry Ford,etc.) the use of automobiles of all different sorts was increased greatlywhich in turn came with some problems.Some…... Listed under:
  288. Raspberry Pi Pico Digital Input/Output Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more binary input or output circuits are externally attached. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The…... Listed under:
  289. Raspberry Pi Pico Hobby Servo Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more hobby servo actuators are externally attached. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The text can…... Listed under:
  290. Automated Frame Spacer/Pin Removal
    Acknowledgement The IPFW General Motors senior design team would like to give special thanks to Dr. Zhuming Bi,and Yanfei Liu for their guidance throughout the build process. Their input was instrumental inproviding us with the right tools to make thorough design choices. We would like…... Listed under:
  291. Raspberry Pi Pico Introductory Examples
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These use only the onboard hardware and the serial console. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The text can be…... Listed under:
  292. Raspberry pi pico analog Input/Output Example
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or more analog input circuits are externally attached to an ADC input. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the…... Listed under:
  293. Wi­Fi Connected Locker Access System
    Problem Statement Senior Design teams at Iowa State store their projects in the Senior Design lab in lockerssecured by padlocks. These locks are reused semester after semester and previous studentsmay remember their locker combination for the sake of tampering with current student’sprojects. Additionally, administrators have…... Listed under:
  294. Raspberry pi pico dc motor controller
    The following short Python programs will demonstrate essential operation of the Raspberry Pi Pico board. These assume one or DC motor actuators are externally attached. Each can be run by copying the program into on the CIRCUITPY drive offered by the board. The text can be…... Listed under:
  295. Nanoclay Crosslinked pH-Sensitive Hydrogel for Rhythmic Hormone Delivery
    1.1 General Introduction Numerous endogenous hormones are known to be secreted in a pulsatile manner. Forexample, a neuroendocrine network controls reproduction and sexual development inmammals, where the release of hormones is not constant with time. An importantreproductive hormone in human puberty and reproduction, gonadotropin releasinghormone…... Listed under:
  296. Komatsu Sponsored – Performance of an ECU CAN Network With and Without On-The-Fly Data Encryption
    I. Introduction In the automotive industry, ECUs are used to control and monitor electrical systems in vehiclesand other electronic equipment. As the complexity of automotive systems increases, the numberof required ECUs increases as well. This is because it is not uncommon for a single ECU…... Listed under:
  297. ACAS: Always Connected, Always Secure
    Introduction 1.1 Motivation Safety is paramount, and there is no place where safety is more important than in the home. According to a 2017 crime statistics study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there is a home burglary every 22.6 seconds in the…... Listed under:
  298. An Approach to Semi-Autonomous Indoor Drone System: Software Architectur and Integration Testing
    INTRODUCTION An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft withouta human pilot aboard. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS); which alsoincludes a ground-based controller and a system of communications between the two (Watts et al.,2012). The…... Listed under:
  299. Real-Time DNN Inferencing
    In this lab, you will learn how to load a Deep Neural Network (DNN) model and performinferencing operations on the Raspberry Pi 4. (Note that much of this lab is derived from the DeepPicar project, shown in the pictures above. Ifyou want to know more…... Listed under:
  300. Setting up the Raspberry Pi Pico for C/C++ Development on Windows
    Documentation Everything in this file comes from the Getting started with Raspberry Pi Pico for C/C++ development guide. This file contains all of the same content, just organized into an enumerated list. Getting everything installed Install the ARM GCC compiler.During installation, make sure to tick the box…... Listed under:
  301. Wireless Modular Testbed
    Section I. Introduction Dr. Vigil-Haye’s problem is the lack of hardware to demonstrate networking architectures. Dr.Vigil-Hayes desired the creation of a modular wireless testbed that can be used to representdifferent and unique network architectures for her teachings. Each device would allow for anarray of antennas…... Listed under:
  302. Digital Design and Computer Architecture
    Introduction In this lab, you will learn to program an ARM processor on the Raspberry Pi in C by following atutorial and then writing several of your own programs.At this point in your education, you have likely written a fair amount of code. Writing C…... Listed under:
  303. EMG-Based Human Machine Interface System
    1. BACKGROUND 1.1. Related Work In 2015, Harvard designed an assisted motion glove to give grip strength and lifting support tohumans with hand impairments. [1]The soft glove design is made to be wearable and lightweightfor the user. The glove would detect weak EMG specific signal…... Listed under:
  304. Eagleye: Integration of Personnel Tracking in an Augmented Reality Environment
    Introduction Problem Statement There are inherently a lot of problems with not knowing where people are located at. Whetherthey are in the location they say they are, or if they are missing and others are trying to find them.When workers cannot be located, there are…... Listed under:
  305. Komatsu Sponsored – ECU Communication and Networking
    I. Introduction The automotive industry uses an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to control electrical systems orsubsystems in a vehicle. Networks of these units are capable of controlling and monitoring entiremachines such as those found in the construction and mining industries. As the number of ECUsin…... Listed under:
  306. Budget Remote Access VPN & NAS
    In the modern business environment, many employees are traveling or working from home. To compensate for this, many companies offer a VPN service, where employees can access a company's private network over the internet. This offers a secure method of accessing this information through an…... Listed under:
  307. Design of an Inexpensive Residential Phasor Measurement Unit
    Introduction 1.1 Motivation On August 14, 2003, North America suffered its largest blackout. Major 345 kV transmission lines dropped out of service, unbeknownst to operators, causing a cascading outage that extended across the Midwest, Northeast, and into Canada [1]. An investigation launched by the North…... Listed under:
  308. Building a Nvidia Jetson TK1 Cluster
    This module acts as a tutorial to help users build a cluster of Nvidia Jetson TK1 cluster for Parallel Programming and Distributed Processing. The guide is a step by step procedure to build a 6 Node TK1 cluster with a shared network file system. Note…... Listed under:
  309. Holiday Arboreal Light Project
    1 Introduction 1.1 Acknowledgement We would like to thank Dr. Thomas Daniels for the assistance in researching, developing and guiding usthroughout the two semesters we have worked with him. He has been an amazing resource as weworked through challenges on the project. We appreciate all…... Listed under:
  310. ROObockey: Remote Controlled, Aim-Assisted Street Hockey Robot
    IntroductionAs technology advances, image processing is being used in numerous applications especiallywithin robotics. Examples of image processing can be found in autonomous vehicles andcommercial robots. The Robogames Competition held in San Mateo, California challengesstudents to use new technologies to design a robot hockey player capable…... Listed under:
    The navigation methods currently employed by many autonomous vehicle companies such asGoogle, Uber, and Telsa rely upon manually driving roadways and gathering information aboutthe roadway infrastructure with lidar before any autonomous navigation is possible. While thismethod can be very effective, issues can arise when the…... Listed under:
  312. Managing Variability in Assembly Lines
    Introduction Manufacturing companies have different ways to meet the market demand, some companiesdeliver end products from their inventory to the customers. Other companies, instead of keepingthe finished goods inventories, they assemble or manufacture end products only after theyreceive the customer order. However, producing finished goods…... Listed under:
  313. Autonomous Quadcopter Platform
    Hardware Setup WARNING: Experience with flying Remotely Controlled Quad­Copter is required. Binding Procedure Binding is required the first time the craft is used with a new transmitter. It is doneusing the following procedure. To place Rx into binding mode, pace a wire jumper across PCB…... Listed under:
  314. Implementation of Simultaneous Multi-Streaming of Live Solar Eclipse Video via 5.8 GHz AirMax
    I. Introduction FOR the 2017 solar eclipse ballooning, the live streaming of the videos capturing the shadows of the solar eclipse was one of the main objectives. All teams who participated in the 2017 solar eclipse ballooning project were initially provided with a baseline ballooning…... Listed under:
  315. MCP Scrubber Monitoring
    1 Introduction The scrubber is a device that bombards microchannel plates (MCP’s) with electrons, thus“scrubbing” them. This is done both to stabilize the gain of the MCPs and to, as the namewould suggest, clean them of any residue. As detailed by Tyler Lutz in his…... Listed under:
  316. Design and Development of a Low-Cost Inspection Robot
    1.   Introduction Our nation’s infrastructure is aging and deteriorating rapidly. Currently there is no mechanism to thoroughly inspect the condition of our bridges, waste tanks, pipelines, and reactors. Many of these structures have reached the end of their design life and need to be inspected…... Listed under:
  317. Smart House
    1 Introduction For the process of designing the Smart Home system, there are a few key steps covered in this report. First, the problem statement for this project is defined, which includes defining the boundary of the system, the interfaces needed between the system and…... Listed under:
  318. Learn to use the Linux command line, C++, and Python
    Things you need to knowTwo Flavors/Distros we will be using. CentOS release 6.4 (Final) on Taz.harding.eduRaspbian 3.10.25 - a modification of DebianCommand line programs ls or ls cp – copy a file to another location mv – rename a file cd – change directory/folder mkdir…... Listed under:
  319. Pi3: Getting BLE Up and Running
    Raspberry Pi running Wheezy (Debian 7) There’s a few different way to figure out what distribution you have. You can do:$lsb_release -aor$cat /proc/version (didn’t work for me)or$cat /etc/*-releaseI’m sure there are other ways. Here are the results for all 3: (Note: I tried getting this…... Listed under:
  320. Live RSSI Mapping System
    1   Introduction As our connection to the internet becomes increasingly important and as new forms of dispens- ing internet services emerge, it is important to identify weak-spots in any internet network. We propose developing Raspberry Pi devices which will continuously monitor the strength of a WiFi…... Listed under:
  321. A Novel System To Improve Over-Speeding Traffic Violation Ticketing using a Black Box
    Introduction ’Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn in to innovation.’ - Dean Kamen National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration or more commonly known as NHTSA is a federal agency of the US state government. The…... Listed under:
  322. Home Alarm System With Raspberry Pi
    1.1   Introduction This project will be a home alarm system. It will be made using a Raspberry Pi, an RF receiver, some RF transmitters. The primary purpose will be to alert the homeowners with some kind of sound and maybe push notifications to registered Android…... Listed under: ,
    1  INTRODUCTION Son-O-MERMAID is a concept that evolved from MERMAID [1], a floating instrument that acts as a freely drifting seismometer equipped with a hydrophone that captures acoustic signals caused by distant seismic activity. MERMAID is equipped with sensitive on-board acoustics, a battery life measured in…... Listed under:
  324. Underwater 3D Data Collection
    1.0   Introduction: How can you call this planet earth, when it is quite clearly water? On average, 1,582 shipping containers of cargo have been lost at sea each year over the past nine years (World Shipping Council, 2017). These lost containers, however, only make-up a…... Listed under:
  325. Board-to-Board Communication
    In this lab, you will establish UART based communication channels between the Pi 4 and the HiFive 1 boards. Part 0: Setup the UART connections (for TAs) In this part, we will connect the HiFive1 and the Raspberry Pi 4 boards via two UART channels.…... Listed under:
  326. Homework 4: Linux GPIO Interface
    Use your Raspberry-Pi to work on this project. You will need a breadboard, an LED, some resistors, and some wire for this homework. In class I handed out some female/male hookup wires for connecting the Pi to the breadboard. You should source the remaining parts…... Listed under:
    1. INTRODUCTION With the advent of e-commerce, the demand for products has increased and the companies need large inventory and require handling large volumes on a daily basis. This includes a lot of labor- intensive tasks like storing, moving, scanning, inspecting, delivering, and many more.…... Listed under:
  328. Working with your Pi
    You'll work on this lab individually (but it's ok to ask other students for help). In this lab, you'll set up Linux on your Pi and get some experience with command-line tools. Goals: Set up Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi 2 B Log into your…... Listed under:
  329. IoT Smart Alarm Clock
    I. Summary The smart alarm clock is an open-source project about building and programming an Internet of Things alarm clock. The following project provides all information you need to build the smart alarm clock. The IoT Smart Alarm Clock has text to speech synthesizer, three ways…... Listed under:
  330. Stand-Alone Device for Chord Detection
    1.  Introduction Ever since I started playing the violin when I was three years old, both listening to and playing music as been one of my strongest passions. The study of music theory is something that I have pursued since senior year of high school,…... Listed under:
  331. Creating a mesh sensor network using Raspberry Pi and XBee radio modules
    Introduction We live in uncertain times. The list of environmental problems seems to grow, while the solutions feel increasingly out of reach. But daunting as it may be, it is imperative that we address these issues. The earth is, in the words of Carl Sagan,…... Listed under:
  332. Raspberry Pi Enterprise Network WiFi Bridge
    The goal of this project is to allow an IoT device, such as a Weemo Smart Plug, Amazon Echo, Gaming Console, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device to connect to a WPA_EAP Enterprise Network by using a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a packet forwarding…... Listed under:
  333. Design of Remote Datalogger Connection and Live Data Tweeting System
    I. INTRODUCTION Global average temperatures have increased alongside increases in population and consumption. These changes pose serious threats to the current standard of living as weather events become less predictable and more intense (Westra et. al., 2014). Along with this trend, increases in population are accompanied…... Listed under:
