Raspberry Pi MIPI CSI Camera Pinout

Raspberry Pi Camera Interface

The Raspberry Pi CSI camera connectors come in two variants: the 15-pin and 22-pin connectors. The 15-pin connector is commonly found on standard Raspberry Pi models like the A&B series, as well as on Pi camera modules. On the other hand, the 22-pin connector is utilized by the Raspberry Pi Zero-W and Compute Module IO Board. Additionally, Arducam employs modified versions of these connectors to suit various camera board designs, often featuring different FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) contact positions.

15-Pin Connector

The 15-pin connector stands as the widely adopted choice for Raspberry Pi cameras, serving as the default connector in most cases. It is prominently featured in popular Raspberry Pi products, including the Model A&B series, along with the V1 and V2 camera modules.

When it comes to Pi-camera-related hardware, you may encounter a minimum of three distinct variations of the 15-pin connectors.

Connector on the V1.3 or V2.1 Pi Camera Board.

It is a 1.0mm pin pitch 15-position right angle and lower contact FFC or FPC connector.

Connector PN: SFW15R-2STE1LF

Connector on the Raspberry Pi Model A and B or B Plus.

The 15-position vertical surface mount FFC or FPC connector utilized here features a 1.0mm pin pitch.

Derived or Alternative Connectors on Arducam Raspberry Pi Camera Products.

In addition to the aforementioned 15-pin connectors, Arducam employs a modified variant with an upper contact. In this particular version, the FPC contact component is located on the upper side rather than the camera board side.

Irrespective of the connector model, the pinout remains consistent for these camera connectors. The following table outlines the pin definitions for the camera board, specifying whether the signals are input or output. Conversely, these pins on the RPI board function in the opposite direction.

Raspberry Pi Camera Pinout (15-Pin)

Pin # Name Description
1 GND Ground
2 CAM_D0_N MIPI Data Lane 0 Negative
3 CAM_D0_P MIPI Data Lane 0 Positive
4 GND Ground
5 CAM_D1_N MIPI Data Lane 1 Negative
6 CAM_D1_P MIPI Data Lane 1 Positive
7 GND Ground
8 CAM_CK_N MIPI Clock Lane Negative
9 CAM_CK_P MIPI Clock Lane Positive
10 GND Ground
11 CAM_IO0 Power Enable
12 CAM_IO1 LED Indicator
15 CAM_3V3 3.3V Power Input

22-Pin Connector Types

Connector on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Connector on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board.

It is 0.5mm fine pitch 22-position lower(or bottom) contact FFC or FPC connector.

The following table is the pin definition on the Pi ZERO-W or Compute Module IO Board.

Raspberry Pi Camera Pinout (22-Pin)

Pin # Name Type Description
1 GND Ground Power Ground
2 CAM_D0_N Output Pixel Data Lane0 Negative
3 CAM_D0_P Output Pixel Data Lane0 Positive
4 GND Ground Power Ground
5 CAM_D1_N Output Pixel Data Lane1 Negative
6 CAM_D1_P Output Pixel Data Lane1Positive
7 GND Ground Power Ground
8 CAM_CK_N Output Pixel Clock Output Form Sensor Negaitive
9 CAM_CK_P Output Pixel Clock Output Form Sensor Positive
10 GND Ground Power Ground
11 CAM_D2_N Output Pixel Data Lane2 Negative
12 CAM_D2_P Output Pixel Data Lane2 Positive
13 GND Ground Power Ground
14 CAM_D3_N Output Pixel Data Lane3 Negative
15 CAM_D3_P Output Pixel Data Lane3 Positive
16 GND Ground Power Ground
17 POWER-EN Input Power Enable
19 GND Ground Power Ground
20 SCL Input SCCB serial interface clock input
21 SDA I/O SCCB serial interface data I/O
22 VCC Power 3.3V Power Supply

15 to 22 Pin FPC Adapter Schematic

Here is an alternative wording for the given passage:

Below is a schematic depicting the pin mapping from the 15-pin configuration to the 22-pin configuration. It should be noted that certain pins within the 22-pin setup are not utilized in this particular arrangement.

It is worth mentioning that the schematic utilized by the Compute Module camera adapter board is derived from this pin mapping diagram.

Various FPC Cable Lengths

The default Pi Camera cable

The default Raspberry Pi Camera FPC cable is 15cm long opposite side contactor.

Arducam addresses a wide range of applications with its comprehensive selection of Raspberry Pi camera cables. While these cables generally cover the needs of most users, there may be instances where longer or shorter cables are desired. In such cases, Arducam accommodates these requirements by offering a diverse array of cable options.

Arducam Camera Cable for Raspberry Pi (15-pin).

Arducam Camera Cable for Raspberry Pi (15-to-22-pin)


Below are illustrations demonstrating incorrect methods of connecting the camera cable. It is crucial to avoid these methods when encountering any issues while using the camera. Please ensure that you do not connect the camera cable in the following ways.

Cable to Pi Zero: Gold contacts facing up, WRONG
Cable to Pi 3, Pi4: Silver contacts facing audio jack, WRONG
Cable to Arducam camera multiplexer: Input contacts facing PCB, WRONG

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