MEET THE TIGARD BOARD; A NEW FT2232H-BASED USB SERIAL ADAPTER/DEBUGGERS is set to take FT2232H-based USB Serial Adapters and Debuggers to the Next Level. The Portland-based company will soon be launching a Crowdfunding campaign for its latest design, an open-source FTDI FT223H-based multi-protocol, multi-voltage hardware hacking device called Tigard.

Tigard is a one-stop board for developers looking for something a little more than the average USB-UART debugging tool. Speaking on the idea behind the product, the team behind Tigard said

There are plenty of -232H series breakout boards, but they are generally designed to be an easy way to adapt it to a specific use, and not designed for regularly plugging into all different target systems. The two exceptions are the Exodus Intelligence Hardware Interface Board which is not open hardware or commercially available, and TIMEP which is the origin and heritage of this project.

the company writes.

Tigard features a rich set of features that places it above and beyond a simple serial adapter. It incorporates commonly used pinouts, logic analyzer connection, onboard level-shifting, and labeled wiring harness, specifically for “attaching to and communicating with low-speed interfaces on reverse-engineered hardware targets.”

The board comes with a USB Type-C connector and is made available under the permissive Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.


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