  334. Real-time Transmission of Voice over 802.11 Wireless Networks Using Raspberry Pi
    INTRODUCTION In the recent years, proliferation of technologies like WiMAX , IEEE 802.11, 3G and Bluetooth has directed much attention to wireless audio streaming. Nowadays audio streaming via radio waves and Bluetooth has particularly gained momentum. But these technologies have limitations such as, the destination…... Listed under:
    ABSTRACT This project is a multidisciplinary initiative with an objective to develop a scalable robotic platform of ground and aerial robotic swarms that are capable of tracking an object in an unknown environment. Conventionally, most robotic platforms perform tasks independently and are not designed to…... Listed under:
    The goal of this project was to construct a standalone table-top arcade station using the Raspberry Pi. Our inspiration for this project came from our mutual fondness for classic video games and interest in using the versatile capabilities of the Linux operating system on the…... Listed under:
  337. ECE5725 RPi Based AR Game
    Introduction We developed an AR game based on RPi in our project. In this game, player can control a robot through WiFi to explore the environment around it. There would be some monsters and other items for player to find. Player can fight with monsters…... Listed under:
  338. PiFi SLAM
    Objective Our goal was to solve the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem by using WiFi measurements. Specifically we wanted to implement this paper, where they solved SLAM through a Graph SLAM formulation with WiFi signal strength and movement data from an IMU. Due to the constraints…... Listed under:
    1.  INTRODUCTION The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer that allows to let the computer machine apart and develop infinity of possibilities. Raspberry Pi is going to be used in this project in order to control some electronical devices to build a remote control vehicle…... Listed under:
  340. Smart Door System based on raspberry pi
    Introduction The following subsections have an overview, motivation, importance, objective, problem analysis, list of requirement and expected results. 1.1     Overview of the project At any moment, you may have a visitor, that visitor may be a friend who has something to say or an intruder…... Listed under:
  341. Implementation and Design of Webcam Systems for Traffic Monitoring in Acadia National Park
    Abstract Because traffic congestion often has impacts on safety, visitor experience, resources, emergency response times, and park operations, reducing congestion is an important management topic for Acadia National Park. This project explores the use of remote webcams to monitor parking lots and other areas of…... Listed under:
  342. Home Automation Based on Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer
    Chapter 1 : Introduction and problem statement : The following subsections have an overview, short description, problem analysis, list of requirement and objectives. 1.1 Introduction Everyone wants to know who is at his front door, Which day and at what time they came, to be…... Listed under:
  343. Real-time Motion Planning For Autonomous Car in Multiple Situations, Under Simulated Urban Environment
    Advanced autonomous cars have revolutionary meaning for the automobile industry. While more and more companies have already started to build their own autonomous cars, no one has yet brought a practical autonomous car into the market. One key problem of their cars is lacking a…... Listed under:
  344. Multi-Language Voice Control IoT Home Automation Using Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi
    I. Summary The purpose of this project is to build a multi-language voice control IoT home automation using Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi. This project will enable the user to control a home despite the language being used. This will be enables by using IoT…... Listed under:
    The widespread of low cost embedded electronics makes it easier to implement the smart devices that can understand either the environment or the user behaviors [3]. The main object of this project is to design and implement home use portable smart electronics, including the portable…... Listed under:
  346. Wearable and Real-time Kinematics Estimates with OpenSense
    In the page, we introduce you to the open-source hardware and software that allows you to use OpenSense to analyze movements in real-time, show you how to assemble your own device, and provide information for you to customize the setup to a specific application. What…... Listed under:
  347. On-Board Processing for Linear Target Mapping
    Background/Scenario In many military applications, communications to unmanned systems are limited or prohibited and In the undersea domain, this is often the norm. Conducting submarine-launched Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operations requires a level of autonomy for the AUV dependent on its assigned tasks, environmental conditions,…... Listed under:
  348. EC 521 Group 3 – Raspberry Pi 3B Security Assessment
    Background High-level Description This project is a security assessment on the Raspberry Pi Model 3B. We are group 3, and our group consists of four members: Joshua Bassin, Ashley Cui, Kaitlin Walsh, and Hang Xu. We have looked at multiple areas of the Raspberry Pi…... Listed under:
  349. NAS on Raspberry Pi
    This article is about setting up network storage on Raspbian (follow the link to view the article on my corporate blog) 1. What is a NAS Server A (Network Attached Storage) NAS Server is a network storage system to serve and share files to other…... Listed under:
  350. Raspberry Pi
    The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry PiFoundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of  basic computer science in schools.[4][5][6]The Raspberry Pi is manufactured in three board configurations through licensed manufacturing agreements with Newark element14 (Premier Farnell), RS Components and Eggman. These companies…... Listed under:
  351. Automatic Weather Satellite Image Downlink Program
    Introduction In the beginning of the autumn semester, we came across some videos from Youtube introducing the SDR (Software Defined Radio). We found it very interesting because it has a very broad range of frequency detections and leaves all the filtering & processing stuff to…... Listed under:
    Customizing Raspbian Images At Bucknell we have been deploying devices built around Raspberry Pies to take on a wide range of duties including data collection duties in the field. The Raspberry Pi turns out to be a hardy device we can close in weather proof…... Listed under:
    If you are a beginner to Raspberry Pi and were looking for a simple hardware project, then look no further. This tutorial will show you to develop a python-based robot which avoids obstacles and navigates freely. Obstacle avoiding robots are fairly common and easy to make. Here, you…... Listed under:
  354. Adafruit's Raspberry Pi Lesson 9. Controlling a DC Motor
    Overview This lesson describes how to control both the speed and direction of a DC motor using Pythonand a L293D chip. In Lesson 8, we used the Pi to generate pulses to control the position of a servo motor. In thislesson we use pulses to control the speed of a regular DC motor and the L293D motor controlchip…... Listed under:
    Introduction Our project idea is to utilize a Raspberry Pi 3 to build a webcam server that provides a platform for users to remotely monitor their homes over the internet. DropBox uploading of captured images and email notifications will be triggered if a human is…... Listed under:
  356. ECE5725 Project Sand Flow
    Introduction Short description of what was done for the project. The work team has done for the sand flow system is to simulate the motion of sand to realize the sand matrix game on PiTFT screen. The piTFT screen is hand held by users so…... Listed under:
  357. The Remote Debugginator
    The Remote Debugginator is a device created for the Acacia Irrigation Project to enable remote access to a LAN network over 3g. We have three irrigation sites serving about 20 farmers’ fields. Each of these sites has a Raspberry Pi collecting data on sunlight, temperature, power consumption,…... Listed under:
  358. The Integration of Sensor Data with Raspberry Pi Microprocessor
    Abstract To implement various sensors on an integrated robotic system, a programming environment and valid communication methods that is capable of inputting digitized sensor data, and use those data in the control loop, is needed. Keywords: I2C communication, UART communication, Adafruit Ultimate GP Breakout, Sparkfun…... Listed under:
  359. Introducing the Raspberry Pi Zero
    A Tour of the Pi Zero It's Thanksgiving 2015 - the turkey's brining, the potatos not-yet-mashed…and from Pi Towers the call goes out A NEWPI IS BORN! LONG LIVE THE PI! The Pi Zero - the smallest, thinnest, most-affordable Pi ever. So much so, it…... Listed under:
  360. NSF NeTs Small RUI: Wireless Sensor Network Project
    Bulldog Mote One project currently being engaged in is the development of a new wireless sensor mote tobe used by California State University, Fresno. This new mote will be a brand-new deviceusing existing and up-and-coming technologies to be used by students to further researchefficient routing…... Listed under:
  361. Raspberry Pi VPN Travel Router
    I. Introduction Even the basic features of consumer devices often require an internet connection as mobileoperating systems shift to cloud-hosted platforms for services like photo storage, messaging,video playback, etc. While the expansion of mobile data networks has helped to provide “alwayson” connections for these devices,…... Listed under:
    When you start your Raspberry Pi for the first time, it is important that you configure the system for your context. This includes setting up your password, country, language, and time zone. In addition, for exercises in this book, this includes enabling a range of…... Listed under:
    INTRODUCTION The objective of our project is to develop a Home Network Protector (HNP) that preventsagainst cyber intrusions. This will include network firewall, intrusion prevention system,and a vulnerability scanner. The HNP will operate as your home router and monitor theinternet traffic in real-time to prevent…... Listed under:
  364. Pet Food Monitor Using Raspberry Pi
    Introduction For pet owners, monitoring their food intake is one of the most important aspects of ensuring ahealthy and happy pet. Overeating has the potential of negatively affecting a pet’s life, while apet refusing to eat could be a sign of something more serious that…... Listed under:
  365. Raspberry Carputer Infotainment System
    Intro & Parts List  This tutorial was designed to help you build an in-car infotainment system or carputer using a Raspberry Pi, and a few other components. The concept was something that I found when I got my first Raspberry Pi for a class, and…... Listed under:
  366. Design Applications for Girls on Raspberry Pi Platform
    1.0 Background Millions of girls in developing countries are still being denied an education. This issue isworldwide and slow education progress for girls nowadays will have a huge impact in societyover lifetime. To resolve this issue, Q8 engineering teams are concerned the girls’ educationalissues, using…... Listed under:
    A. OBJECTIVE To build the software system of the raspberry pi inside Sonbi andintegrate the Microsoft Kinect onto to Raspberry pi and make itinteractive with Sonbi robot in a way when people stands in front ofKinect, the Sonbi robot waves his arms to the people.…... Listed under:
  368. Setting Up Raspberry Pi, Camera,and iRobot Create
    IntroductionRaspberry Pi is a small single­board computer with USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI,Audio, and GPIO connectivity. In cs424, we will be controlling an iRobot create using aRaspberry Pi 3 Model B. This particular model is the most capable compared to the othermodels. It has 4…... Listed under:
  369. Raspberry Pi on UVa WiFi Network
    The easiest way to get your Raspberry Pi connected to the Internet at the University of Virginia is to use an Ethernet cable. If you want to use wireless, pretty much the only option is to use the hidden “wahoo” network. This is a quick…... Listed under:
  370. E-mail Spam Filtering on Raspberry Pi using Machine Learning
    Introduction Access to internet and social media has resulted in an exponential increase of digital marketing and targeted advertising. One of the ways targeted advertising is achieved is through e-mails. Most of the times, the advertisement e-mails are unsolicited and provide no useful information to…... Listed under:
  371. Webcam Streaming Video On Raspberry Pivia Browser
    Compiling FFMpeg For Webcam Streaming  First thing we need to do is to get a version of ffmpeg that can stream. If you haven’t installedGit on your Raspberry Pi, do that first.sudo apt-get install git Once git was installed, I went into /usr/src to download the source for…... Listed under:
  372. Software for a button-driven Raspberry Pi video player
    Previously, I described how to build a dedicated video player using a Raspberry Pi Zero – a small, very cheap (~$10) computer and a set of physical buttons to switch the active video. The Pi Zero works for 1080p HD video. If you want to…... Listed under:
    The daemon hostapd is a Linux service which enables  a “host” computer to become a WiFi Access Point (AP).     Thus  “host” + “AP” + “d”  (for daemon) gives the name hostapd. I originally learned to set up hostapd from  instructions on Pastebin written by user Dryfire117,1 andlater found…... Listed under:
  374. Graphic Design Display using Raspberry Pi and Adafruit LED Workshop
    Overview Our workshop will introduce students to the project "Graphic Design Display using Raspberry Pi and Adafruit LED". This workshop is part of our club initiative to engage students in computer science courses through STEAM project experiences. The project is designed to incorporate technology and…... Listed under:
  375. Precision Pointing Device
    IMAGE PROCESSING DETAILS The OTS MGS evolved across three main iterations. The driving system requirement of these iterations was processing all image analysis and feedback within 100ms per frame, or 10fps. First Iteration: Image processing starts with the loading of a video frame into memory…... Listed under:
  376. Self Parking Car
    Introduction We are offering a solution to the most feared part of a driver’s test –Parallel Parking. Driving through the city, it is a grueling task finding a parking spot. But squeezing your car into it is a whole different ball game. Wouldn’t it be…... Listed under:
  377. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
    Introduction Our project aims to design a parking barrier modeling system with automatic number plate recognition.In our project, we used two Raspberry Pi. One for controlling the car stuck with printed number plate to move linearly toward the barrier and stop if it is not…... Listed under:
  378. Burning Raspbian to an (micro)SD Card
    Flash the image Open EtcherSelect the Raspbian imageSelect the drive to which you want to burnDouble check your selectionsThis is critical, as you run the risk of overwriting the wrong drive (including your primary hard drive)Click “Flash!” and wait until Etcher writes and validates the image. This can take around 10…... Listed under:
  379. Autonomous Object Tracking Turret
    Project Objective For our ECE 5725 Design with Embedded Operating Systems final project, we created an autonomous object tracking turret. Our turret is able to locate blue objects in real time and autonomously track it with two degree freedom of motion (rotation and tilt). Our…... Listed under:
