Learn about machine learning and the fundamentals of AI with free Raspberry Pi course

If you are interested in learning about machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) you may be interested in a new free online course by the team over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Providing the fundamentals of ML and AI and allowing you to learn how to train your own machine learning models using free online tools. “By the end of this free online course, you will have an appreciation for what goes into ML and AI systems — and why you should think carefully about what comes out.”

“On this four-week course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you’ll learn about different types of machine learning, and use online tools to train your own AI models. You’ll delve into the problems that ML can help to solve, discuss how AI is changing the world, and think about the ethics of collecting data to train a ML model. For teachers and educators it’s particularly important to have a good foundational knowledge of AI and ML, as they need to teach their learners what the young people need to know about these technologies and how they impact their lives. (We’ve also got a free seminar series about teaching these topics.)”

Learn about machine learning and AI with a free 4 week course

“The first week of this course will guide you through how you can use machine learning to label data, whether to work out if a comment is positive or negative or to identify the contents of an image. Then you’ll look at  algorithms that create models to give a numerical output, such as predicting house prices based on information about the house and its surroundings. You’ll also explore other types of machine learning that are designed to discover connections and groupings in data that humans would likely miss, giving you a deeper understanding of how it can be used.”

Source: Learn about machine learning and the fundamentals of AI with free Raspberry Pi course

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