Pi-Tac: Raspberry Pi-Enabled Tic Tac Box

We all know the Raspberry Pi Zero W is small, but Smeef’s Pi-Tac project is perhaps the best illustration of that fact that I have ever seen. The setup stuffs not only a Pi Zero W into a Tic Tac box, but also all of the supporting electronics needed to make it into a portable device. It could be a Wi-Fi access point, Pi-Hole server, or even a remote viewing device via its tiny onboard camera, and more.

Components include a 500 mAh LiPo Battery and a PowerBoost 1000C modified with a larger resistor to work with this battery size. There’s a tiny 128×32 I2C OLED screen for user feedback, two buttons for soft shutdown and power, and a switch for hard shutdown/reset duties as well. Finally, the device features a retractable USB port that sticks out of the bottom as needed, made from filling away the unneeded plastic on a female type-A connector.

With this USB port, one could attach a variety of accessories, such as an Ethernet port, USB hub, or a wireless dongle for keyboard pairing. The device’s video stream can be viewed via HTTP, or using a composite video connection locally.

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