  380. Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) + Raspberry Pi
    Hardware Raspberry pi 3Ultrasonic Sensor(s) - HC-SR04A set of resistors for each sensor you are connecting330Ω and 470ΩJumper wires to connect the sensor(s) to the piBreadboard to connect the sensor(s) to the pi Wire Setup Pins There are four pins (labeled) on the sensor that…... Listed under:
  381. Network Adapter in Monitoring Mode – Rasp Pi 3B
    Overview The Raspberry Pi 3B+ (and all other current Raspberry Pis) has built in WiFi. The "wlan0" interface is typically the default gateway of connection besides Ethernet, but it is not capable of entering "monitoring mode". In this tutorial, we will show you how to…... Listed under:
  382. Accelerometer + Pi Zero
    Overview This tutorial involves wiring the H3LIS331DL accelerometer to the Raspberry Pi 0, as well as implementing the code in python that executes the readings. This specific accelerometer is 3-axis, meaning it records data in the x, y, and z-planes, and can take readings up…... Listed under:
  383. LCD display + Raspberry Pi
    Wire setup 1. Solder the 0.1" header strip into the 16 pins of the LCD screen's board 2. Connect the wires as shown above Pin 2 (VCC) and 6 (Ground) on raspberry pi to power and ground respectively On LCD pin 1 to ground, pin…... Listed under:
  384. reTerminal Machine Learning Demos (Edge Impulse and Arm NN)
    8 GB RAM 32 GB eMMC Raspberry Pi CM development board with touchscreen and plenty of interfaces. Story Last few articles I published were about TinyML with Wio Terminal - a Cortex M4F based development board with an LCD screen in sturdy plastic case. Seeed…... Listed under:
  385. Hardware Boot Select Switch Using Pico
    Pre-choose the OS to boot, even before turning on the computer by toggling a switch. Now you don't have to wait to select the os. Story Wandering for projects, I stumbled upon this project(click) by Stephen Holdaway. In this project, he solved a frustrating task…... Listed under:
  386. Alexa + Google Assistant On A Raspberry Pi
    Alexa + Google Assistant On A Raspberry Pi Steps to Build Smart Speaker: 1. To start off, you’ll first need to set up your Raspberry Pi. To do so, simply download the NOOBS package,extract it to your microSD card and plug it into your Raspberry Pi. Hook…... Listed under:
  387. Teachable Machine
    A voice-enabled machine which reads book and replies to the questions. Introduction In this project I built a voice-enabled teachable machine which can scan text from a book pages or any text source and convert that to a context and users can ask questions related…... Listed under:
  388. Selecting a Power Supply for Raspberry pi
    Problem You need to select a power supply for your Raspberry Pi. Solution see The basic electrical specification for a power supply suitable for a Raspberry Pi is that it supplies a regulated 5V DC (direct current). The amount of current that must be capable…... Listed under:
  389. Smart Mirror Touchscreen (with Face Recognition)
    Build your own Touchscreen Smart Mirror with face recognition. You can even control Spotify & Smart Home Appliances. The term Smart Mirrors could easily be dismissed as a Science Fiction fantasy. I mean, the idea of Magic Mirrors that displays useful information to the user…... Listed under:
  390. Safety Measures: Social Distancing
    A contribution to maintaining a safe distance and the health of people in the time of COVID-19 crisis. Introduction The current state of emergency due to COVID-19 has affected our world in several ways. In matter of days we have had to change the way…... Listed under:
  391. Connecting a Raspberry Pi IoT Device to the AWS Cloud
    Learn how to connect your Raspberry Pi to the AWS cloud for the first time! IoT and connected device are becoming ubiquitous. Every day we work with companies all over the world who need help building everything from smarter vending machines to automotive head-up displays…... Listed under:
  392. Rpibot – About Learning Robotics
    This is a simple and cheap mobile robot platform designed for learning and extending. I explained my concept and also my problems I solved. I am an embedded software engineer in a German automotive company. I started this project as a learning platform for embedded…... Listed under:
  393. Simple Pi Robot
    Simple Pi Robot aims to put robot control in simple form. Simple Pi Robot aims to put robot control in simple form. The part list (1) Raspberry pi (Any model) but with the recent launch of pizero or pi 2 shall be a good…... Listed under:
  394. Smart Control of Raspberry Pi Fan Using Python & ThingSpeak
    A Python script monitors CPU temperature and controls the fan using on-off control with temperature hysteresis. Brief overview By default, the fan is directly connected to the GPIO - this implies its constant operation. Despite the relative quiet operation of the fan, its continuous operation…... Listed under:
  395. Collars & Gateways
    A framework to track elephant activity over short & long term and alert potential incidents in areas of human-elephant conflict. The elephant edge challenge provides an exciting opportunity for ideas in conservation technology to be applied on the field. In this particular challenge, technology can play dual…... Listed under:
  396. Autonomous Tank
    Adding a much cheaper alternative to the Carter and Kaya designs reference using a Lego EV3 set. In this project, I will document the construction of a tracked vehicle made with Lego Technic parts and motors, enhanced with LiDAR and controlled by a Jetson Nano…... Listed under:
  397. Changing Your Raspberry pi Password
    Problem: By default, the password for a Raspberry Pi will be raspberry. Problem:  By default, the password for a Raspberry Pi will be raspberry. You want to change this.  Solution:  You can use the raspi-config tool to change your password. Run the raspi_config utility by issuing…... Listed under:
  398. Alexa Using Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth Speaker
    This Amazon Alexa which is built with Raspberry pi and Bluetooth Speaker. Description: This is Amazon Alexa which is built by using Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth Speaker. This is a step by step tutorial to build Amazon Voice Service(AVS) SDK on Raspberry Pi. Please refer to Amazon's…... Listed under:
  399. Sonos / Spotify Vinyl Emulator
    Experience the tactile nature of a vinyl music collection (but without actually owning any vinyl) through Sonos, Spotify and NFC tags Listening to music on vinyl is great. It's physical and tactile. You listen to a whole album rather than random tracks. You notice when…... Listed under:
  400. Streaming From Raspberry Pi to YouTube
    It means camera is on and streaming only if you've opened a page with stream preview. It saves to camera and reduces CPU usage a lot. Streaming from Raspberry Pi to YouTube only when someone is watching (because change how the sourcecode is displayed I recommend…... Listed under:
  401. Mind Patterning – Phase 1
    Using EEG data to train a TensorFlow model on relaxed mind-states; the beginning of moving a mind to a machine! What and Why I’ve always been fascinating by the idea of moving ones mind to a robot to live forever as a machine so…... Listed under:
  402. Hands-On-Lab IoT Weather Station Using Windows 10
    This example demonstrates how to leverage the power of Windows 10 IoT Core, and create a weather station using the Sparkfun weather shield. //build: Hands-on-lab WeatherStation This project is part of Microsoft’s Hack the Home initiative, which provides makers with free, open-source components for effortless interfacing with…... Listed under:
  403. Autonomous Marketplace Device
    Building an autonomous decision making process for devices using machine learning. Overview The objective of this project is to build a decision making process for a device registered to the Industry Marketplace to automatically choose the best service requests based on matching eCl@ass capabilities. What…... Listed under:
  404. How to Use the Raspberry Pi4 Camera And PIR Sensor to Send E
    Introduction : In this tutorial, I'll show you how to send emails containing pictures using a Raspberry Introduction : In this tutorial , I'll show you how to send emails containing pictures using a Raspberry Pi4 and a  motion detector and the Python programming language.…... Listed under:
  405. MagicMirror Alarm Clock
    Yes, this is yet another alarm clock! But I feel like I'm not the only one deisiring a nice and simple object like this one to keep on the bedside table. It comes with useful features like a soft wake up (with chirping birds from a little bluetooth speaker), changing…... Listed under:
  406. Sixfab Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT Setup
    Sixfab Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT lets you send or receive data over LTE-M networks the Telnyx SIM covers without needing gateways. Sixfab Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT allows you to send or receive data over LTE-M cellular networks that the Telnyx SIM has access to without…... Listed under:
  407. Transportation conditions logging monitor
    A small pill to drop in any parcel or container or just wear which will monitor and log all physical conditions along the path. Transportation conditions logging monitor The goal of this project is to offer an inexpensive method for independent non-invasive control of conditions…... Listed under:
  408. Quick Jaw Inclinometer
    A brand new approache for determining the values of HCI, Bennett angle and ISS. Despite the dental field is in the era of CAD / CAM the dentists and dental technicians still face the never ending dilemma which is the dental occlusion, dental occlusion is…... Listed under:
  409. LiDAR integration with ROS Noetic on Raspberry Pi OS
    The aim of this tutorial is to use the ROS Noetic on a Raspberry Pi to test the performance of the low‐cost RPLiDAR A1M8 by Slamtec. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools used to build robotic systems and…... Listed under:
  410. Raspberry Pi Pan Tilt Object Tracker using OpenCV
    In this post, you are going to learn about how to build a Raspberry Pi Pan Tilt Object Tracker using OpenCV. To control the servos, I have used pigpio module instead of RPi.GPIO library (which is the most commonly used) because I find servos jittering…... Listed under:
  411. Raven Pi Security Camera
    Look out, Raven Pi is watching you! With its swivelling head, piercing red eyes and loudly Poe-quoting speaker no motion is left un-noticed. This plastic raven is enjoying a new after-life as a practical yet creepy security camera, the Raven Pi. It has a Raspberry…... Listed under:
  412. Raspberry Pi Pan Tilt Face Tracker Using OpenCV
    In this post, you are going to learn about how to build a Raspberry Pi pan tilt face tracker using OpenCV. We will write the code to make it work for known as well as unknown faces. For known faces, we will have to train…... Listed under:
  413. Smart Thermostat with runtime prediction
    Smart Thermostat with motion detection, daily settable schedule from server and temperature history upload to database. The Azure SphereMT3620 Smart Thermostat was made for a final project for a college course. The idea behind this smart thermostat was to have a schedule that can be…... Listed under:
  414. Save your Raspberry Pi from overheating? – SB Components
    One of the problems that a user wants to overcome is the overheating of components because it decreases the speed of the Raspberry Pi... How to solve problem of overheating in Raspberry Pi PiFan is a device that is used by people to cool down the…... Listed under:
  415. SIM7600-A Raspberry Pi 4G Hat & Telnyx IoT SIM Setup
    The SIM7600A 4G HAT can be attached to a Raspberry Pi to empower connectivity for IoT apps. The SIM7600A 4G HAT is a 4G communication and GNSS positioning module, which supports LTE CAT4 up to 150Mbps for downlink data transfer. It is pretty low power…... Listed under:
  416. WebCam Motion Detection With Motioneyeos Using Raspberry Pi
    How to make your own webcam as a motion detection camera, which will not only stream live video but also send you motion captured video. In this tutorial we will learn, how to make your own webcam as a motion detection camera, which will not…... Listed under:
  417. Line tracking sensor with RPi
    Use a Line Tracker to detect if a door is open, or if a line is crossed with only one sensor and a raspberry pi About A simple exemple to create a line tracker or detect if a door is opened with only one KY-033…... Listed under:
  418. GardenPi powered by Neptune
    Highly scalable and powerful irrigation / hydroponic & aquaponic control system managing up to 32 zones with automation and sensors. Overview & Theory of Operation GardenPi, powered by is designed to manage, monitor, and control a series of sprinkler valves and a multitude of…... Listed under:
  419. Interactive Laser Projector Using Zigbee Sensors
    How to use a portable laser projector to project on any surface interactively, using the Gravio Edge computing platform and Zigbee sensors. In this tutorial we learn how to set up a Raspberry Pi to connect to a PIR sensor using the Gravio Platform and…... Listed under:
  420. Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi
    In this post, you are going to learn how to build a Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi. In this post, you are going to learn how to build a Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi. You will be able to control it…... Listed under:
  421. Smart Home
    This project is submitted to Deakin University, School of IT, for Unit SIT210 - Embedded Systems Development. Problem Statement: Even though there are a lot of security systems that are present in the market but most involve the use of motion sensors and CCTV camera…... Listed under:
  422. Trick or Treat Dispenser
    Voice-activated treat dispenser. COVID-19. Novel coronavirus. Social Distancing. Despair. Loneliness. No friends. It's the opposite of Halloween. I love Halloween. One of my favorite holidays of all time, ever since I got to dress up like Gordy from Star Trek (life goals). So, in this…... Listed under:
  423. Zombie Detecting Smart Security Owl (Deep Learning)
    Zombie Detecting Smart Security Owl (Deep Learning) Hi everyone, welcome to T3chFlicks! In this Halloween tutorial, we’ll be showing you how we put a super spooky twist on a mundane household classic: the security camera. How?! We’ve made a night vision owl which uses…... Listed under:
  424. Build a Kubernetes Intelligent Edge Cluster on Raspberry Pi
    Building a Kubernetes "Intelligent Edge" cluster on Raspberry Pi is a great learning experience Introduction Building a Kubernetes Intelligent Edge cluster on Raspberry Pi is a great learning experience, a stepping stone to building robust Intelligent Edge solutions, and an awesome way to impress your friends. Skills you develop…... Listed under:
  425. Access control with QR, RFID and temperature verification
    This Raspi prototype reads QR and RFID, checks guest temperature and temotely authenticates to grant barrier access. Post Covid-19 world turned out to be a little different. Now, before granting access to certain private neighborhoods, companies and schools, a temperature check is required. This Raspberry…... Listed under:
  426. Environmental sensor API with a RPi
    Use a GY-91 Multi-Sensor Module to have a full Temperature/Gyro/ Accelerometer/Compass/Pressure API using flask and Python 3. About A little project to create an API with a GY-91 multi-sensor module that includes MPU9250 BMP280 modules with This project is also compatible with the BMP280 module. But…... Listed under:
