How Embedded Wizard and STM32 Revolutionized GUI Development for Embedded Systems

At first glance, one might question TARA Systems’ continued involvement with ST as a partner through Embedded Wizard, given its GUI focus and TouchGFX as our free UI framework. Yet their strong presence and ongoing contributions to ST activities warrants exploring this partnership’s value on both sides.

Embedded Wizard is highly visible within our program thanks to an uninterrupted stream of noteworthy demos displayed during events and marketing materials. This raises an intriguing business case study that demands scrutiny into why one of our partners actively develops for a competitor’s solution.

Rather than making assumptions, we sought insight directly from TARA Systems. Their perspective sheds light on how Embedded Wizard occupies a differentiated space within the ST ecosystem. Understanding such relationships has important lessons for collaborations that enrich our tools and community. Partnerships thrive when all parties mutually benefit – a dynamic worth scrutinizing beyond surface comparisons alone.

Through open dialogue, complementary strengths and needs become apparent that fostering innovation beyond any single product. This case highlights valuing such nuanced dynamics over narrow perceptions.

The history of the collaboration between ST and TARA Systems

Fun fact 1: the partnership started nearly 20 years ago

According to Manuel Melic, Managing Director of TARA Systems’ Embedded Wizard business, their ongoing involvement with ST stems largely from a collaboration spanning nearly two decades. When ST launched the STi7100 SoC family for digital television applications, demand grew for rapid, efficient UI development.

Embedded Wizard addressed this need by partnering closely with ST and customers to deliver optimized graphical interfaces. All future progress in STM32-based UI innovations descended from this initial work. ST and Embedded Wizard strengthening ties over time through joint efforts improving responsiveness and usability.

This long partnership illustrates commitment’s importance between collaborators in an era where relationships frequently prove ephemeral. Embedded Wizard and ST demonstrate how historical dedication yields sustained benefits – a dynamic the ST Partner Program aims to nurture through facilitating accessible, long-term alliances.

With over 300 partners, ST works diversified companies to foster durable collaborations. The ST-Embedded Wizard story impart the value cooperative relationships play in technological progress when rooted in mutual goals over successive generations of innovation.

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