Playstation 2 controller with Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show how to use the Playstation 2 Controller (PS2) with the Raspberry Pi. We use the Arduberry to adapt the shield to the Raspberry Pi.Playstation 2 controller with Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Hardware Required

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Arduberry
  3. Dexter Industries Playstation 2 Controller Shield for Arduino
  4. A Playstation 2 controller or a similar clone (Please Check the wiki for the compatible clones)

Step 2: Stack the PS2 controller

Stack the PS2 controller connector to the PS2 shield and slide the shield on to the Arduberry. Slide the Arduberry on to the Raspberry Pi and power it on.

Playstation 2 controller with Raspberry Pi serial port setting

Step 3: Setting up the Software

Clone the library from the Github Repository to /usr/share/Arduino/libraries.

cd /usr/share/arduino/libraries
sudo git clone

Rename the library from Arduino-PS2X to Arduino_PS2X

sudo mv Arduino-PS2X/ Arduino_PS2X/

Step 4: Upload the code to Arduberry

Open Arduino, and open the example PS2X_Example from the Arduino_PS2X folder.


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