  427. Make Yourself a Video Surveillance System in Minutes
    Use a single-board computer or spare laptop, a webcam and free software to build your own surveillance system. Deploy the project to your account Once you’re logged into your balenaCloud account (remember, the first ten devices are free and fully-featured), click the link below, and…... Listed under:
  428. Weekend with Pi-4
    Raspberry Pi is a powerful computer on a small form factor. I will show you how to exploit its full capability in this weekend project Raspberry Pi generally falls into a category of Internet of Things (IoT). Microsoft for some strange reasons pulled its plug…... Listed under:
  429. ASMAv2 with OpenVINO
    An autonomous drone that uses deep learning to identify if people are maintaining social distancing or not. High Degree of Red = High Risk. Inspiration For a couple of years, we have been building and flying drones. This was something that we enjoyed and considered…... Listed under:
  430. What Do I Build Next? A StereoPi Based Tank Vehicle
    Well, I received, setup my StereoPi Crowd Supply Kit, now to make it mobile using common components. What Do I Build Next? It's been awhile since I last published any project. I have started many projects and experimented with the Nvidia Jetson Nano, the Atomic…... Listed under:
  431. How to interface servo motor with Raspberry pi
    How to interface servo motor with Raspberry pi In this project, we will Know about How to interface servo motor with Raspberry pi  For this project, we will be using the Raspberry Pi 4  and Tower Pro MG995 Servo Motor. Below is a list of…... Listed under:
  432. MSLA Smooth Time-Lapse
    Create beautiful time-lapse video of your 3D Resin prints. This technique makes your prints look like they just rise from the vat. This project uses a Raspberry Pi along with the new Pi HQ Camera to create smooth time-lapse videos for MSLA 3D printers. The…... Listed under:
  433. EMAR Mini – Emergency Assistance Robot
    EMAR Mini is a minature version of EMAR, an open-source Emergency Robot Assistant to assist doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following guide will take you through setting up and installing EMAR Mini Emergency Assistance Robot. The Raspberry Pi 4 homes the EMAR Mini software and…... Listed under:
  434. DARVA – The Event Assistant
    DARVA is a cute animated robot that will assist us at events, by having a chat with people so we don’t have to repeat ourselves too much. Overview Introduction and Showcase Video Analog Robot Digitized Robot Virtual Assistant Raspberry Pi 4 DARVA Introduction and Showcase…... Listed under:
  435. Parallel Computing On Raspberry Pi 4B+ IoT Boards Made Easy
    Building and running a parallel code in C++17, implemented using Khronos CL/SYCL-model specification, on Raspberry Pi IoT boards. Our Goals... This project provides the useful guidelines, tips and tutorials for building a modern parallel code in C++17/2x0, implemented using CL/SYCL programming model, and running it…... Listed under:
  436. Basic IoT – RaspberryPI HDC2010 how to
    Basic IoT - RaspberryPI and HDC2010 I2C breakout by itbrainpower. net - RPI HDC2010 temperature and humidity sensor how to About this tutorial This tutorial address Raspberry PI 4, 3B+, 3B, 3A+, II, B, Zero and Zero W hardware and software integration with s-Sense HDC2010…... Listed under:
  437. Basic IoT – RaspberryPI CCS811 air quality monitoring
    AWS, Azure or GCP? Whatever.. sensors 1'st! Air quality CO2 and tVOC with temperature and humidity compensation algorithm - RPI how to. About this tutorial This tutorial address Raspberry PI 4, 3B+, 3B, 3A+, II, B, Zero and Zero W hardware and software integration with…... Listed under:
  438. Magic Leap 1 COVID-19 Detection System
    Build your own free Magic Leap 1 COVID-19 Detection System. This project uses Magic Leap 1, TensorFlow, Unity & Raspberry Pi 4. Introduction The Magic Leap 1 COVID-19 Detection System 2020 uses Tensorflow 2, Raspberry Pi 4 & Magic Leap 1 to provide a spatial…... Listed under:
  439. Open Source Rehabilitation Aid for Patients after Surgery
    Problem That we Want to Solve After surgeries, many people feel weak and bloated. In order to fix this, they have to do exercises, however, many people don't realize this, or feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things on the internet. We decided to…... Listed under:
  440. Life Saver
    The Life Saver is a product that helps to eliminate the problem of leaving your kids in the car and them getting heat stroke. The Life Saver is a product that displays the temperature on the lcd display and when the temperature is over 35…... Listed under:
  441. Azure IoT Edge on Raspberry Pi Buster
    This article is a "tips and tricks" for running Azure IoT Edge on Raspberry Pi. Plus Raspberry Pi 4 Tips for cooling, USB 3, and Docker. Azure IoT Edge on Raspberry Pi Buster plus tips for Raspberry Pi 4 Useful References Azure IoT EdgeAzure Custom…... Listed under:
  442. Arduino Controller for Automated 360° Product Photography
    Let's build an arduino based controller that controls a steppermotor and a camera shutter. Together with a steppermotor driven turntable, this is a powerful and low cost system for automated 360° product photography or photogrammetry The automatic camera shutter is based on a great library from…... Listed under:
  443. Embedded System to Detect Wildfire
    Creating a system in order to detect wildfire using deep learning programmation on a Raspberry Pi 4 and a Wisol module by Sigfox. Hello everyone ! Before explaining in details our project and its setup, we wanted to tell you that it is a…... Listed under:
  444. Four Pies
    We give you a quick overview and build a project to welcome the Raspberry Pi 4 to the world! Overview Below a quick overview of the content. Introduction and showcase video Pie Pi 3.14 Pies Result Introduction and showcase video To welcome and celebrate the…... Listed under:
  445. Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Camera
    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use and connect a camera to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Brief overview Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 is equipped with a 8 megapixel Sony IMX219 image sensor and improved fixed focus. It is compatible with all Raspberry Pi…... Listed under:
  446. Double Tap Recognition with BerryIMUv3
    The BerryIMUv3 makes it easy to detect double taps, which can be used to control the GPIO of an a Raspberry Pi. The accelerometer (LSM6DSL) on the BerryIMUv3 has built in double tap detection, which makes it very easy to detect double taps without the need for…... Listed under:
  447. Seeed Studio – ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan
    Testing the Seeed Studio – ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 4! How well does it cool the toasty new single-board computer? Summer Meltdown It’s that time of year again where things are too hot for computers running heavy loads – you can try Oil-Cooling or…... Listed under:
  448. Face Tracking and Identification Using Walle-ng
    Track faces and receive notifications in real-time using a Raspberry Pi 4, Intel Neural Compute Stick, and AWS. Project Description This project is focused on edge computing using a Raspberry Pi, Intel Movidius Compute Stick, and a Pi-cam to detect, track, and identify faces from…... Listed under:
  449. A Blockchain-Powered Smart-Lock
    Securely open/close your front door with a smart contract Ever wondered why many consider blockchain to be a game-changer in the IoT space? This example describes how to build a very simple smart-lock powered by a Blockchain smart contract to make some considerations around this…... Listed under:
  450. Sensing the Air Quality
    A low-cost IoT air quality monitor based on a Raspberry Pi 4. Sensing the Air Quality A low-cost IoT air quality monitor based on the new Raspberry Pi 4. I have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world,…... Listed under:
  451. Get Humidity/Temperature from Web
    LAN Bottle server that handles HTTP requests using Raspberry Pi 4, Adafruit DHT11 and a RGB LED. About The idea of ​​the project is very simple. After accessing the web page, you can see in real time what temperature and humidity is in the area of ​​the DHT11 sensor used by the Raspberry Pi. Sending…... Listed under:
  452. The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Review – SB Components
    The Compute Module 4 is basically a Raspberry Pi 4 model B, with all the ports cut off. Instead of the ports... It’s become a tradition that we follow each Raspberry Pi model with a system-on-module variant based on the same core silicon. Raspberry Pi…... Listed under:
  453. Making Art by Judging Reddit
    Is the Raspberry Pi 4 powerful enough to judge Reddit? This project is all about answering the important questions. Overview Below a quick overview of the content. Introduction and showcase video Fetching the latest Reddit comment Scoring the comment From score to colour Result Introduction…... Listed under:
  454. RPM & RGB Mod for 52pi Ice Tower Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4
    52pi ICE Tower makes your Raspberry Pi 4 look like a beast but lacks fan and LEDs controls. I fixed that! The coolest heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4 Improving the design of the 52pi ICE Tower Heatsink Some time ago I reviewed the ICE Cooling…... Listed under: ,
  455. How to build a Coronavirus Chart and run on embedded devices
    A step-by-step guide to connecting your application of a chart to an online database of coronavirus information. Coronavirus has grown a lot globally, and a lot of public datasets have shown up to provide live and historical information about the spread of the virus, but…... Listed under:
  456. COVID-19 TensorFlow DenseNet Classifier For Raspberry Pi 4
    TensorFlow 2 implementation of DenseNet and the SARS-COV-2 Ct-Scan Dataset by our collaborators, Plamenlancaster/LIRA. Introduction This project provides the source codes and tutorial for running a COVID-19 detection system on a Raspberry Pi 4. This project uses the trained model from Project 2 and has been modfied…... Listed under:
  457. Create a Minecraft Server for the Raspberry Pi 4 with balena
    If you want to host your own Minecraft Server -- all from a Raspberry Pi -- this project is for you! How to create a Minecraft Server for the Raspberry Pi 4 with balena If you want to host your own Minecraft Server -- all…... Listed under:
  458. Installation of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB)
    Build your own GitLab server on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Step 1: Install GitLab on a Raspberry Pi 4 Step 2: Configure the GitLab server Installation of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Install GitLab on a Raspberry Pi 4Configure the GitLab…... Listed under:
  459. Smart Home IoT System Based on Raspberry Pi 4
    A smart home system helps users control household devices with web UI or Tmall Elf. (Author: Huang Hao, Wu Shu) Thanks to the original writers Huang Hao and Wu Shu for their great support for this article. 1. Installing system for Raspberry with integrated Home Assistant First of…... Listed under:
  460. Hexabitz-Raspberry pi Interface
    Raspberry pi interface with Hexabitz modules which make them useful for new brand projects This tutorial will walk through how to setup a small demo project involving a Raspberry Pi 4, HF1R0x and H01R0x, H08R6x and H0BR4x. By the end of this article, you will…... Listed under:
  461. RGB-D SLAM With Kinect on Raspberry Pi 4 ROS Melodic
    It's not 2020 if you can't build robots of doom out of scrap consumer electronics... (c)freenect Github issue Last year I wrote an article about building and installing ROS Melodic on new (at that time) Raspberry Pi with Debian Buster OS. The article has received a…... Listed under:
  462. WhatsApp Halloween-Themed RFID Talking Doorbell w/ RGB Eyes
    Startle your guests who do not have an entrance permit (RFID tag) and get notified w/ WhatsApp messages without checking the door 🙂 Despite the fact that making a hilarious yet not deceitful joke with a jack-o'-lantern on Halloween night is not unobtrusive, I decided…... Listed under:
  463. Getting Started with ROS Melodic on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
    In this post, you will learn how to connect a LiDAR to your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B using ROS Melodic on Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.3. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools used to build robotic systems and applications.…... Listed under:
  464. MLX90640 IR Thermal Camera Working with Raspberry Pi 4
    Using Raspberry Pi 4 to drive MLX90640 IR Thermal Camera var I2C interface in order to detect calorific objects. Want to detect something that can emit heat and figure out their temperatures? The MLX90640 IR thermal camera can display the relative temperature and shape of…... Listed under:
  465. The Swear Bear
    Do you also swear too much? Don't worry, this artificial intelligence powered, internet of things enabled swear jar is here to help! Introduction How does it work? Well, it listens to your every word and detects profanity (AI). When caught, it instantly tells on you…... Listed under:
  466. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Classifier For Raspberry Pi 4
    A Tensorflow 2 CNN implementation for detecting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on a Raspberry Pi 4. Introduction This project is the classifier that is used in Acute the Lymphoblastic Leukemia Detection System 2020. The network provided in this project was originally created in ALL research papers evaluation…... Listed under:
  467. Usage of GitLab on Raspberry Pi 4 – Branches, Issues, Merge
    Usage of Issues, Branches and Merge Requests with Git on your own GitLab server running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB! Usage of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) -Branches, Issues, Merge Requests Create Issues on GitLabCreate a branch to solve an…... Listed under:
  468. E-ink Dashboard
    This is a E-ink dashboard that provides real-time information pulled from API using a Raspberry Pi Zero. I've always been interested in projects that provide you real-time information from selected sources, seeing people doing smart mirror projects made me want to do one for myself,…... Listed under:
  469. Low cost Samba Server – Raspberry PI 4
    Blueprint - Hardware choice-simple installation with RASPBIAN - troubleshooting Introduction In looking for a solution to management of my huge home data in many TB Terabyte, which my family members have created from Home Computer, digital camera, smartphone and from internet download, I have found…... Listed under:
  470. Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit
    The Raspberry Pi 4 is a small, powerful mini computer, with dual-screen 4K support, USB 3.0, a new CPU and GPU, and up to 4GB RAM. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and install everything…... Listed under:
  471. TMD-2: Turing Machine Demonstrator Mark 2
    Develop a Turing machine that is simple to program and easy to understand. This tutorial is a follow-on to my TMD-1: A Turing Machine Demonstrator project. I was really happy with the way that TMD-1 turned out. I believe I succeeded in creating a Turing machine that…... Listed under:
  472. Air Quality Monitor using Raspberry Pi 4, SPS30 and Azure
    Connect a particulate matter sensor to a Raspberry Pi and obtain easy-to-read graphs based on the read data using Microsoft Azure. Building the OS The first step in using the Raspberry Pi 4 for this project is to build a minimal Linux distribution using the…... Listed under:
  473. Offline Speech Recognition on Raspberry Pi 4 with Respeaker
