B&K Precision, a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable, cost-effective test and measurement instruments, today announces the 9140 Series Triple Output Multi-Range DC Power Supplies. With three isolated and individually controllable outputs, the 9140 (32 V, 8 A) and 9141 (60 V, 4 A) provide up to 300 W of clean power with low ripple and noise or 100 W per channel in a compact 2U half-rack form factor. The front panel features a 4.3-inch LCD and unique output terminals that support sheathed banana plugs or spade lug type connectors. Multiple outputs combined with advanced list mode programming, data logging, and extensive protection features make these power supplies suitable for a wide range of benchtop or test system applications.

This series offers several enhanced features not available on any of B&K Precision’s existing triple output power supplies. Powerful list mode features include list sequencing and step triggering for synchronizing events. List mode programs can be assigned to run on one or multiple channels simultaneously. Output sequencing allows users to link the output states between multiple channels with configurable on/off delays. Both models come equipped with LXI compliant LAN and USB (USBTMC-compliant and USBVCP) interfaces for remote control and programming with an optional GPIB interface. Remote control PC software, LabVIEWTM and IVI drivers are provided to simplify instrument control and test system integration. The USB host port on the front panel allows for logging voltage and current measurements directly to an external flash drive.

The 9140 Series is also cTUVus certified, indicating compliance with Canadian and U.S. National Safety Standards.

Available now, both models start at $1,850 and are backed by a 3-year standard warranty.


  • Three independent, floating output channels for up to 100 W per channel or 300 W total
  • High power density, compact 2U half-rack form factor
  • Multi-ranging operation
  • Low output ripple and noise down to 1 mVrms
  • Combine outputs to increase voltage up to 180 V or 24 A (depending on model)
  • Advanced and easy to use list mode programming
  • Channel coupling, tracking, configurable delays
  • Direct data logging to USB flash drive
  • Thermostatically-controlled fans for quiet operation
  • Adjustable voltage and current slew rates
  • OVP, OCP, OTP, and key-lock protections
  • USB (USBTMC-compliant) and LXI compliant LAN standard, GPIB option
  • LabVIEWTM, IVI-C, and IVI.NET drivers provided
  • Operating software included
  • cTUVus certification mark


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