How to monitor a web page for changes

If you would like to know how to monitor a web page for changes in stock levels, details or availability you may be interested in the new project published to the website this month by maker Kamaluddin Khan. Using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B together with a little Python programming the project has been classed as an intermediate level build and should take approximately four hours to complete.

How to monitor a web page for changes

“This Python script will monitor a website on your Raspberry Pi and tell you when it goes down or changes. This is accomplished by saving a basic replica of the webpage locally and comparing the changes. Because this website monitor is so basic, it should work just fine on a Raspberry Pi Zero. We’ll teach you how to write your own script to monitor a website throughout this course. You should be able to adapt the script to your individual requirements using this information.”

“You can skip to the part headed “Running your Raspberry Pi Website Monitor Periodically” if you don’t want to learn how the code works. However, in order for email notifications to operate, you’ll need to make some changes to the code. Because it doesn’t require an interface, this project is ideal for a headless Raspberry Pi. Despite the fact that this article concentrates on the Raspberry Pi, this code will run on any device that supports Python 3. As a result, you may execute this script on your Windows device if you like.

Source: How to monitor a web page for changes

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