Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Gamepad

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Gamepad

Constructing this Raspberry Pi retro video game controller is an enjoyable and relatively straightforward endeavor, albeit time-consuming. Occasionally, waves of nostalgia sweep over me as I reminisce about the video games that filled my childhood days throughout the late ’80s and ’90s. While many of my old computers and gaming consoles have faded into the […]

Understanding the components

Guide to Creating PCBA for Bluetooth-Controlled Door Lock System

Home automation is growing in popularity because of its ability to provide homeowners with convenience and security. In this project, we will look at how to use an Arduino Nano microcontroller to build a Bluetooth-controlled door lock system and its PCBA manufacturing process. For those who are new to electronics and Arduino programming, this project is ideal. By the […]

The Object Finding and Obstacle Avoidance Robot A Step Towards Intelligent Machines

The Object Finding and Obstacle Avoidance Robot: A Step Towards Intelligent Machines

This little helper can autonomously search for objects you specify based on their unique RGB color patterns. It then navigates its environment, closing the distance until it reaches a designated stop point, just 10 centimeters from the target. But that’s not all! While on its mission, the robot expertly avoids any obstacles in its path, […]

Build High-Performance Computer Cluster

Beowulf Revived: Students Unite to Build High-Performance Computer Cluster

Here are the key takeaways from the passage: A Beowulf cluster is an alternative to expensive supercomputers, made up of networked commodity computers that act as a single powerful machine. It offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, and a valuable learning experience for students. Building a Beowulf cluster involves planning hardware requirements, assembling individual computers, installing Linux and […]

Raspberry Pi Based Sequential Switching A Budget-Friendly Automation Solution

Raspberry Pi Based Sequential Switching: A Budget-Friendly Automation Solution

This commentary dives into a research paper exploring the use of a Raspberry Pi for sequential switching of industrial loads. It analyzes the project’s concept, advantages, and the hardware components involved. Abstract Breakdown The paper proposes a system utilizing a Raspberry Pi, a low-cost computer, to control and automate the switching of industrial loads in […]

Raspberry- Pi Controlled Landmine Detecting Robot

Abstract – This paper proposes a solution Introduction to ground arrows. Mine detection is critical Problem in areas where the mines are vulnerable. The instrument shown in Figs This paper uses a robotic vehicle equipped with various components Various components such as metal detector and camera modules, ultrasonic sensors, etc. for automatic detection Earth’s arrows. […]

Projected Virtual Board Using Raspberry Pi

Projected Virtual Board Using Raspberry Pi

Introduction The project identifies a common problem: the cumbersome nature of traditional whiteboards. It highlights the benefits of a portable virtual board system: Increased Portability: The system’s compact size makes it easier to carry around compared to traditional whiteboards. Enhanced Interactivity: The LED pen allows users to write and draw on the projected virtual board, replicating the […]

Raspberry Pi board

Exploring Raspberry Pi for Interactive Home Automation: An IoT Survey

Abstract Home automation refers to the branch of technology dedicated to streamlining household tasks and reducing human involvement through automation techniques. The primary objective of these systems, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), is to enable automatic and digital control of household activities and appliances. This paper focuses on facilitating comprehensive connectivity and energy-efficient management […]

Power Consumption Comparison

A Comparative Study on the Power Usage of Raspberry Pi Models

Abstract In recent decades, there has been a notable surge in the adoption of various personal computing devices, ranging from traditional desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones. A more recent addition to this lineup is the Raspberry Pi, which has gained rapid popularity since its introduction in 2012, eventually becoming the best-selling British […]

Camera and Raspberry connection top view

Exploring the Frontiers: Raspberry Pi Model for Autonomous Self-Driving Cars

Abstract: Presently, self-driving cars are operational in foreign nations; however, their implementation in India remains unfeasible due to reliance on GPS and sensor-based approaches. A key issue with GPS is its tendency to display roads on maps that may not exist or may not accurately reflect the road conditions in India, which often include non-concrete […]

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