Euroclamp CEM – DIN rail enclosures for every PCB

7,5 mm/ 22,5mm but also 35mm – in these width is available well-proven series of DIN-rail enclosures Euroclamp CEM17, CEM22 and CEM35, which was introduced to you in our article Gain more space on the DIN rail with housings Euroclamp CEM22.
Enclosures are delivered “complete”, i.e. including a Din rail holder and the top cover. The only, what´s necessary to buy (depending on a target application) are connectors (terminal blocks) labeled as ML25x, i.e. ML252, ML253 and ML254 or PV02 pin headers (PV03, PV04) dedicated for SH02 plug-in connectors (SH03, SH04).

Euroclamp CEM - DIN rail enclosures for every PCB

Novelties in our offer are terminal blocks ML253-5-D-LI and ML253-5-S-LI suitable for CEM35 enclosures. From recent types of the ML253 series they differ only in somewhat longer pins (to be soldered into a PCB), what enables them to “lay” directly on a PCB (no need to make a cut-out for a connector).
Enclosureshave a UL 94 V-0 flammability and they are of a grey color RAL7035, other colors upon request. Upon request also imprinting and housings modification are available. Detailed information will provide you datasheets at particular types. Comprehensive overview of Euroclamp connectors and enclosures will provide you the Euroclamp short-form catalogue.

Advantages / Features:

  1. DIN-rail enclosures with 17,5/ 22,5 a 35mm widths
  2. versions for horizontal or vertical PCB placing
  3. UL 94 V-0 flammability
  4. color grey RAL7035, others upon request
  5. imprinting and housing modification upon request


For more detail: Euroclamp CEM – DIN rail enclosures for every PCB

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