    Faster than real-time! Based on Mozilla's DeepSpeech Engine 0.9.* UPDATE June 2020: Updated commands for DeepSpeech 0.7.* .Screenshots, except for Raspberry Pi 4 stayed the same. Benchmarks table also hasn't changed, since I didn't notice any inference speed gain. But it seems there was accuracy…... Listed under:
  474. GitLab on a Raspberry Pi 4: OLED Display, Cooling, Update
    Maintenance of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) (Part 4) - OLED Status Display, passiv Cooling, GitLab Update Maintenance of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) (Part 4) (4GB) Backup GitLab dataUpdate GitLab VersionShutdown GitLabCleanup garbage from filesystemCooling and fancy stuff…... Listed under:
  475. Overclocking of the Raspberry Pi 4
    Introduction. If one subject is surrounded by myths, it is overclocking. It would be dangerous and destroy your Raspberry Pi. This article provides the essential background, after which you can safely overclock the Raspberry Pi to 2.1 GHz. Theory. The BCM2711 chip on the Raspberry…... Listed under:
  476. Audio-visual face mask detection system on the Jetson Nano
    This work implements face mask recognition system on the Jetson Nano using Jupyter Lab headlessly. Currently, Face-mask recognition is considered the most significant part in computer vision and image analysis, and thus it receives much more research in its different components such as the enhancement of its…... Listed under:
  477. ROS Melodic on Raspberry Pi 4 [Debian Buster] + RPLIDAR A1M8
    UPDATED, April 2020 This article describes the process of compiling ROS Melodic from source on new Raspberry Pi 4. This article will cover the process of installing ROS Melodic Morenia on Raspberry Pi 4 running the latest Debian Buster and how to use RPLIDAR…... Listed under:
  478. Freezing a Raspberry Pi 4
    It's summertime; so it's time to cool the new Raspberry Pi 4 in a crazy way! Why? First off do not try this at home – it may damage your Pi or cause things in your freezer to thaw if the door is left ajar in anyway. This…... Listed under:
  479. NextCloud Server on Raspberry Pi
    A prototype to minimize the number of staffs having to interact w/ people to notify them wearing masks live streaming while operating. During these unprecedented times - COVID-19 pandemic - one of the most crucial precautions to falter the detrimental effects of coronavirus is to…... Listed under:
  480. Raspberry pi 4 GPIO controlled cooling fan
    Using some python, few electronics parts and a fan, I added a GPIO controlled fan to my RPI 4. While working on the raspberry live video with tkinter I noticed that my rpi 4 (knows issue) tend to run really hot. When I ordered the…... Listed under:
  481. Raspberry Pi 4/3 Camera Case Assembly Instructions
    This guide will show you how to assemble the Raspberry Pi 4/3 Camera Case . All you'll need is a simple cross-head screwdriver (If you have The Pi Hut This guide will show you how to assemble the Raspberry Pi 4/3 Camera Case . All you’ll need is a simple…... Listed under:
  482. Raspberry Pi 4 As A Web Server [Make Own Website]
    How to use Raspberry Pi 4 as a web server. In addition to that we will also see how to make web pages in HTML & style with CSS Story In this tutorial we will learn how to use Raspberry Pi 4 as a web…... Listed under:
  483. Raspberry Pi 4 Setup with Mobile Hotspot
    How to setup a Raspberry Pi without keyboard, external monitor, mouse, power adapter and Ethernet cable? Hello, I'm new to Raspberry Pi. Here I'm sharing few experience, which I faced while setting Raspberry Pi board. After receiving pi, I started collecting all the required cables…... Listed under:
  484. Raspberry Pi 4 – Conquering cpuburn with ProtoStax & 2 Fans
    Testing out Raspberry Pi 4's temperature profile with and without fan(s) using ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi B+/Model 4B enclosure/case. With my hands on my newly acquired Raspberry Pi 4, the first thing on my agenda was to make the necessary modifications to the ProtoStax for Raspberry…... Listed under:
  485. AI Noise Analyzer
    Analyze sounds using AI on the edge and fleet intelligence. Can we use AI to help us identify and quantify noise pollution? In this project, we’re using a Coral Dev Board or a Raspberry Pi 4 with an attached Edge TPU to listen to ambient…... Listed under:
  486. Model to Monitor toxic bloom water sources
    I remember reading about the 300 elephants found dead. Their tusks were intact and there was no evidence of poison. The mystery was solved and the water source containing toxic bloom of cyanobacterium. My project has two software components. Edge Pulse Machine Learning Model and…... Listed under:
  487. Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station
    Nice looking weather forecast for Raspberry Pi Zero and Ili9341 based 2.8 inch TFT. I want to show you in this project how to build a nice looking weather station based on Raspberry Pi Zero W for wall mount with weather forecast and coloured 2.8…... Listed under:
  488. Getting Started with the RAK831 LoRa Gateway and RPi3
    This project takes you through all the steps required to get your RAK831 LoRa Gateway module up and running with WiFi as the backhaul. Introduction This step-by-step guide is aimed at developers who want to develop their very own lora gateway using the awesome RAK831…... Listed under:
  489. Custom Wake Word for Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi
    ****UPDATE***** I have updated the custom wakeword project and here is the latest version this is a much better improved of this project.**** Normally, you cannot voice activate Google Assistant SDK on Pi Zero W. By the method shown, not only can you voice activate Pi…... Listed under:
  490. Computer Vision as Motion Sensor for SmartThings
    Using a Raspberry Pi 3 and a PiCam this computer vision powered sensor detects faces and sends presence data over LAN - UPNP to SmartThings. I will start by assuming that you have a Raspberry Pi 3 with a working camera and Open CV installed…... Listed under:
  491. MATRIX Voice and MATRIX Creator Running Alexa (C++ Version)
    This guide shows you how to set up Amazon Alexa on a Raspberry Pi using the MATRIX Voice or MATRIX Creator as a microphone. Required Hardware Before getting started, let's review what you'll need. Raspberry Pi 3 (Recommended) or Pi 2 Model B (Supported).MATRIX Voice or MATRIX Creator - Raspberry Pi…... Listed under:
  492. Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel
    The smart tunnel prevents further outspread of COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2. It can disinfect a person fully in a time span of just 15 seconds. Introduction The Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel is a demonstration of how It has been designed to provide maximum protection to…... Listed under:
  493. Pushing Data to Google Docs
    Make your hardware push data to a Google spreadsheet. In this article I will explain how your hardware can push data into a Google spreadsheet. Push Versus Poll In the poll mechanism, as described in my previous article, the Google spreadsheet runs a script that sends a request to…... Listed under:
  494. Motion sensor, alarm, video recording in HA on Raspberry Pi
    Connecting the motion sensor, alarm and video recording in Home Assistant on Raspberry pi. I’d like to tell you about my little experience of working with Home Assistant (hereinafter – HA) on Raspberry pi. Further I’ll speak about connecting the video registration functionality, the motion…... Listed under:
  495. Pigeon Detection System
    Find pigeons and defend your birdhouse against these birds which never stop eating. Abstract The main goal was to develop a system, which detects pigeons and runs on a Raspberry Pi. It should be able to trigger an output to scare away the pigeons. Why…... Listed under:
  496. YouTube Music Streaming for Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi
    GassistPi -- Google Assistant for all Raspberry Pi Boards Pi Zero - forked and modified from warchildmd's repo ( Features: Headless auto start on boot with multiple custom wakeword activation triggers.Voice control of GPIOs without IFTTT,, Actions SDK.Voice control of servo connected to RPi…... Listed under:
  497. Raspberry Pi Internet Radio and MP3 Player with Bluetooth
    Project Replaced by: This internet radio and MP3 player uses a 3.5 HDMI LCD touchscreen for operation. The original project was published by Adafruit. The project uses MPC, MPD and Pygame. The project has been evolving over time. I am still trying to incorporate automatic album…... Listed under:
  498. DAKboard – A Wifi Connected Wall Display
    DAKboard is a wifi connected wall display for your photos, calendar, news, todo and weather. Have a spare monitor lying around or a new Raspberry Pi but don’t know what to do with it? Perfect! Follow our instructions below to create a beautiful wall display…... Listed under:
  499. Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    Use a USB air-quality sensor dongle to quickly mount an indoor air monitoring system and prevent headaches and further impact on health. VOCs Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which…... Listed under:
  500. Run Raspberry Pi on Smart Phone
    Run Raspberry Pi on your phone with full display. Step 1: Getting Raspberry pi IP Address: To begin with the project, one will need to know the IP address of Raspberry Pi. In order to do so connect your Raspberry Pi with the LCD and,…... Listed under:
  501. Radio-Astronomy with RTL-SDR, RPi and Amazon AWS IoT
    Radio emissions from sky sources like Sun and Jupiter can be received and converted to digital domain for processing. UPDATE 3 - May 7, 2018 Please note that starting from version 9 the software makes usage of latest Skyfield version (1.3). You can install Skyfield using pip install…... Listed under:
  502. Stereo Vision and LiDAR Powered Donkey Car
    Donkey Car featuring the Ultra96 board, a Raspberry Pi, FPGA accelerated stereo vision, MIPI CSI-2 image acquisition, a LiDAR sensor and AI. In this project, I will document the build of a Donkey Car enhanced with an advanced vision system using FPGA accelerated stereo vision and LiDAR. The project consists of the following…... Listed under:
  503. Counting Objects In Movement Using Raspberry PI & OpenCV
    What do you think in using Raspberry Pi & OpenCV to count moving objects that go in and out of a certain zone? Introduction Computer vision, doubtless, is a fantastic thing! Using this, a computer gains the capability to "see" and sensing better the environment…... Listed under:
  504. World's Smartest Home feat. Blockchain Chores & Kids Crypto
    Jarvis Farley is a home automation system I created to manage our kid's chores and allowance using blockchain. It also does 99 other things. The World's Smartest Home Featuring Jarvis Farley People talk about "Smart Homes" -- but I have created what I believe is the…... Listed under:
  505. Host your own free .onion website using Raspbian on RPi3
    Set up a working webserver on your Raspberry Pi 3, and permanently connect it to Onion, hosting your very own free .onion website. A working version of the project can be found at: (surface web) or https://darktorch5lgddvm.onion .onion domains There is more information about surface web and…... Listed under:
  506. Power Outage Sensor
    Track the 230 VAC power line with your favorite HW using a small, efficient, and inexpensive circuit. In my wireless doorbell tutorial I gave the advice about how to get a digital signal from a 12 Vac source so it could be read with any desired HW.…... Listed under:
  507. SUBZero – A Simple Network-Attached Storage Device
    An easy to use Raspberry Pi Zero USB file-level computer data storage server (frequently called Network-Attached Storage or NAS). INTRODUCTION Quite often I find myself on the go, in need of storing/sharing files locally with others without an accessible internet connection. Even with an internet…... Listed under:
  508. Recycle Sorting Robot With Google Coral
    Did you know that the average contamination rate in communities and businesses range up to 25%? That means one out of every four pieces of recycling you throw away doesn’t get recycled. This is caused due to human error in recycling centers. Traditionally, workers will…... Listed under:
  509. Underwater Drone: The Story of the Madness
    This article describes the design process, development and assembling operation of the underwater drone prototype powered by Raspberry Pi. I’ve watched a lot of programs about inventors on Discovery channel and once I decided to do something interesting by myself, so that it could be…... Listed under:
  510. Wedding Photo Booth with Raspberry Pi
    For a wedding or other event, you need a photo booth! You will find here how to do this awesome project which make all guests happy. Hi everybody, I got married last year. When we were looking for preparation of the D-day, we went to…... Listed under:
  511. FPGA Remote Programmer
    Introduction One of the biggest advantages of FPGAs is that we can change it (reprogram it) many times. In most cases, we do it using either an onboard programmer (many development boards have them) or an external one. The most popular programmer is Platform Cable USB…... Listed under:
  512. RaspiPlayer – Internet Radio and MP3 Folder Player Rev2.4
    Internet radio with MP3 player over Bluetooth. This revision includes internet connection indicator and Folder Player. Story RaspiPlayer Rev 2.4 Raspberry Pi internet radio player with MP3 over Bluetooth. The latest revision includes internet connection indicator, and Folder Player feature. Installation Download the full raspbian Stretch orBuster image…... Listed under:
  513. Mapping Household Temperature Flow with Cheap Sensors
    Story What I Want to Do  Select the most inexpensive, scalable and easily configured components availableProgram and deploy as many temperature sensors as possible and connect to a web gatewayUse this data for more efficient automations via smart thermostat device, window controller, presence detection, smart…... Listed under:
  514. Using STONE TFT LCD Control WS2812B_RGB lamp
    This project is to achieve RGB lamp control: Change the color of the lightChange the brightness of the lightChange the four modes of the lamp STONE TFT-LCD The STONE STVC070WT-01 is a 7-inch display module with a resolution of 800*480.This display module can be purchased…... Listed under:
  515. MATRIX Voice Running Alexa Demo [DEPRECATED]
    Set up Amazon's Alexa on a Raspberry Pi with a MATRIX Voice. Use the MATRIX mic array together with a third-party wake word engine. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up AVS on a Raspberry Pi with a MATRIX Voice. It demonstrates how to access and test…... Listed under:
  516. Raspberry Pi Facial Recognition
    So you want to control entry to your secret lair, huh? This project will allow you to use facial recognition using a Pi and AWS. Raspberry Pi Facial Recognition using AWS Rekognition and Pi-Timolo Description Pi-detector is used with Pi-Timolo to search motion generated images for face…... Listed under:
  517. Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot
    Robot that drives around autonomously in greenhouse environment and identifies diseases. Inspired by the work of and, we wanted to use the DonkeyCar platform to build a autonomous robot that can move in a farm environment without damaging existing plants or soil…... Listed under:
  518. Pi OS for Zynqberry: Adafruit RFM69 Radio with CircuitPython
    Adapting Adafruit's CircuitPython to use the RFM69HCW Radio FeatherWing on the Zynq-7000 series FPGAs. One of my most commonly used Raspberry Pi shields I discovered a few years ago is the 433 MHz RadioFruit RFM69HCW Transceiver Radio Bonnet from Adafruit. The RFM69HCW is a transceiver…... Listed under:
