GrovePi Windows IoT: LED Fade

Introduction to GrovePi with Windows IOT: LED Fade Tutorial

This project shows how to fade a LED with the raspberry pi. We cover the hardware and software setup in which we connect the Grove Pi to a rotary angle sensor (a fancy name for a potentiometer). The Raspberry Pi reads the analog value and dims or fades the PWM to the LED which sets the LED’s intensity. The LED is dimmed using the potentiometer.grovepi windows iot led fade


Setting Up The Hardware To Fade an LED with the Raspberry Pi

Simply plug the LED Module in Port D5 and the Rotary encoder in Port A0. That’s it.

Software: Running the Program

  • Download the GrovePi Windows IoT Drivers and open GrovePi.sln.
  • Replace the code found in “SimpleDriver.CS” with the code listed below
  • Deploy to your device. (Refer to this link If you have not previously setup visual studio to deploy to your Raspberry Pi)

Schematics schematic grovepi windows iot led fade

For more detail: GrovePi Windows IoT: LED Fade

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