Experience Reliable Free PCB Assembly from HQ NextPCB

Here’s some exciting news you won’t want to miss: HQ NextPCB is currently offering free assembly for 5 turnkey PCBA boards. No coupons or applications are required – simply place your order!

In May, NextPCB upgraded our PCBA services to provide faster and more convenient ordering. Our new quotation platform retrieves live pricing from major distributors like Digikey, Mouser, and HQ Online. This means you no longer have to wait for quotations, and you can access them anytime you want.

NextPCB also introduced the free DFA service, which verifies PCB assembly data at the earliest stage to prevent costly errors and delays, giving you peace of mind during assembly.

To encourage you to try out these upgrades, NextPCB is offering more than just free assembly for 5 boards. NextPCB is also slashing operation and set-up fees, resulting in savings of at least $50 USD for applicable orders. You’ll only need to pay for the PCBs, materials, and shipping.

Experience Reliable Free PCB Assembly from HQ NextPCB

You can see the savings directly on the quotation page. For example, this offer can save you 72% off the original price!

To qualify for the free assembly offer, your boards need to meet the following requirements:

– PCBA quantity limited to 5 pieces, with no limit on PCB quantity

– 30 or fewer unique parts (BOM lines)

– No more than 100 parts per board

Here are some additional conditions:

– The offer is available to all NextPCB customers, both old and new

– There is no usage limit, so you can take advantage of the offer as many times as you like

– It can be used in conjunction with other special offers and coupons

– The end date for the offer is to be confirmed

– Additional fees may apply for 0201 chip size passives, BGA assembly, special requirements, and components or assembly materials are not included in the free assembly offer

With no usage limit, you can make use of this offer for all your prototypes if they meet the requirements.

To take advantage of the free assembly offer, no coupon code or application is required. Simply go to the PCB assembly order page and follow the step-by-step instructions. If your order fulfills the free assembly conditions, the assembly fees will be automatically deducted.

Why choose PCBA from NextPCB? 

– Smart Quoting: Component costs are synchronized with major distributors, allowing for up-to-date pricing and transparent quotations.

– Fast Unlimited Quotations: Get full turnkey PCBA quotations in seconds, as many times as you want.

– Transparent Quotations: View individual component costs and a breakdown of PCBA costs.

– No strings attached: No coupon or application required, no price thresholds, and no usage limits.

– Simple to use: Just upload your Gerber and BOM files for a complete quotation in seconds, with no lengthy order process or account creation required (although an account is needed to place orders).

In addition to the smart quotation platform, NextPCB’s PCB Assembly service offers:

– High-accuracy machine assembly, including 0201 parts, BGA, mixed surface-mount and through-hole parts assembly, single and double-sided assembly, and more.

– Professional RoHS-compliant machine-assembled PCBA, adhering to IPC guidelines and ISO quality management systems.

– Free professional Design for Assembly (DFA) review with every order to ensure accurate footprints and identify common assembly issues.

– Exceptional customer service with dedicated account managers.

– Competitive pricing as a manufacturer, not a broker.

– Order confirmation to shipment in as little as 5 working days.

NextPCB also provide dedicated enterprise services, such as factory audit assistance, flexible Net 30 payment plans, and pre-purchasing parts and storing them in our warehouse.

NextPCB offers the best value-for-money in the market, with a combination of capabilities, quality, speed, and customer service. Whether you’re developing a new product or working on a one-off project, there’s no reason not to give us a try. Visit the PCBA order page or use the links below to get started.

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