  519. Ultimate YouTube Live Streaming Camera!
    Make a dedicated YouTube live streaming camera using a Raspberry Pi! Idea As a YouTuber, I'm always looking for ways to streamline different tasks. Live streaming is definitely something that has the opportunity to be a LOT simpler. It would be nice if you just had a…... Listed under:
  520. The hydroMazing Smart Garden System
    The hydroMazing system manages your growing environment by making localized data-driven decisions so that you don't have to worry. It wasn’t my intention to make a product. I simply wanted to solve a common problem. I want to grow plants indoors or under controlled…... Listed under:
  521. Face Recognition
    This project is used on the IoT and places of security that are important for identifying people. This project was built as the final deliverable for our Embedded System course. Introduction In this project we are using OpenCv in Raspberry Pi. Get the image from the…... Listed under:
  522. Distributed Emergency Communication System
    A rapidly deployable distributed Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11s mesh communication network with cellular modem Internet access for emergency disasters. Features Internet access via a USB cellular modemWi-Fi IEEE 802.11s mesh distributed communications3D printed water-proof enclosureOpen source software, open hardwareCompactLong range open hardware omni directional antenna (up…... Listed under:
  523. TensorFlow Object Detection with Home-Assistant
    Get started with TensorFlow object detection in your home automation projects using Home-Assistant. Introduction WARNING: there are currently issues with the Tensorflow integration in Home Assistant, which arise due to complexity of supporting Tensorflow on multiple platforms. I do not recommend attempting to follow this guide…... Listed under:
  524. DIY HomeKit-Enabled Devices
    This shows how to make smart home devices, which can be controlled/monitored via Siri or Home app. Let's make the smart home devices and control/monitor it via Apple Siri or Apple Home App. After reading this tutorial, you are able to make Siri and Home…... Listed under:
  525. Kindbot: Home Garden Automation Hub
    Kindbot packs an app, sensors, voice-control, and state-of-the-art computer vision to eliminate guess work & maximize yields. Watch Kindbot Grow!: and Twitter: @Kindbot_io Instagram: @kindbot Plant Diagnosis Service: Download Buddy for Android! (coming soon to iOS): Go to Google Play Store The Dawn of Kindbot At the turn of 2018, we began developing a plant…... Listed under:
  526. IoT Security: Tips to Protect your Device from Bad Hackers
    Making stuffs is cool, making secured stuffs is better! We discuss how to secure your Raspberry Pis using Firewall, IDS, and SSL/TLS Motivation When i hacked my door to open it with OpenSesame, I supposed that nobody will try to hack my hacked door to take…... Listed under:
  527. Sharing WiFi with Raspberry Pi using a LAN Cable
    This hack will allow you to directly share WiFi from a PC to a Raspberry Pi connected through a LAN Cable without any modification on the Pi In order to login into the Shell of the Raspberry Pi connected directly to my PC via a…... Listed under:
  528. Raspberry Pi Car Stereo
    Internet connected car stereo with obd 2 and remote start. Please mind the mess! I am still working on this. So when I went looking for information on building a Raspberry Pi based stereo for my truck I came across this blog by Christian Brauweiler. He has…... Listed under:
  529. Get Started w/ESP32 on the MATRIX Voice
    Required Hardware Before you get started, let's review what you'll need. Raspberry Pi 3 (Recommended) or Pi 2 Model B (Supported) - Buy on Element14 - Pi 3 or Pi 2.MATRIX Voice ESP32 Version (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microcontroller) - The Raspberry Pi does not have a built-in microphone, the MATRIX Voice has an…... Listed under:
  530. Wifi Controlled Robot Using Raspberry Pi
    This tutorial will show you to develop a Python based wireless robot which can be controlled from anywhere around the world using Wifi. About the project This is demo of a wifi controlled Raspberry Pi robot which can be controlled over network using simple…... Listed under:
  531. Multiple Custom Wakewords Activation of Google Assistant
    Voice activate Google Assistant SDK on Pi using multiple custom wakewords. Works on Pi 3 and Pi Zero W. This has been implemented using Snowboy for the hotword service. For some "Mysterious" reason, the assistant.start_conversation of the SDK does not seem to work…... Listed under:
  532. Octopod: Smart IoT Home/Industry Automation Project
    Octopod, a uniquely shaped full automation system that allows you to monitor your industry and keep security with AI and smart RFID locks. There are many IoT automation projects out there, but trust me there is nothing like this! Octopod is made using NodeMCU (MAX32620FTHR or Arduino…... Listed under:
  533. Real Harry Potter Wand with Computer Vision
    This project shows how you can bring the Wizarding of Harry Potter to reality with computer vision and machine learning! "Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic" - Arthur C. Clarke A few months back my brother visited Japan and had real wizarding experience in…... Listed under:
  534. 1986 PiNG Video Doorbell
    The PiNG Video Doorbell is powered by a Raspberry Pi and uses Google Duo to video call you on your phone when a visitor presses the button. 1986 Raspberry Pi Video Doorbell The PiNG Video Doorbell is powered by a Raspberry Pi and is retro-stylishly…... Listed under:
  535. Intellisaurus – Dinosaur Robot Kit
    An open source kit to build a walking smart robot dinosaur. Now open source on GitHub: WHAT CAN I DO WITH INTELLISAURUS? Intellisaurus is intended for many skill levels. The easy to follow instructions allow someone with a modest skill level to assemble the…... Listed under:
  536. MATRIX Voice and MATRIX Creator Running
    Learn how to install the offline voice assistant, through the SAM CLI tool, for the MATRIX Creator and MATRIX Voice. THIS GUIDE HAS BEEN DEPRECATED The Snips Console has been closed and cannot be used anymore. If you're looking for an alternative voice assistant, you can…... Listed under:
  537. DIY Environment and Air Quality Monitor
    Set up a Raspberry Pi to graph and monitor air quality with InfluxDB and Grafana. Have you ever been interested in monitoring the air quality in your home or outside where you live and work? This project, which we’ve dubbed balenaSense, will get you up and running…... Listed under:
  538. Energy Meter Logger
    Log your Energy Meter data using a Raspberry Pi and plot graphs of your energy consumption. Background In order to save energy it helps to know your consumption. To do this you can use Energy Meters to track the consumption of all connections in your…... Listed under:
  539. A Voice-Activated Weather Station with LEGO and Low-Code
    Use LEGO bricks and Hackeet Low-Code platform to build a voice-activated weather station that respects your privacy. The Project In this project, we are going to show you how to build a funny and personalized weather station that reacts to voice and respects your privacy…... Listed under:
  540. Making a DashCam Using the Raspberry Pi Zero (pt.1)
    This is the start of a new series where we learn how to build a dashcam using the Raspberry Pi Zero. This is the start of a new series where we learn how to build a dashcam using the Raspberry Pi Zero. This project is…... Listed under:
  541. SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED
    How to merge different IoT devices and services? Node-RED provides an elegant solution. Node-RED provides an elegant solution to merge different IoT devices and services. The SensorTag acquires weather data and sends them to the Raspberry Pi through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).The Node-RED flow runs on the Raspberry…... Listed under:
  542. Build a Pwnagotchi WiFi penetration tester with Pi Zero and a PaPiRus display
    Pwnagotchi is an A2C-based “AI” powered by bettercap that learns from its surrounding WiFi environment in order to maximize the crackable WPA key material it captures (either through passive sniffing or by performing deauthentication and association attacks). This material is collected on disk as PCAP files containing any form of crackable…... Listed under:
  543. Home Automation with Raspberry Pi 3
    Home automation using Raspberry Pi 3B and OpenHAB. [Optional] We will be using Google Home (or Google Assistant) to control the relays. I wanted to completely automate my room. I had an old RPi-3 lying around. So I made it to my use and created…... Listed under:
  544. QR Code on Raspberry Pi
    Scanning QR code on Raspberry pi using ZBar. We can use our Webcam to scan QR Codes with the help of a tool such as zbar tools. To use zbar tools, all you need to do is install it by typing: sudo apt-get zbar-tools Now verify how…... Listed under:
  545. Security System w/ Motion Sensor, Camera, Wia, Raspberry Pi
    Build your own security system, using the Wia Python SDK, a Motion sensor module, a camera module, and a Raspberry Pi. Project Requirements Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 Model BMotion sensorPiCameraA Wia account. You can create one for free here: female to female jumper cables.…... Listed under:
  546. GameMamePiBoy
    cramming a RPi A+ and a retro-pie installation into a classic gameboy case With the acquisition of a PiZero today, the project will now focus around using that. It's more or less the same spec as the A+ but half the size and with double the RAM…... Listed under:
  547. Safe Shutdown, Control Pi GPIOs Using Google Assistant SDK
    Safe shutdown Raspberry Pi and control Raspberry Pi GPIO by voice using Google Assistant SDK without API.AI, IFTTT and Google Actions. The GPIO control and safe shutdown by voice are the key distinguishable features between the AIY Projects and the Google Assistant SDK. Now, with…... Listed under:
  548. Raspberry Pi Autonomous RC Car
    My first attempt at building an autonomous RC car with a Raspberry Pi 3. My wife and I were shopping at our local Big Lots store right after Christmas when I came across some marked down RC cars. I have always wanted to try and…... Listed under:
  549. Line tracking with Raspberry pi 3 python2 and Open CV
    The idea is to create a program in Python 2 using OpenCV 2 to find the center of a line for a Linefollower vehicle. I want use the line detection to guide a vehicle to maintain the vehicle always at the center of the line.…... Listed under:
  550. Rhasspy Voice Assistant on MATRIX Voice and MATRIX Creator
    Learn how to install the Rhasspy offline voice assistant, through a simple Docker image! Required Hardware Before getting started, let's review what you'll need. Raspberry Pi 3 or 4.MATRIX Voice or MATRIX Creator - Raspberry Pi does not have a built-in microphone, the MATRIX Voice & MATRIX Creator each have an 8 mic array -…... Listed under:
  551. Raspberry Pi Bartop Arcade Cabinet
    A home-built bartop arcade cabinet powered by a Raspberry 2B running RetroPie. Story and build Here is a project I did a while ago: after seeing some videos and reading some articles about people using a Raspberry Pi to play retro games, I decided to…... Listed under:
  552. From Data to Graph: A Web Journey With Flask and SQLite
    Capturing real data (RPi/DHT22), saving them in a database (SQLite), creating graphs (Matplotlib) and presenting them on a web page (Flask). Introduction: From Data to Graph. a Web Jorney With Flask and SQLite On my previous tutorial, Python WebServer With Flask and Raspberry Pi, we learned…... Listed under:
  553. Direction of Arrival for MATRIX Voice/Creator Using ODAS
    This guide shows you how to use the MATRIX Creator or MATRIX Voice with ODAS, a library for direction of arrival, tracking, and much more. What is ODAS? ODAS stands for Open embeddeD Audition System. This is a library dedicated to perform sound source localization,…... Listed under:
  554. Herb(ert): A Desk Plant with Automated Irrigation
    I have a history of over/under watering plants. Herb(ert) combines sensor data with edge IoT logic to automate watering and stay healthy! Inspiration In our connected world there is no excuse for letting houseplants die. I have been guilty of this several times in the…... Listed under:
  555. Open CV Robot
    Robot that drives using computer vision and speech commands. You are about to embark on a journey, and we are excited to be part of it! Get ready to make and program your robot using Windows 10 IoT Core! And wait there is more! You…... Listed under:
  556. 8×8 LED Matrix display on RPi 2 with Windows 10 IoT Core
    Example how-to connect Adafruit Mini 8x8 LED Matrix to Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 IoT Core. Adafruit Mini 8x8 LED Matrix is simple graphical display with I2C interface. To prepare image for display is not straightforward. Every row is represented by one byte but columns are…... Listed under:
  557. How to Measure Air Quality on OpenSensors
    How to measuring the air quality of the Open Data Institute using an Arduino and a Shinyei PPD-42. Introduction So, whilst thinking of a good demonstration for the Opensensors platform, we thought why not see how polluted our workplace is by hooking up a sensor…... Listed under:
  558. Autonomous Drone / UAV Project For Plane
    Showing my progress in building the dashboard and flight control systems,follow up on channel and github repo to keep track: Building Ground Station for my Autonomous Rc plane. More than 20 modes and will feature experimental AI flight with RPi and carry loads of environmental…... Listed under:
  559. DRS Enabled Smart Pantry
    A pantry which can automatically replenish kitchen items. Most of the times, when I want to cook something I find some cooking ingredient (onion, garlic, chili etc.) is running low. In some cases I buy wrong item such as garlic instead of onion. When I…... Listed under:
  560. Raspberry Pi Security Camera System with Notification
    An easy way to know if someone is at the door and take picture of that person. I am using Cayenne to send me notifications every time someone is at the door and to take a picture at the same time. It will save the…... Listed under:
