DIY HomeKit Enabled Devices

DIY HomeKit-Enabled Devices

This shows how to make smart home devices, which can be controlled/monitored via Siri or Home app. Let’s make the smart home devices and control/monitor it via Apple Siri or Apple Home App. After reading this tutorial, you are able to make Siri and Home app: monitor any kind of sensors, which is listed by […]

Raspberry pi Pico DSP

Raspberry pi Pico DSP

Introduction Released in 2021, the Raspberry Pi Pico has gained popularity due to its compact size, powerful capabilities and affordable price. With a dimension of just 6x20mm, the Pico harnesses the power of a dual-core microprocessor and more I/O pins in a smaller form factor. The core of the device is the RP2040 chip, developed […]

RasTherm A Smart Thermostat built on the Raspberry Pi

RasTherm – A Smart Thermostat built on the Raspberry Pi

In this article, I outline my development of a smart thermostat using the Raspberry Pi single-board computer as the controller, along with a Pi Plate expansion board. The thermostat interface is web-based, allowing remote control from any device with a standard browser such as a computer, phone, or tablet. It can also be operated through […]

Trail Camera

Trail Camera

This is a trail camera that will notify you using a cellular network that there has been activity nearby. I became interested in creating a wireless trail camera to address an issue I often encounter when checking my existing trail cameras. The areas where I hunt deer are about an hour’s drive from my home. […]

WhatsApp on Raspberry Pi

WhatsApp on Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial we will see how to use WhatsApp with Raspberry Pi. We will use the Yowsup library we had already used in these tutorials: WhatsApp message from Phidgets SBC , Phidgets WhatsApp – ask the status of your sensors. The library has recently undergone a complete rewrite and improvement, so we will cover […]

Control Stepper Motors With Raspberry Pi Tutorials and Resources

Control Stepper Motors With Raspberry Pi: Tutorials and Resources

The article demonstrates how to use a Raspberry Pi, motor driver board, and stepper motors to control the direction, speed, and rotation of stepper motors for robotics applications. Gaining experience with basic electronic components like LEDs and switches that can be incorporated into robots helps develop the electronic and programming skills needed to interface motors […]

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How to Use an Android Tablet as a Raspberry Pi Display

The Raspberry Pi is an excellent computing device; however, it may not always be the most convenient to access. Unless it is consistently connected to a display, the typical methods of accessing it include SSH, VNC, or RDP.   However, what if you lack a compatible display? How can you utilize it then? One possible […]

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Raspberry Pi Car HUD

Objective The objective of the project is to use the Raspberry Pi to create a touchscreen, and Heads Up Display (HUD) for a car. The HUD will also present other necessary real-time data about the vehicle by way of a graphical user interface on a PiTFT screen. Speed, acceleration, temperature inside the car, and rotations […]

Pi01 Raspberry Pi connection

Model Railway Automation with Raspberry Pi.

The low-cost yet capable Raspberry Pi computer provides unique I/O options like I2C and GPIO that open new possibilities. Its standard I2C bus inspired use for model railway automation in 2013. Together with fellow hobbyist Peter Giling from the Netherlands, a range of modules have been created leveraging these capabilities for model train control and […]

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Raspberry Pi VPN Travel Router

I. Introduction Functionalities that even a simple consumer device has may entail the use of the internet as mobile.OS platforms move to cloud-based services for photo-sharing facilities, and messaging, Such loss control activities include video playback, etc. On the same note, the expansion of mobile data networks has enabled always It is in these β€œalways […]

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