  561. Secret Coke Bottle SPY CAM!
    Take a Raspberry Pi Zero and a webcam cram it into a Coke bottle while making it continue to appear like a normal Coke bottle! Inspiration For this project, the inspiration started when I came across a mini Pi Zero camera online. The obvious…... Listed under:
  562. Monitoring Your Broadband Connection with Raspberry Pi
    Constant outages of your broadband can drive you to frustration, but you can use the Raspberry Pi, and a little bit cloud to monitor it. If there's one thing that's the same about everyone's broadband connection, is that it's slow. Usually slower than it was advertised…... Listed under:
  563. Doorbell & Intercom with Snips Voice Assistant
    Doorbell that integrate a Snips voice assistant to say welcome and record messages from visitor when you are not at home. The Idea Building a Doorbell including a voice assisstant to reply to visitor. The doorbell is able to speak with visitor ( using TTS…... Listed under:
  564. Win10 IOT Irrigation Controller with Moisture Sensors
    Using Win10 IOT, RPi2, and XBee, measure lawn soil moisture, and automatically run irrigation as necessary. Background Large portions of the US have suffered from low water or drought conditions within the last few years.  There are a large number of things a homeowner can…... Listed under:
  565. Weather Station with ePaper and Raspberry Pi
    In this article, I explain how I created a tabletop weather station with ePaper display, a Raspberry Pi, and an enclosure. In this article, I explain how to build a weather station with an ePaper display (like the kind you find on a Kindle, except…... Listed under:
  566. DIY Raspberry Pi Indoor Outdoor Webcam
    Ever want to monitor your home but don't want to buy a $100 1080p webcam? Well I did, and you can too! Ever want to monitor your home but don't want to buy a $100 1080p webcam, or just wanted to build your own? Well,…... Listed under:
  567. Creating an IoT Server with Home Assistant and MQTT
    This guide will help you set up Home Assistant. Access it from any web browser and automations. Home Assistant Home Assistant is one of the most versatile and powerful home automation platforms and it is completely open source. Once set up, it can be accessed…... Listed under:
  568. Use Powershell to adjust the Adafruit 7″ Touchscreen
    Learn how-to enable the adafruit 7" touchscreen to be displayed correctly using powershell on a running Windows 10 IoT Raspberry PI device. Update: Public release of Windows 10 IoT Core This project has been tested with the public release and upon first use of a…... Listed under:
  569. Home Web Server
    Tired of paying for hosting, or being limited by free hosting providers restrictions? I've decided to build my own web server! Story So basically I got fed up with using a free hosting provider for my person website. I kept getting resource limitation errors, doubtful…... Listed under:
  570. Trail Camera
    This is a trail camera that will notify you using a cellular network that there has been activity nearby. My project is a Wireless Trail Camera, I know you could buy a trail camera cheaper then making it, but wheres the fun in that. The…... Listed under:
  571. Low-cost Home Automation with Voice Control
    An inexpensive open-source home automation solution for low income individuals. Background Today's home automation systems are expensive and often require the ability to install or modify existing hardware in the home. These two barriers to entry prohibit low-income individuals from joining the world of home…... Listed under:
  572. Raspberry Pi 4 Headless
    Setting up Raspberry Pi without HDMI cable or Ethernet Cable Hi coders, I was wandering around to find a way to program Raspberry Pi over USB only. As I am lacking an HDMI cable I searched everywhere and found something useful. And I hope it…... Listed under:
  573. ROS Robot
    A simple ROS robot which can navigate with terminal commands. Introduction This project is aimed at creating a robot based running ROS which allows us to turn any generic robot hardware platform into a smart robot. Hardware Installation Connect the 9V battery pack…... Listed under:
  574. Low-Cost ECG Pathology Detection with Deep Neural Networks
    We aim to bring proper heart care to developing countries. An early detection of these pathologies its vital for an effective treatment. The problem According to the World Health Organization, the main cause of death in the lower-middle-income countries are related to heart disease, even…... Listed under:
  575. Stepper Motor from Windows 10 IoT Core
    It shows how to use a stepper motor, an easy way to rotate a camera, sensor and many other thing. If we are building a security system or a robot we might need to rotate a camera, a sensor or any other component. Stepper motors…... Listed under:
  576. Lithium Ion battery HAT for Raspberry Pi
    Run your Pi remotely with a 18650 Lithium Ion battery. What is the Pi18650 HAT? The Pi18650 is an add-on HAT which plugs into the 40-pin connector on the Raspberry Pi. This HAT allows you to operate your Raspberry Pi without a power cable and…... Listed under:
  577. MQTT Communication Between NodeMCU and Raspberry Pi 3 B+
    Using MQTT, NodeMCU, DHT22, RaspberryPi and IoT MQTT Panel to monitor temperature and humidity. Using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a broker for several NodeMCU with DHT-22 sensors measuring temperature and humidity and monitor on IoT MQTT Panel App. I made the algorithm for…... Listed under:
  578. HomeEnergy – Pi
    Turn a Raspberry Pi into a home energy monitor with inexpensive components. Update 2018-04-21: Published code for the web application. This is functional but not as polished as I'd like it. Update 2018-04-13: The system is installed in my breaker box and collecting live data. So far,…... Listed under:
  579. FLAON Smart Home project
    Avalon project become FLAON project, much stable, much faster, more precise. The idea I've always loved the idea of monitoring and controlling things. The smart home concept is already a well known concept, so I've tried to build something in this direction by my own.…... Listed under:
  580. Webcam with Pan/Tilt Servos and Battery Backup
    Story Calin Crisan's excellent motionEyeOS is a complete Linux distribution that turns the Raspberry Pi Zero into a highly functional wireless webcam. He provides detailed instructions for installation and configuration; some are referenced here. These instructions show how to use a gadget I designed called the Solar Pi…... Listed under:
  581. Python/MicroPython Sensor Logger with Google Sheets
    A system for recording sensor values to a Google Sheet. Making use of HTTP requests to communicate between the micro-controller and the server, and utilising gspread to write data to online spreadsheet. You will need to follow the instructions on the following link to set…... Listed under:
  582. 4,661 NeoPixel WS2812B Ceiling LED with RPi and 10 Fadecandy
    Customized ceiling screen, capable of playing videos, color picker, and color temperature using Raspberry Pi and a web-based GUI. Overview This project consists of a ceiling mount consisting of 4,661 NeoPixel LEDs powered by a multiple 5V power supply, 10 Fadecandy NeoPixel driver boards and…... Listed under:
  583. WalaBeer Tank
    The tank that will follow you and serve you beer. Coolness is over 9000! There are things that deep inside every man wants to have. Combining beer and tanks is one of these things! This project will be about this thing, a voice controlled tank…... Listed under:
  584. Autonomous Response using Intelligence 4 Emergency Scenarios
    Project ARIES - A system of intelligent and connected autonomous vehicles to provide an immediate response and action to emergency scenarios In Uttarkhand, Nepal and most recently in Kerala, floods have caused a lot of devastation resulting in a tremendous damage to person and property. Due to the accumulated…... Listed under:
  585. Black Box – OBD-Pi Using Raspberry Pi
    Our project is a black box - OPD-Pi using Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect your Raspberry Pi to a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter and display real-time engine data to your car's aftermarket head unit! Step 1: Hardware Required: Raspberry…... Listed under:
  586. Motion Controlled AWS IoT Button
    You can use it as remote switch, anti theft beacon, counter, movement detector and so on. First, I would like to thank Amazon for announcing AWS IoT, a great environment for   Internet   of   Things.   After   three   weeks   experiment…... Listed under:
  587. 32×32 Chained LED Matrices with Win IOT Core on RPi3
    128x32 pixel LED Matrix with Raspbberry Pi 3 and Windows IOT Core. Story One of our clients in food industry had a special need to display some information in real-time. We had different options to work on this project like using a 7-segments or use…... Listed under:
  588. The Fireman is never late again !!!
    Emergency services First On Scene Drone for collecting vital information prior to arrival of response team INTRODUCTION Please take note this is an on going build so it is updated daily, Please come back often to view the new information that i regularly add. I…... Listed under:
  589. Mobile Remote Surveillance Camera
    This interesting project will cover all things required for the ultimate goal of building a mobile remote surveillance camera. This interesting but complicated project will cover things from designing building a robot, to advanced configurations in linux (raspberry pi) to building an Android application…... Listed under:
  590. Android Controlled Toy Using Raspberry Motor Shield
    The terrain vehicle which is managed with raspberry pi, arduino and controlled via android software. Story At the end of the project we will manage a terrain vehicle which controlled by android device's accelemoter sensor The project contains Motor shield, raspberry pi, arduino and dc…... Listed under:
  591. GrovePi Windows IoT: LED Blink
    This tutorial shows the simplest thing that you can do with the GrovePi: Blink a LED. Introduction to GrovePi with Windows IOT: LED Blink Tutorial This tutorial shows the simplest thing that you can do with the GrovePi: Blink a LED. This is a great…... Listed under:
  592. Azure IoT Hub nRF24L01 Windows 10 IoT Core Field Gateway
    Windows 10 IoT Core on RPI based nRF24L01 field gateway which enables sensor nodes to securely & reliably upload telemetry to AzureIoT Hubs. Overview For school Internet of Things (IoT) projects I needed a robust field gateway for uploading telemetry data from a number "cheap n…... Listed under:
  593. Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2 – Adafruit Sensor data
    Pushing data to Microsoft Azure Event hubs from Windows 10 IoT Core with Raspberry Pi-2 connected with the Adafruit 10DOF IMU This is my first blog on Windows 10 IoT Core with Raspberry Pi-2 connected with the Adafruit 10DOF IMU (A combo board provides 3-axis…... Listed under:
  594. Full Home Automation System with Azure and Voice Assistance
    Using Rasberry Pi 2, Azure, and Voice Assistance (Windows and Android) observe how your home not only gets automated, but also self aware. OVERVIEW: We all know how Home Automation has been integrated into our day to day lives - from controlling window panes to…... Listed under:
  595. Smart Gates
    Identify Cars Using Raspberry Pi Description The principle of operation: The car drives up to the gates. Camera reads the car plate numbers. Checks the read number with the database; if it finds one, then it opens the gate and lets the car pass. Each…... Listed under:
  596. Smart Home Gardening System Using Raspberry Pi
    Detects if there is a need to water the plants and if so, the water will be sprinkled onto the plants automatically without human help. The Problem In today’s era everyone wishes to live in a green environment, and hence wishes to have at least…... Listed under:
  597. RGB LED Sample
    In this sample, we will connect a Tri-color LED to Raspberry Pi 2. The LED will blink changing colors from Red, Blue, Green. In this sample, we will connect a Tri-color LED to Raspberry Pi 2. The LED will blink changing colors from Red, Blue,…... Listed under:
  598. Raspberry Pi Google Assistant With Sleek Wood Box
    l built a DIY Google AI Assistant using a Raspberry Pi, USB Speaker and USB microphone. I’ll show how to build a DIY Google AI Assistant using a Raspberry Pi, USB Speaker and USB microphone. I’ll also show how to make the sleek hardwood box…... Listed under:
  599. Motion Activated Image Capture and Classification of Birds
    This project shows how I automatically capture and classify images of birds visiting my bird feeder. Project Introduction Being interested in bird watching, I attached a bird feeder to a window of my flat and within a few days various species of bird started visiting…... Listed under:
  600. I Let Everyone On The Internet Control My X-Mas Decoration
    Control any of the 55 RGB LEDs on the tree, let Santa twerk for you, control a model railroad, or display custom text on an LED dot matrix. Story Have you always wanted anyone in the world to be able to control your X-mas decoration…... Listed under:
  601. ESP32 Voice Streamer
      Use the ESP32 and the Adafruit Electret Microphone Amplifier Board to stream your voice over WiFi to your Raspberry Pi. Story There are so many things that do audio streaming out there. Smart helpers like Alexa and Google Home. And so I came to…... Listed under:
  602. Weather Station V 2.0
    Measure temperature, pressure and humidity in your room. Story In this project we will use the Adafruit Starter Pack for Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2 kit components to create a project that uses a sensor to read the temperature, pressure, humidity and altitude. NOTE:…... Listed under:
  603. Avalon Smart Home System
    A permanent under development project of a smart home system built with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Android tablets. Story The idea I've always loved the idea of monitoring and controlling things and the smart home concept is already a well known concept, so I've tried…... Listed under:
  604. Remote Heart Rate Monitor
    Monitoring the heart rate of somebody, and alerting somebody else when the heart rate is out of set range Story The main idea of this exercise is to monitor the heart rate of somebody, and alert somebody else when the heart rate is out of…... Listed under: ,
  605. Network Monitoring with AWS IoT
    Use Raspberry PI as network monitor box, always connected with AWS IoT/SNS to monitor network status or help power up/down device remotely. Story Background Network hacking and attack happens every seconds in the world and the loss and impact can be very large, but not…... Listed under: ,
  606. IR remote with Raspberry PI
    Do you want to controls your TV, DVR and more using RaspberryPi? Story In this chapter I will explain how can we control a TV or almost everything that uses an infrared remote control using Raspberry. This is part of my Home Automation project. LIRC is…... Listed under:
  607. Smart Environmental Monitoring
    Small, and easy to use devices, to monitor temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity and atmospheric pressure across a city. Story Description The goal is to build a small and easy to use device to monitor temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity and atmospheric pressure. The  idea…... Listed under:
  608. Azure Remote Controlled Light with Windows 10 IoT Core
    Controlling an LED remotely from a computer on the Internet. Powered by Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Story For those who have watched the "Big Bang Theory", you would probably remember that those physicists build an Internet controlled lamp. The signal send from their laptop traveled…... Listed under:
  609. Automatic Vision Object Tracking
    A pan/tilt servo device helping a camera to automatically track color objects using vision. Story Introduction On my last tutorial, we explored how to control a Pan/Tilt Servo device in order to position a PiCam. Now we will use our device to help the camera to automatically…... Listed under:
  610. Smart Waste Bin
    Device for intelligent waste bin. This device integrates several sensors to supervise the state of the trash. Story Content guidelines Context Good waste management has become an essential issue for our planet. In public and natural spaces, many do not pay attention to the waste…... Listed under: ,
  611. Trading Card Scanner/Organizer
    Create a digital inventory of your trading/collectible cards using Lego and a Raspberry Pi. Story I was really into trading cards as a kid. I recently came across a lot of Magic The Gathering cards in a box and thought to myself - I wonder…... Listed under:
  612. Decentralized Fleet Tracking with Blockchain
    Asset tracking is a trend, but this project intends to work in a decentralized way storing each action, event or alert in a blockchain. Story Disclaimer: I'm assuming that you are familiar with the technologies involved, such as PCB/schematic design tasks, nodejs development, soldering, and so…... Listed under:
  613. Remote SSH Access To Raspberry Pi 2
    Enable remote SSH access to your Raspberry Pi 2 from anywhere, via the relay service. Story (From Want to deploy a Raspberry Pi "in the field" and still be able to access it? Here is an easy way to enable remote SSH access to…... Listed under:
  614. AI Digit Recognition with PiCamera
    Recognize digits with Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, OpenCV, and TensorFlow. Story In this project, we are going to train a deep convolutional neural network to transcribe digits. Then we are going to use the data from the learning stage to allow the Pi Camera to…... Listed under:
  615. Smart Traffic Light
    Smart light that turn on at noon when anyone pass in street and turn off at morning also check its state and report if it need to be fixed. Story Overview When I was on my way on a desert road I found lot of…... Listed under: ,
  616. Alexa Hue
    Get full voice control over your Hue lights: recall and save scenes, set timers and alarms, change colors, and trigger dynamic effects! Story Control Hue Lights with Alexa Well, you already can turn them on and off and dim them with Alexa. But this Alexa…... Listed under:
  617. Plot My Face
    Using Windows 10 IoT Core's new Lightning API, I built a Face Plotter. Story This project demonstrates Direct Memory Mapping driver and "Hybrid applications" - those which leverage Arduino libraries and XAML+C# on Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi. This project requires that your…... Listed under:
  618. DIY Complete Philips Hue Home Automation
    This project emulates a Philips Hue Bridge that is able to control multiple types of lights. Story This project emulates a Philips Hue Bridge that is able to control Hue lights (using original Hue Bridge), IKEA Tradfri lights (usign Tradfri Bridge), Mi-Light bulbs (using MiLight…... Listed under:
  619. Android Things Word Clock
    An Android Things-powered clock that allows the user to actually READ the time! Control it via Nearby API or through voice commands. Story What about a clock that speaks the user own language? Here it is! The core concept of this clock is that during the…... Listed under:
  620. Where is my thing?
    Story Background Do you ever get into a situation that whenever you trying to look for something but you spend very long time to look for it and still unable to find it? By leveraging RFID technology, using RFID reader and multiple RFID tags attached…... Listed under:
  621. MajorTom: Alexa Voice Controlled ARDrone 2.0
    Cellular backdoor with Hologram Nova on Raspberry Pi flask-ask server-Amazon Alexa controlled. Story Motivation Our previous project with the ARDrone 2.0 helped us learn about a new project. Our current Alexa and Arduino Smart Home Challenge entryintroduced us to the skills needed to create a working demo for a…... Listed under: ,
  622. Video Streaming On Flask Server Using RPi
    Story Live video streaming server using RPi There are many ways to stream video to browsers, and each method has its benefits and disadvantages. The method that works well with the streaming feature of Flask is to stream a sequence of independent JPEG pictures. This…... Listed under:
  623. Smart fridge (self-replenishing) + Amazon DRS php API
    The smart refrigerator is a refrigerator where a lot more can be done with it than just cooling food. it can also do shopping and more. Story Idea The smart refrigerator is a refrigerator where a lot more can be done with it than just…... Listed under:
  624. Home/Hotel Monitoring System with Automated controls
    A cloud connected prototype to monitor and control any hotel or can be a home, The system is connected to an android application. Story Everyday we see a changing trend in technology and no matter what it has changed the way we live today and…... Listed under: ,
  625. JQR Quadruped Autonomous Robot
    With a lot of inspiration from Boston Dynamics projects, I'm trying to make something great without million dollars. Story JQR Quadruped Robot is a DIY project with the main objective to build an autonomous, legged robot that will help people in many activities. The project…... Listed under:
  626. Raspberry Pi Web-Controlled Robot with Video
    Simple Raspberry Pi web-controlled robot with video live streaming. Story gatoBot gato is the spanish translation for cat. A web controlled Raspberry Pi Zero W Robot with live video streaming. This is something I built in order to bother my cats. About Raspberry Pi Wikipedia: The Raspberry Pi is a…... Listed under:
  627. Alexa Messenger for Whatsapp
    Text anyone at anytime without even holding your phone or type a single letter with Alexa Messenger. Story Alexa Messenger for Whatsapp Did you ever want to text your friend but you are always busy 😀 or just not comfortable with your phone small screen…... Listed under:
  628. Archimedes: The AI Robot Owl
    A wearable robotic owl familiar. Archimedes judges your emotions, via Google AIY. Story As featured in Make: Magazine! This is a robotic owl that looks around for cool people, and can tell whether you're happy or upset. If you're excited enough, he will eventually let you…... Listed under:
  629. Automated Indoor Gardener
    Never worry about dead plants again. This automated gardener never forgets to water your plants and provide artificial sunlight. Story Introduction With how busy our lives are, it's sometimes easy to forget to pay a little attention to your thirsty indoor plants until it's too…... Listed under:
  630. Pool Fill Control
    A system to monitor water level, temp, pH, ORP, filter pressure, electrical usage, and pump operation. Refills pool when necessary. Story The Idea Over the summer of 2015 my sons and I rebuilt our entire pool system. It started with a problem with the water…... Listed under:
  631. Holographic Audio Visualizer with Motion Control
    A 3D holographic audio visualizer with gesture control and real time animations of SoundCloud playlists. Story A 3D holographic audio visualizer with gesture control can definitely spice up your party and impress your friends. This display projects an image from a monitor down onto an…... Listed under:
  632. Ultimate Kegerator
    Use the power of a Windows 10 UWP app to control and monitor a kegerator to keep your beverages cold, fresh and always on tap. Story Disclaimer: First off, this project no way promotes the use or misuse of alcohol, it is completely up to the…... Listed under:
  633. IFTTT Buzzer with IFTTT Do Button and Raspberry Pi
    How do build a really easy door buzzer with the DO Button App, on your phone , IFTTT, Raspberry Pi and python and the MQTT Broker Device Story This is one of three problems I had at home and I solved with an DIY internet…... Listed under:
  634. Smart Wardrobe
    wardrobe which can suggest you which cloth to wear, notify you which cloth has been ignored. Story Overview People nowadays like to shopping and buy clothes. However most of the clothes will be storing inside wardrobe for long time even up to several years. Especially…... Listed under:
  635. Boost USB Current in Raspberry Pi 2 and B+
    Boost USB Current in Raspberry Pi 2 and B+ Story So you've got a Raspberry Pi, but the USB output current isn't driving what you need it too? One of the newer features on the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is…... Listed under:
  636. DIY 3-Axis CNC VMC
    This is 3-axis CNC plotter/engraver based on GRBL software and 2020 aluminum extrusions. Low-cost engraving and PCB manufacturing dual side. Story Our prototype model is IoT-based thus providing it a scalable architecture to use it from practically anywhere with an internetconnection. This is a 350mm…... Listed under:
  637. High Sensitivity Water Sensor on MCP3008
    Use the Phantom YoYo High Sensitivity Water Sensor on the MCP3008 8-Channel 10-Bit ADC with SPI interface. Introduction Background In an upcoming project I am using the MCP3008 to monitor several sensors. In this project I want to cover the details of using the Phantom YoYo High Sensitivity…... Listed under:
  638. Emotion Sensor / EEG
    This is an emotion sensor. It can detect stress, anger, happiness and fear. Story IMPORTANT!!! IN FEW DAYS I WILL UPLOAD COMPLETELY PROJECT ON MY ANOTHER PROFILE xdeyyan DATE OF UPLOAD : 20.04.2018 CET(European Time, Balkans) Emotion Sensor / EEG THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS FROM DOWN BELOW! PROJECT EDITED : 08.04.2018 / 15:56 CET TIME It's designed to detect a person's emotions and for use as an EEG. This project isn't finished. I will upload the finished…... Listed under:
  639. Particulater: Air Quality Monitoring for Everyone
    Easily measure air quality, avoid polluted areas, and improve your health and that of your community. Story Introduction Air pollution is a topic that you hear about frequently, however there are a very limited number of consumer products for the measurement of pollutants. Air quality…... Listed under:
  640. Connect a 7 segment LED to a Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10
    7 segment led using raspberry pi and Windows 10 IoT (Csharp code) Story Finaly I received my Raspberry PI 2, just in time to make some tests with Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things). Microsoft released Windows 10 IoT that can be installed in Raspberry…... Listed under:
  641. Raspberry Pi Image Recognition with Alexa Voice
    SeeTalker tells you what it sees with the help of a Raspberry Pi computer, Microsoft image recognition and Alexa. Story Ask SeeTalker to tell you what it sees! The SeeTalker Alexa skill will snap a photo of what it sees and then call a Microsoft…... Listed under:
  642. Hologram Nova Starter Kit
    New to Nova? New to Raspberry Pi? New to Python? This tutorial goes along with our kit, walking you through each step. Story This tutorial is part of a kit Hologram offers: Setup a Raspberry Pi - Headless Note: You can skip to the…... Listed under:
  643. Photo Booth Powered by a Raspberry PI
    A photo booth powered by a Raspberry PI, great for letting people take pictures of themselves at parties, weddings, etc. Story and build Inspired by an article in MagPi magazine I decided to build my own DIY Raspberry Pi Photo Booth. Instead of building a…... Listed under:
  644. A Raspberry Pi Thermometer you can Access Anywhere
    The temperature of your room, visible on a gauge on the internet. For a few bucks. Uses Python, Dataplicity and Freeboard. So you’ve bought a Raspberry Pi, but now what? In this tutorial I’ll show you how to build an internet connected Raspberry Pi that…... Listed under:
  645. Windows 10 IoT Core and SHT15
    Windows 10 IoT Core and SHT15 Sensor Story Update 08-15-2015: Project converted to Visual Studio 2015 RTM  Windows 10 IoT Core and SHT15 Sensor Here is another project using Window 10 IoT. In this project I am using SHT15 Temperature an Humidity sensor. This sensor…... Listed under:
  646. Pi Car
    Build a Semi-autonomous, 4WD Raspberry Pi Car with a